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If you need fonts for your design project, feel free to check out this collection. Are you looking for a handmade, vintage, script, or sans serif font? Among all of the available bundles, you will definitely find something worthy to emphasize your creativity.

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Serif Font Style Where to use the font? Serif Font Examples
Slab Serif Font A slab serif font features a blocky, dramatic appearance with the lack of contrast. Rounded, thin, and ornate styles inspired by vintage and modern letterforms, alternate characters, and full symbol sets can surely contribute to the visual dramatism of your project. Basically, you can play with lines, forms, and colors as much as you want unless you get the desired result. So, when it comes to book covers, brochures, posters, or advertisements, one of the slab serif fonts can be an excellent solution. Geometric Slab Font Varna, Baleine – Slab Serif Font, Carole Elegant Serif Font
Handwriting Serif Font A handwriting serif font is a kind of typography created to highlight the unique appeal of human writing. Compared to standard serif and sans serif fonts, this option is far more personal. In fact, it is able to give a more personal touch to digital elements. Whatever project you are working on, you can use a handwriting serif font to help your content come across as friendlier, more informal, or approachable. The Trymore Handwriting Font, Mignonette Handwriting Font, Meadow Handwriting Font
Outline Serif Font An outline font is easily recognized from the geometric outlines of its letters and characters. It is easily scalable so it can be sized up or down without damaging the perfect shape. If you are interested in professional design solutions that will easily grab the reader’s attention, look no further than outline fonts. They work perfectly well for creating a website logo, a corporate newsletter, or a marketing brochure. Elpida Thin Outline Font, Popart Vintage Typeface, Guilty Outline Serif Font
Mono | Monospaced Serif Font

A monospaced serif font is mainly known as a typeface used in typewriting and computer programming. However, it can be a perfect visual solution for designers looking for a sparse effect. Thanks to the specific order of initials and large size of letters, it has turned into a stylish instrument to say something elegantly.

When you start searching for mono serif fonts for your design project, you won’t find many options. For a minimalist effect, you don’t need to be too picky anyway. Just choose one that you like.

Aurora Monospaced Serif Font


Can you use these serif fonts for commercial use?

Yes, you can. Some fonts are available for free, while others can be accessed for a fee. Most fonts can be considered for commercial purposes. Before you buy serif fonts for commercial use, you should take a look at the font license that explains how you may use the particular item you are interested in.

How do I add a serif font to Word?

Once you select, buy, and download a suitable serif typeface, you will be able to add it to a Word document on your PC. By opening up the Control Panel, you will go to the “Appearance and Personalization” category and then select Fonts. Then, you will need to drag and drop the new font into the window to make it appear in your Word document.

How can I sell my own fonts?

If you have your own fonts that you would like to sell, feel free to make an offer. Apart from fonts, you will be able to sell your patterns, illustrations, icons, templates, and other visual content on our online platform.