15+ Best Star Wars PowerPoint Templates in 2022

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… There was a team of creative people who collected all the best Star Wars PowerPoint Templates from all over the web into one cool MasterBundles article.

The Star Wars pop culture started in the late 1970s after the first Star Wars film release. Since then, the franchise has generated billions of dollars in revenue, all while garnering millions of fans across the world.

From Star Wars-themed artwork to fan pages to promotional events and printed media, this community celebrates the Star Wars franchise like no other. Fictional characters such as Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Chewbacca have all been immortalized in pop culture events under different merchandise.

As a result, there are many great Star Wars-themed PowerPoint templates that you can use to create a visually impressive project.

HUGE StarWars Presentations Bundle

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HUGE StarWars Presentations Bundle


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Top 15+ Best Star Wars PowerPoint Templates in 2022

MasterBundles Star Wars Powerpoint Templates, including Bonus Google Slides Keynote

Stylish dark theme featuring Dark Vader.

First on our list is MasterBundles’ all-inclusive bundle that features different Star Wars PowerPoint templates and Google slides. As this bundle features several different templates and slides, it is ideal for all your projects, including business presentations. You will also find the slides and templates easy to use and customize, as it includes a whole pack of multipurpose slides.

The pack features 50 unique slides, a number of Star Wars icons, charts, maps, contact slides, and mock-ups, just to mention a few. It comes in at different price points depending on your intended use, whether personal or commercial. Supported file formats in the package include PPTX, KEY, PDF, and Google Slides.

May 4th Star Wars Powerpoint Template

The black and yellow design attracts with color accents. The presentation is dominated by graphic objects rather than text.

This awesome collection of Slides templates by DesignStudio is presented in PPTX format. These 50 unique slides were created in a dark style using a black-yellow color scheme. Also, the presentation background looks extremely modern and stylish.

JEDI StarWars PowerPoint Template

A graphically laconic theme in a gray shade. Allows you to organize information and present it in a simple format.

For those who want to be a real Jedi of office presentations and reach the new master level in presenting new information, we have this amazing presentation layout. It contains 50 original slides with a presentation background made in a dark-violet color palette, so it looks futuristic and very trendy for 2022.

The Last Jedi PowerPoint Template

Bright template on the theme of the solar system. The gray-yellow scale makes the presentation stylish and attractive at the same time. This is a great option for more information flow.

Black and red have always been a winning color combo. And this outstanding Last Jedi PowerPoint presentation design is no exception. It looks very stylish, fresh, and futuristic. This theme is also presented in Google Slides and Keynotes formats.

Mandalorian Star Wars PowerPoint Template

A graphically rich and simple at the same time theme with a darth vader in the center. Perfect for presentations with specific steps.

Add fresh air to your presentation with this marvelous PowerPoint presentation board design. The Mandalorian is now on hype and this story has already won the hearts of many Star Wars fans around the globe. This collection of 50 unique slides, a stylish dark color scheme, and amazing icons will bring your presentation to the top.

XWing Star Wars PowerPoint Template

Stylish and bright presentation. The template is filled with graphic and info graphic objects. Color accents will draw the audience's attention to the most important elements of the presentation.

This presentation template evokes good feelings because it was created in warm and cozy colors. This unique presentation background is very pleasant to the eyes and will look great on any device as well as in print.

HUGE StarWars Presentations Bundle

Space template. The dominant color is purple, which adds tranquility and harmony to the theme. Most of the information should be provided in infographic format, which will make it easier for the audience to reproduce.

If you need to make several PowerPoint projects and want each one to be unique, this huge bundle of 6 different PPT Star Wars templates is just for you. Each of them comes in 3 different formats: GoogleSlides, Keynotes, and PowerPoint, of course. In addition, there is also a cool collection of Star Wars icons.

24Slides’ Star Wars PowerPoint Template

Delicate light blue presentation. It is perfect for gaming as the data is shown in an interactive format.

24Slides has been creating PowerPoint designs for a long time. This bundle includes ten slides, all of which revolve around the Star Wars Universe and have amazing visual elements. Additionally, it includes templates for both younger audiences and older adults.

This product from 24Slides is centered around the Imperial Stormtrooper’s theme. It features contact slides, product description slides, Star Wars backgrounds, and gallery slides all designed to help you with your project.

FPPT.COM’s Free Star Wars PowerPoint Template

A leafy green theme with plenty of material blocks.

Business productivity is all about minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency. Consider this free package from FPPT that is great for business, moviemaking, or class lecture presentations. To top it all off, you will enjoy this template if you are a Darth Vader fan.

Sage Fox Free Star Wars PowerPoint Template

Stylish theme with the image of the planet Earth. All your material can be schematized and presented in a simplified form.

Sometimes a theme could be something as small as a soundtrack or the font used. If you are looking for light Star Wars slide designs, this high quality package from Sage Fox is a good choice.

Apart from the price, this Star Wars PowerPoint template includes a collection of previously formatted slides, which are all free to use. Additionally, they are easy to edit and customize.

Slide Geeks Darth Vader Themed PowerPoint Template

Simple and light theme in light shades. Lots of blocks for information and various elements to gamify your presentation.

Slides form the bulk of your PowerPoint presentation. And if you are a Darth Vader fanatic, you will fancy this product from Slide Geeks. The slides are ready to use with awesome backgrounds, and all that is left is for you to type in your details and present the presentation.

Slide Team’s Sitting Yoda Image PPT

A cute theme with a responsive design. You can customize the icons in your style.

Yoda is a well-known character in the Star Wars universe. Consider this option from the Slide team. It is compatible with many apps, including Google Slides.

TemplateMonster’s Star Wars Lorem Ipsum PowerPoint Template

Deep dark color and quality graphics will make your presentation more appealing to your audience.

For the Star Wars fanatic, this product by TemplateMonster features 50 different high quality and easy-to-customize slides. This is one of the best presentation designs available. It also has different images and various elements that you could integrate into your presentation to make it visually appealing. Other features of this product include a contact page, mock-ups, charts, dark style, and maps.

Joshua Clarke’s Free Star Wars Force Awakens PowerPoint Template

The swampy background and a large number of blocks will give you the opportunity to convey all the information that you have.

The Force Awakens is the seventh installment in the Star Wars franchise. The film has stunning visual effects which are relative to the times. If you enjoyed Kylo Ren in this film, then you’ll love this template from presentation designer Joshua Clarke.

Prezi’s Star Wars PowerPoint Template

Light multipurpose theme. Here, all text blocks are divided logically and conveniently located. You will be able to say a few words about yourself, indicate the main points of the report etc.

Spaceships are a huge part of the Star Wars universe. If you’re into spaceships, then you’ll love Prezi’s Star Wars PowerPoint template. Not only that, but they have a wide variety of Star Wars-themed templates that are worth a look. You can use any one of their packages for your business project or for a school presentation. This one is also a perfect variant for team presentations.

Star Wars Styles

Black theme with red accents. It's perfect for Star Wars. The design alone will convey everything you wanted to say.

Looking for some icons to add to your presentation? Consider this option if you are looking for a solid, yet simple Star Wars-themed presentation for your school project, or unique personal and business projects.

Final Thoughts

Presentation templates are great, especially for individuals who do not have a professional background in design, editing, or SEO. Moreover, MasterBundles has a number of free presentation bundles that offer great value for the money.

There are a ton of great templates out there. But as the internet is a vast place, it can take you a while before you find a template that suits your project’s needs. If you are looking for a Star Wars-themed Google Slides or PowerPoint template, consider one from MasterBundles.

You can’t go wrong with any one of these templates. After all, the “Force is Always with you”.

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Miranda Yan, Co-Founder of VinPit photo
Miranda Yan, Co-Founder of VinPit
Star Wars kept increasing popularity among peoples & different merchandise, and as a result, the next level was using this theme for Powerpoint Templates. For some, it may sound childish, but from the start of the Star Wars series since the 1970s, it has had an enormous fan base across the globe with all age groups.

It has consistently shown something for its all-age group fan base to cheer about & inspire. Now talking about its use in business, we strongly recommend its use mainly if your business is about Movies, Science & Technology, or any technical background to express your farsightedness.

The best part of using these templates is that it initially gives your viewers a bright picture that your vision is something very innovative & will keep them connected. The Features it has like Icons, Images, Fonts, Animation effects will keep the viewers connected as they are already linked with sci-fi’s vision.

While talking precisely about “Master Bundles Star Wars PowerPoint Templates,” it has more than 50 unique slides with Star wars icons, charts, maps, contact slides, etc., which will allow you to choose & customize your presentation the way you want. While taking an example of the Automobile Industry where a New Car is to be launched, the Star Wars template will allow the presenter to explain the Car graphics with the inbuilt Icons, giving a futuristic approach.

Similarly, a Smartphone manufacturer can use its animation effect & images along with its pictures to showcase the glamour of their product. Thus it is evident that this theme has everything for every Business to showcase their products maturely.


What is a graphic PowerPoint Bundle?

These are packages designed to help people new to editing and presentation design visual elements without taking a lot of time or effort.

Do I need any other software besides PowerPoint when editing the slides?

There are a ton of PowerPoint alternatives that you can use, including Prezi, Keynote and Google Slides. However, Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint is the best and easy to use slide editor.

How do I make a presentation from scratch as a beginner?

You can use any PowerPoint presentation software by opening a new slide and continuing from there. However, editing and customizing your presentation will take time. It would be in your best interest to use a graphic bundle from MasterBundles, which comes ready with visual elements.

What makes a great presentation?

Great presentations contain visually appealing elements, including graphics, images, and other media. Such elements make it easier for the audience to remember the facts of the presentation. You can get such graphic bundles at MasterBundles at great prices.

Some Awesome Video About Star Wars in PowerPoint

Star Wars Credits Animation Effect in PowerPoint

This video will show you some transition and animation options in PowerPoint. By the end you will be an animation pro and even know how to create the Star Wars introductory scroll by adding two main animations to a text box.

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