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A great addition to every graphic designer’s toolkit.

Realest™ is a modern slab serif font designed with mathematical precision. The entire typeface is crafted with consistent angles & measurements down to the smallest detail. It is built on mathematics. For this reason, it is a highly versatile font, ideal for branding, logos, websites, ads, graphics, clothing & printable materials.

What makes Realest™ stand out is its classy yet modern style. It could be classified as ‘futuristic’ (due to its square-shaped structure), yet the slab serif details add a touch of class that most futuristic fonts lack. This gives it a unique character, making it ready to perform well in a wide variety of creative projects.

• A unique fusion of Modern & Slab Serif styles.
• Designed with mathematical precision.
• The characters share the exact same dimensions (where possible).
• Monospaced (with even spacing between characters).
• Comes with a generous number of alternate glyphs & accented characters.
• Available in both Regular & Extended (wide) styles.
• Highly versatile

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Realest Regular
Realest Extended

Realest | A Modern Slab Serif Font pinterest preview image.