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How to create a top-notch presentation that will capture and hold attention? Top 30 creative powerpoint ideas will show you the best presentation examples and give tips on how to create the one to convey your key messages, keep the audience focused and engaged.

The main idea of each presentation is to reach its intended audience, make them interested and encourage sharing. To achieve this goal you need a creative idea you want to share and a good design to make it come alive. PowerPoint, the mother of all presentations, comes in handy here. It offers professional, high-quality design presentations that help you to tell a gripping story, lead your audience through the slides, and leave them with an emotional connection to your business or personal project.

As you can see, some presentations impress with awesome designs. Some encourage to make an action. Some give life coaching advice. But if you want to create the best presentation, you have to remember that it should include everything mentioned above.

Basically, a good presentation features:

  • a topic presented in an fun way;
  • a compelling storytelling;
  • expressive images;
  • the right data;
  • well-paced slides.

PowerPoint facilitates your efforts and saves time.

Each presentation template goes with several slide layouts made to work together visually. Effectively implemented details will help you showcase ideas with on-trend. Professionally-crafted designs allow choosing the very you need. Of course, you need to think about the content, but it’s easier than to create something from zero.

Before you’ll see the compilation of the best PowerPoint presentation templates, let’s find out the answers to the most popular questions about how to create a gorgeous presentation.

PowerPoint Tips

  • A viral topic.
    Research is the first step forward towards a good presentation. Make yourself clear what your target audience is interested in. Try to focus only on one topic, and be sure that it’s really hot.
  • Audience first.
    Always remember that you make it for people. When you want to use any type of information ask yourself whether it can be useful to your audience.
  • A catchy title.
    On one hand, it should be engaging, on the other searchable/memorable. It means that your audience will be able to find your slideshow easily.  
  • A catchy 1st slide.
    It should be really powerful to grab attention at once.
  • Actionable end slide.
    Make a bang. Call to action. Encourage. By the way, a good beginning and a strong ending are the keys to a successful presentation. Even if you miss something in your speech, a powerful start and finish will alleviate it.
  • Proven data.
    Double check everything that deals with data and stats you present. It should be up to date and relevant to your topic. One more important point is the high quality of your data.
  • Guide/story/list/news.
    Choose the type of your presentation and follow it strictly.
  • Guy Kawasaki’s rule, or as it is called 10/20/30 rule.
    This simple rule is invented by a well-known speaker and Silicon Valley venture capitalist and says that a good presentation should:
  • consist of 10 slides,
  • last 20 min,
  • use 30-point font size. Details here.
  • Quotes.
    They can turn even a boring text into a catchy one, and what’s more they inspire.
  • Video.
    It’s easier to absorb one video instead of several minutes of explanations. In addition, a short video will spice up any presentation.
  • Infographics.
    Try them, when the information is too complicated, and it’s easier to show it visually.
  • References.
    Clickable links will help your readers easily reach mentioned resources. The best place for them is the middle of the presentation. They don’t work in the first slides.
  • Passion.
    Make it come alive. Speak more than you read, be expressive, call an emotional response. One of good practices is the storytelling. It helps to be persuasive when you tell a true story from your life.
  • Humor.
    It helps to set the right mood and break the ice with the audience.
  • Well-done design with attention to details.
    Use the right slide ratio which is 4:3, match the color palette to your company’s branding, use readable fonts and only high-quality images, design all slides for the web.
  • Simplicity.
    It’s the key. You can spice up your presentation with stats, videos, even infographics to cause a wow effect, but try not to overuse them. Clean design and clear idea are two golden rules for a good presentation. People are tired of excessiveness in their everyday life and strive for less complicated things. Make sure that your presentation is easily digestible.
  • Rehearse.
    Make sure that you’re ready to present the information before you face the audience. You can do a mock presentation before your friends first. Some people prefer to do it in front of a mirror. When the day comes, put on something to catch attention. It can be a trendy sweater or just a piece of clothing. Speak loudly and clearly, be ready to answer questions.


These were the main points on how to make that room yours and wow the audience. And now let’s see inspirational examples of PowerPoint themes that will help you to create the professionally done presentation.

The Best Powerpoint Bundles and Deals

Presentation Bundle Details Price
Medical PowerPoint Templates Bundle to Create an Amazing Health Presentation These gorgeous medical PowerPoint templates are made for healthcare specialists, doctors, scientists, and medical students. $15
Creative PowerPoint Templates Bundle to Design an Effective Presentation It enables you to get a wonderful set of professionally designed creative PowerPoint templates with 80% off. $25
Business PowerPoint Templates Bundle to Give a Gripping Business Presentation Business PowerPoint templates bundle includes 8 high-quality multipurpose templates. $25
4 In 1 Creative Presentation Bundle 160+ Unique Slides $20
Powerpoint & Keynote Bundle: 45 templates 45 Templates, +230,000 Slides and counting. $35
10 Best Seller Powerpoint Templates This bundle contains 10 amazing powerpoint templates $29
20 Powerpoint Templates with 81% OFF That’s a savings of 81% off the regular price! $29

Powerpoint Designs

Pitch Deck Powerpoint Theme

This multifunctional and fully editable template will fulfill the requirements of any type of business presentation. It can be a personal, corporate or whatever presentation you need. 230+ uniques slides with modern design, 12 additional color theme options, easily editable data-driven charts – this is just a part of all theme’s possibilities.  


Dream – Multipurpose Presentation Templates

Try this ultra-modern multipurpose theme for corporate, business, portfolio, branding, advertising, and other presentations. It features not only trendy minimal design with attention to details but a great bunch of features like image placeholder, media placeholders, editable charts, unique mockup devices, easy color change and much more.


Multipurpose Bundle 2 in 1 PowerPoint Template

This extremely stylish multipurpose theme is a professional PowerPoint bundle that is a perfect basis for your awesome presentation. Being packed with 440 fully-editable slides, it goes with a bunch of cool visual stuff like graphs, highly customizable infographics, charts, SWOT analysis, nice mockups, maps, team introduction section, etc. Everything is highly customizable, and it means that it can be done in a hassle free way.


Swiss Style PowerPoint Template

Welcome a contemporary theme for personal, business and corporate use. You’ll certainly enjoy its cool styling with a typographic edge, subtle animation, full HD and easy to update smart objects.


Edge PowerPoint Template

Why will you be happy with this product? Because it gives a lot of benefits in terms of visually effective design and rich functionality. 1200+ Slides, 40 Master Slide Layouts, modern icon pack and handmade infographic, and many more. If you have any questions, 24/7 support will gladly assist you.


Omoa – Ultimate Multipurpose PowerPoint Template

This ultimate template includes 60 custom slides of content and is Master Slides. It’s a handcrafted presentation featuring easy to change colors, shapes, texts, and charts.


Every – Minimal PowerPoint Template

This minimal and extremely powerful theme with stylish typography and effective images will present your ideas at their best. Thought-out documentation will help to customize it to meet your needs easily.


Infographic Pack – Presentation Asset v1.1 PowerPoint Template

To make a boom out of your presentation, use this effective PowerPoint theme created by professional team of designers. Modern, fresh, complete, minimal, creative, trendy – this is how it can be described. And what’s important, it is feature rich and easily customizable.


Akuntansi Powerpoint

400 fresh and unique text sliders, 40 color themes make this template a solid basis for your awesome PowerPoint presentation. Visit its demo to see it in action.


Loading PowerPoint Template

Here is a non-boring way to create PowerPoint presentation. Using this themes as a basis, you can be sure that you’ll stand out from the crowd. Fully-packed with features and easily customizable, it will not take you much efforts to create the desired effective presentation.


Summit 2 – Multi Design PowerPoint Template

This theme is created with all your business presentation purposes in mind. Actually, it’s a multipurpose theme that can be used for a variety of purposes. 5 unique designs and attractive animation make it a good choice for a memorable presentation.  


KASPIAN PowerPoint Presentation

Enjoy this extremely trendy design that is focused on the real use, readability and meaningful suggestions of all featured slides. Feel free to use it for your unique presentation that will make your audience say WOW.   


Xpress PowerPoint Template

Even if you’re not a PowerPoint expert, you’ll impress your audience with a presentation based on this theme. All you need is to drag and drop, choose a color scheme (150 different color options), icons and you’ll get eye-candy presentation.   


Clean and simple presentation special topic PowerPoint Template

All you need for a grabbing presentation is here. Clean and simple design and solid functionality. Enjoy seamless customization of this theme, and win your pitch.   


Business Theme – LandBook

If you’re looking for a carefully designed PowerPoint theme that is packed with rich options, this one is for you. It’s ideal for real estate market review, product review, any type of market research, social media impact studies, education or training.   


WorthWhile Consulting PPT Design PowerPoint Template

Simple and straightforward, this theme is ideal for creating a stunning presentation for any type of your online business. Being ready-made, with a lot of predesigned elements, it makes the process of creating time-consuming.   


Hipster Powerpoint Presentation Template

Here is the theme where style meets with functionality. It’s stunning and creative design features easy to change colors, shapes, texts, & charts and 600+ icons. Everything is fully editable.


Business Pack PowerPoint Template

If you need a bundle of professionally done pre-made solutions for your presentation, here is the one. These templates go with a rich collection of graphic, slides, diagrams and everything you need to build a visually grabbing presentation.   


Gili Minimal Design Powerpoint Template

Gili is a minimal stylish theme developed for presenting innovative ideas. All 190+ unique and creative slides can be easily customized and allow to create a vibrant presentation that will stand-out among others.


Clean Powerpoint Template

Choose this solution to be out of the box. Fully animated, with 5 color schemes and 300 unique slides it’s really the right option for creating a solid visually effective presentation.



A good presentation is always a product of professional designers hard work. Designers who created this presentation template cared about every detail and due to this they managed to create a multifunctional and attractive presentation template. It is fully editable and contains more than 60 unique slides. You can use them and achieve full effect from PowerPoint presentation. It has bright and minimalistic design developed in order to make an accent on the most important parts of your presentation. Dream PowerPoint Templated also includes many visual elements in high quality. It has Maps Set, Device Mockups & Icon Set. Vector icons are also fully editable. You can find more about this PowerPoint Template after you follow the link and check the product page.



If you want to create a photographer or fashion PowerPoint presentation you need a creative template. Angela was developed specially for photographers, models, artists and galleries. You can use more than 60 pre-built eye-catchy slides with various layouts to present your images or photos in high-quality resolution and effectively present information to your audience. You will definitely like clean yet very attractive and emotional design of Angela. This PowerPoint Template is 100% editable and contains many visuals in order to help you change slides and fill them with content. Moreover, built-in slides have many layouts made according to Lookbook and Magazine styles. So play with design and create your own and very unique presentation made by you.



The fashion industry is all about aesthetic and attractiveness. And when you have to perform a presentation in front of an audience or briefly inform someone about something a PowerPoint presentation is a great idea. It provides you with attractive and slides you can use for your presentation. And when it comes to the fashion industry you need a specially created presentation. Like Fashionista. It has an elegant and stylish design developed in minimalistic style. You can choose among more than 90 unique slides with various layouts. You can easily change or edit every slide. And you can fill them with any content you want. Fashionista has many included graphics you can use to decorate presentation. It also has editable vector shapes. And in case you need a hand you can always address your question to fast and free support.



Need a minimalistic yet strict and elegant presentation template? Then we have what you need. Flow is a good product for many presentation themes. It fits almost all themes. It can fit construction business, finances and even art. It is very creative and eye-catchy. And due to designers hard work it looks astonishingly attractive. But you can change all layouts and add or remove any text or graphic from slides. It has 90 pre-built slides and a library of various visuals and visual effects. It supports images in high resolution. It also includes Maps Set, Device Mockups & Icon Set. And many more features. You can learn more about Flow if you follow the link and check the product page.



This PowerPoint Template can rightly be called a state of art product. It is very creative and elegant. The color scheme designers used for Grafico is both attractive and neutral so Grafico can fit any presentation theme. It can fit business presentation, photo gallery or educational presentation. It is fully edible and you can change or edit any of more than 60 slides included into Grafico. It also contains various visuals and visual effects. You can find out more about them on the product page. And they are very useful when it comes to design changes or decorating your presentation. It was built with Slidemaster so you can simply drag & drop images. It has all you need for a successful presentation.



It is a very clean minimalistic template. But you should also know that it is eye-catchy. It was designed to fit all necessary information and nothing redundant. After all, it is one of the main rules of PowerPoint presentations. It should provide only necessary information and visual content. Yet, in some cases, it is useful to include additional visuals into your presentation. This is why designers included many icons, maps, shapes, and other content into the Chrono. Play with it to decorate your presentation. It is simple to change all 80+ PowerPoint slides with various layouts. Moreover, you can edit any part of the slide. Download Chrono now and save your time with clean and stylish PowerPoint Template.



Innovation is a state of art presentation. It is stylish and bright, yet at the same time, it is slightly strict and very informative. Developed to be your tool for any presentation, Innovation is a result of designers hard work. It looks great and will be simple to read and understand for all your audience. Of course, you need a unique presentation and you have to change the content from time to time. This is why developers built-in Slidemaster feature and made it easy to change. You can add or remove all visuals and text. In addition, you can edit images with simple drag and drop. Innovation has many graphics and visual effect you may find useful for presentations. It has many features and if you want to find out more just go to the product page.



A business presentation is an important thing. You have to prepare information and think about how useful it is. It often happens that you do not have time for developing presentation by yourself. Moreover, you will have to learn presentation rules, find a perfect color scheme, create a layout and many more. Like developers from already did in Red PowerPoint presentation. It has a top-notch design with a clean background and many attractive visuals you can use to decorate your presentation. It has many nice schemes, diagrams, and maps you can add to any of 100 unique slides. All slides are fully edible and you can edit them fast and easy. In addition, if you have any questions you can address them to free and fast support.



Lexington is a great Lookbook PowerPoint Template. It is perfect for presentations with a big amount of visual content. You can create a portfolio, photographer presentation or art gallery with Lexington and it will look eye-catchy. However, it is a great template made by professionals and you can use it for various purposes. You can change it as you wish in order to create your own and unique presentation. It contains more than 100 unique slides with a different layout. And of course, as Lookbook PowerPoint Template Lexington works perfectly with images and you can put in high-resolution images. It also has Maps Set, Device Mockups & Icon Set and fully editable vector icons. And if you have a question you always can address it to our fast support team.



When you work in a company or have to present products or information related to business, you need a perfect presentation. It must look good, contain useful graphics and layouts. In addition, it must be easy to read and understand. This is why we present you Pix. This PowerPoint Template was developed in corporative style and contains 246 slides. Though created to fit corporate style Pix is a multipurpose Template that can be used for many various themes. It has 3500 icons, more than 90 color themes, handmade infographic, many layouts options and many other features you can use to improve design you can learn about on a product page. Download Pix right now and make your presentation attractive and interesting for an audience.


Powerpoint Designs from CreativeMarket

Shift Modern Powerpoint Template

We have a great offer azure offer for you. Please, meet super multipurpose Shift Modern Powerpoint Template. Version 2.0 is improved with 50 new brilliant slides, so now you have access to 200+ flexible slides. Also, we didn’t forget about the ocean of icons (450+). Use them as you want. Don’t know which color will be more suitable? Not a problem, just try out all 24 variations and choose the most suitable one. Be sure in simple editing and changing sizes.


PowerPoint – Kelsey

Lately, there is a lack of really professional and uncomplicated PowerPoint presentation. For this reason, the Kelsey presentation was created. There you will find a great combination of minimalism and straight lines with 80+ slides and 490 icons. Moreover, all elements are fully customizable, for example, the typography, wording, colors​ , and layouts can be edited within PowerPoint. Free fonts are available and ready to use. Have a pleasant usage with Kelsey!


Business | Powerpoint Template

What a miraculous Powerpoint template with a great number of surprises inside! We are sure it was built up for seekers of most packed presentation for business or any other industries. Purchasing this one you will certainly obtain 150 slides with 160 various theme colors for accomplishing any of your ideas. As a bonus +140 Maps and Calendar, 2019 are added. Of course, there is no doubt about absolute customization and easy usage of this template. For more confident work read the help file before opening.


Clean Powerpoint Template

Cleanness is a significant point nowadays. Today you need to get to know such a marvelous PowerPoint template. This is a true way to present your idea through pro presentation and capture the hearts of every spectator. Be ready to get 100+ stunning slides with the dark version included. Its style is suited for all your projects and will add any performance using powerful icons and graphics at a rate of 450. Choosing this template you choose a high quality at the same time.


FJORDA – Powerpoint Template

Have you lost faith in finding out the unique presentation for your great ideas? So, let you introduce FJORDA – Powerpoint Template which will impress you by its peculiar Scandinavian style. So many slides are created for you exactly and are designed to make any project unforgettable in any case. Certainly, you obtain a wide range of layouts and texts, drag and drop image placeholder. Don’t worry if your previous templates were hard to customize because this template is the easiest way to edit as fast as possible.


Planner PowerPoint Template

What is the plan for you? For a large number of people, the plan is a sense of life. So if this point about you, you will be pleased to see Planner PowerPoint Template which will truly become your helpmate for many performances. It is a perfect chance for businessmen, students, lecturers to save time. At your disposal, there are 55 slides with charts, tables, section breaks and others based on MasteSlide.


Portal Modern Powerpoint Template

More slides you have to choose, more chances for success you will get. Variety is one of the most important things for creating your project. So, Portal Modern Powerpoint Template offers you 125 slides with 12 color solutions and 450+ icons that will make you sure in your choice. As a help, you have the PDF preview for light searching of the slide. It is absolutely animated and has free support plus update.


Simple & Modern PowerPoint Template

I will bet everything you will be shocked knowing a number of proposed icons using this simple and modern PPT template. Boost your sales and present your project like a pro in several clicks. You don’t need additional software anymore, it is ready-to-use and absolutely convenient in working. Also, there are 115 stunning premade theme colors which you can change in one click. It is multipurpose and looks great in any industry.


Zellisa Google Slide Presentation

Multipurpose PowerPoint templates are an optimal choice for successful performance. Animated slides will immediately grab the audience’s attention and will help to remember more information. Zellisa Google Slide Presentation includes 92 pleasant and simplistic slides based on Master Slides. Pictures are easy to change with drag and drop. There you will find various maps, charts, device, team, etc. slides to make the project more exciting. Changing color is as simple as ABC, just use one click and choose the prettiest one.


RAVI Powerpoint Template

For those who missed bright and pompous PowerPoint presentation RAVI template is created. Purchasing this one you obtain 100 spectacular slides for the best expressing of your business, company, and creativity. There are 40 vivid colors suited to every fancy. Charming photo galleries will add your project and take your presentation to a new level. Be sure all charts are fast editable. Also, you obtain smart art diagrams and fashioned timelines. As a bonus, 2400+ vector icons and 50+ device mockups are given you.


Over to You

Now you’re armed with a good bunch of PowerPoint themes, and helpful tips on how to make your gorgeous presentations. Feel free to follow them, and don’t forget to bring something innovative, fresh and dynamic to your presentation. It’s a winning strategy to grab attention and make your fan base bigger.

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