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Welcome to MasterBundles — a graphic design marketplace where you can buy and sell graphic design goodies — from vector images and fonts to templates and stock content. Since great relationships are built on a foundation of sincerity and trust, we will share our story from the very beginning, introduce our team, and reveal our mission and values. Spoiler: it won’t be too long 🙂

MasterBundles history.

Our Team

Nick Tokarev, CEO

Black camera bag.

Nick is a mastermind and engine of MasterBundles. He knows where to get fuel for the team, how to motivate his big fam, and where to look for new sources of marketplace development. Nick likes when graphics grow, strategic planning with a 5-year perspective, and reading letters from satisfied users. Nick does not like when payments to partners in the current period are less than in the previous one.


Stacy Summers, CPO

Stacy Summers, CPO MasterBundles.

Stacy is a boss of the products and vendors, graphic design trends, and Grand Master Yoda of marketing. She likes traveling, wind in the hair, and five-digit (and more) numbers on the dashboard by the number of attracted vendors and loaded products. Stacy does not like the lack of coffee and smiles.


Anastasiia Abakumova, CCO

Anastasiia Abakumova, CCO MasterBundles.

Anastasiia is responsible for everything that is going on on the MasterBundles blog. That’s how she describes herself: “Even if AI ran the world, I’d still believe in the power of content written by a human. I love writing and reading. I believe that the way people write defines their personalities the same way as their style, hobbies, and musical taste.

I love yoga, history, art, croissants, Grogu, Lenny Kravitz music, Kyiv, and learning foreign languages, countries, and cultures. I really suffer from binge-watching, but this is another story.”


Leila Radchenko, Content Manager TL

Leila Radchenko, Content Manager TL MasterBundles.

“The artist’s works speak best of him. And about a person – quotes from other people 🙂 Impressed by the opinion of the person Einstein “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” I try to live this life with maximum colors, get to know people and myself, love, notice something beautiful, sometimes criticize myself (then remember that you need to appreciate yourself). I have 5 sins and they are addictions: coffee, travel, vintage posters, chocolate, and work.

I like to see the cause and effect of my work and feel my value. Part of the profession is creating, and it’s really cool to be part of something originative.”


Anna Skopenko, Outreach/Affiliate Manager

Anna Skopenko, Outreach/Affiliate Manager MasterBundles.

Anna is in charge of outreach and affiliate processes at MasterBundles. Her primary professional passion is contributing daily to the company and personal growth. Anna says that her hobbies such as playing the piano, dancing, figure skating, and reading books, make her life more colorful and fulfilling. The perfect combination of work-life balance keeps her always energized and inspired.


Ivan Gumenyuk, Vendors Support Manager

Ivan Gumenyuk, Vendors Support Manager  MasterBundles.

Ivan helps vendors in solving issues with an account on MasterBundles. He also helps designers without experience start their careers selling designs on the marketplace. Ivan is a sailor with long-distance sailing experience who found inspiration in his work.


Dmytro Shvachka, Project Manager

Dmytro Shvachka, Project Manager MasterBundles.

Dmytro connects MasterBundles team members with a team of developers. He knows a foreign language (unknown to us) that helps him translate our ideas to developers and realize them.


Oleksii Talapov, Middle WordPress Developer

Oleksii Talapov, Middle WordPress Developer MasterBundles.

“My job and hobby is programming. I have been working in this area for more than 10 years. Constantly improving and developing. I ride a bike in my free time and when I have the opportunity. I love nature. I have 3 cats. Engaged in the creation of various functionalities on the site.


Olena Polishchuk, QA

Olena Polishchuk, QA MasterBundles.

Olena is our Quality Assurance Engineer, who tests any changes that our developers implement and we initiate 🙂. She makes sure that everything looks good and works smoothly.


Anastasiia Siedienkova, Graphic Designer

Anastasiia Siedienkova, Graphic Designer MasterBundles.

Anastasiia creates stunning visuals for our blog posts, social media, YouTube videos, infographics, and tutorials for our blog. Her greatest passion is design – creating beautiful and functional solutions. She is passionate about archeology and drawing, which helps her find new sources of inspiration. Coffee and a beautiful sunset are the best way to recharge Anastasiia’s energy for new creative challenges.


Daryna Kritska, Content Creator

Daryna Kritska, Content Creator MasterBundles.

Daryna is one of the first copywriters on our team. Her mission is to create catchy texts about graphic and web design, raise interesting topics for artists, and delight readers with detailed reviews and guides. Here’s what Daryna shared: “My passion for language learning led me to copywriting. At MasterBundles, I have no limits on topics, while the team helps to implement all the ideas. In my spare time, I paint pictures, read historical novels, and raise my cat:) I’ll be happy to see feedback through comments and post-sharing!”


Valeriia Vodiashyna, Graphic Designer and Content Creator

Valeriia Vodiashyna, Graphic Designer and Content Creator MasterBundles.

Valeriia is a Ukrainian graphic designer, creative person, and stand-up artist for friends. She loves creating designs that convey the brand’s values, ideas, and character. Creating a logo and corporate identity is her love. To work, she needs to be in a resource and travel. Nature, beautiful places, family, and communication with new people give it to her. Valeriia loves theaters, exhibitions, and museums – all this gives her energy and ideas for her projects. Everything is connected because the design is her life. She creates visuals for our blog and social media, writes excellent articles, and creates tutorials for our blog and YouTube channel.


Alina Shcherbyna, Content Creator

Alina Shcherbyna, Content Creator MasterBundles.

Alina is a content creator with a colossal passion for learning and growth. She is a true team player. Alina believes that creativity and an offbeat approach to a problem allow solving it at a rate of knots. She looks for inspiration in traveling, breathtakingly beautiful sunsets, and music.


Sofi Ostymchuk, Content Creator

Sofi Ostymchuk, Content Creator MasterBundles.

“Briefly about me – I work in content marketing already for 6 years, and I believe you can do everything with the right content. I am keen on psychology, yoga, photography, and, as you might guess, writing (lucky for me, writing is not just my job). Also, I am so into old movies and cooking healthy vegan food.”


Vira Tokarieva, QC

Vira Tokarieva, QC MasterBundles.

“Briefly about me – I work in content marketing already for 6 years, and I believe you can do everything with the right content. I am keen on psychology, yoga, photography, and, as you might guess, writing (lucky for me, writing is not just my job). Also, I am so into old movies and cooking healthy vegan food.”


Anya Yavorska, Content Manager

Anya Yavorska, Content Manager  MasterBundles.

Anya is part of the content team. She is the youngest member, but with tenacity and focus, few can match her. Anya is well versed in tik-tok trends, and at home she bakes delicious cupcakes.


Anya Zykova, Content Manager

Anya Zykova, Content Manager  MasterBundles.

Anya is part of the content team. She helps to make our site a little more beautiful and functional. Her main differences are enthusiasm and attentiveness. From her it is not strange to hear “I’m done, give me more tasks.” She enjoys graphic design, programming and video editing.


Daria Reznikova, Content Manager

Daria Reznikova, Content Manager MasterBundles.

“My biggest pleasure is creating. That’s why I’m responsible for content management. It’s not only a job for me but also a part of my lifestyle. Every time I start my workday I get more inspired by creating a comfortable environment for myself. I am the person of addiction: coffee, traveling, podcasts, workouts. If I love something I do it beyond measure. Thankfully, my addictive habits help me to be at a point where I am able to focus on my work and enjoy it as well.”


Sofia Chornomaz, YouTube Outreach Manager

Sofia Chornomaz, YouTube Outreach Manager  MasterBundles.

Sofia is a YouTube outreach manager. She is keen on absorbing and analyzing content as well as its creation. Her great passion is watching YouTube, listening to podcasts, and making videos and photos. Her sources of inspiration are sunny weather and long walks that help Sofia to maintain her work-life balance.


Nazar Mykhaliuk, YouTube Outreach Specialist

Nazar Mykhaliuk, YouTube Outreach Specialist MasterBundles.

Nazar works as a YouTube outreach specialist. His prime interest is in making different YouTube integrations and collaborations. In addition, he enjoys sports, computer games, and music because it’s a great source of motivation for him. Nazar refuels new artistic tasks by reading inspirational literature.

Creating a platform for creative minds


The first version of MasterBundles was launched. It was a small yet unknown website, with products from our buddies that we united in a few bundles. In 2016, we experienced incredible excitement and a few sales.


It was a year of growth and prosperity for MasterBundles — the first hundred vendors, a full-fledged customer account creation, and the constant emergence of new products.


In the middle of the year, a new CEO came, and things started to go fast. Website redesign, blog functionality, and hundreds of new products appearing on the website…


This year we have seen vendor rating, a section with promo codes and coupons, and small internal changes that made our website faster. In 2019, we sold our eighty-five thousandth bundle. Cheers!


We call it the year of COVID-19 and the automation of the MasterBundles processes 🙂 We optimized and automated processes of adding the products to the website. For example, we gave birth to the idea of the Sell Your Deal form.

In general, that year, we aimed to make the vendor’s experience on MasterBundles as smooth and comfy as possible.


2021 was a year of significant changes. MasterBundles became a part of Boosta — the Ukrainian international IT company. It became a game-changer that began a new chapter for our marketplace.

Our team expanded. We welcomed Leila — our in-house content manager, Ivan — our former community manager, and Anastasiia — our CCO. It resulted in more products, vendors, blog posts, and a significant boost in traffic.

In 2021, we launched the Sell Your Deal form, products aggregator functionality, hosted webinars, collaborated with YouTube video creators, and initiated rebranding.


It was a challenging year. We had to get a grip, care for ourselves, and keep working. It took time until every MasterBundles team member settled down, but we kept working as soon as it happened.

In 2022, we reinvented ourselves and the MasterBundles identity and redesigned our website. We became more mature and wanted to reflect it in the branding and design.

We launched the MasterBundles Affiliate Program and redesigned the personal cabinet where all three roles (buyer, vendor, and affiliate) co-exist.

We welcomed our new team member — Anna, who is responsible for guest posting and external communications.

We reached significant milestones:

1. 15k+ new vendors
2. 29k+ new products
3. 1k+ new freebies


We’re holding on and growing. During the first quarter, we drastically automated our inner processes, allowing us to publish a record number of products weekly.

We set our goals and hope to achieve them to become a better marketplace for you.

P.S. Honestly, our primary goal is to survive 🙂

Our Mission and Values

Our primary mission is to make incredible and high-quality design affordable and make life easier and happier for designers. That’s why you can buy a bundle with 50 stunning Instagram story templates for $5 and create 10 Instagram stories in 10 minutes.

We want to make our world more beautiful.

How Can You Benefit from MasterBundles?

On MasterBundles, you can have one to three roles — buyer, vendor, and affiliate.

Buyer — browse N products for various purposes — from illustrations, patterns, textures, icons, and fonts to add-ons, templates, and stock content. You can buy bundles or single products. You will find a vast collection of freebies.

Vendors — upload your products using the Sell Your Deal form, optimize your product pages, promote them, and earn 50% from each sale.

Affiliates — become our affiliates and earn 15% from each sale made through a referral link.

In this information hub, we gathered recommendations on how to get started in any of these roles.

Presentation for Vendors

Presentation for Customers

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