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ImageNameAuthorPriceDate Added
Umbrella Mockups Bundle cover image.
Umbrella Mockups Bundleby rebrandy$9.99
Date Added:October 01, 2021
Umbrella Mockups Bundleby rebrandy$9.99Date Added:October 01, 2021Buy Now
320 Apple Devices ULTIMA Bundleby Vadim Sherbakov$48
Date Added:August 05, 2016
320 Apple Devices ULTIMA Bundleby Vadim Sherbakov$48Date Added:August 05, 2016Buy Now
Apple Device Mockups: PSD Mockups 2021 main cover.
80+ Apple Device Mockups: PSD Mockups 2021 – just $29by Ionel Paun$29
Date Added:September 07, 2016
80+ Apple Device Mockups: PSD Mockups 2021 – just $29by Ionel Paun$29Date Added:September 07, 2016Buy Now
Professional Mock-Ups Bundle - $20by R-GraphicsDesign$20
Date Added:May 04, 2019
Professional Mock-Ups Bundle - $20by R-GraphicsDesign$20Date Added:May 04, 2019Buy Now
165 Sign and Faсade Mockups: Outdoor Sign Mockups - just $45!by Vadim Sherbakov$45
Date Added:December 17, 2018
165 Sign and Faсade Mockups: Outdoor Sign Mockups - just $45!by Vadim Sherbakov$45Date Added:December 17, 2018Buy Now
Apparel & Cosmetic Mockup Bundle 2021 - PSDby Michal Sycz$24
Date Added:November 09, 2018
Apparel & Cosmetic Mockup Bundle 2021 - PSDby Michal Sycz$24Date Added:November 09, 2018Buy Now

The Best Mockup Templates

The Internet is teeming with thousands of different templates for all kinds of user purposes. With their help, you can bring to life completely new designs that will take your work to the next level. With these products you have a great opportunity to evaluate the style of your project even before it is released.

Why Do We Need Mock-up Templates?

A mock-up is an image layout that is needed to test the style of a product before launching it. Technically, a mock-up is a PSD file with layers and objects that can be formatted. In order for the client to consider what the design will look like, an image mock-up is a great solution. In some cases, or if the client wishes, you can also apply effects or add some lettering. You can then test the visual appearance in a near-realistic environment. You can also try putting the company logo on a t-shirt or a cap — that is the layout itself.

A mock-up is a lifesaver for the designers, because it helps them to avoid numerous edits, to show the layout to the customer and to evaluate the look of the project. This method really saves a lot of time and effort. There are three main types of mock-ups. These are static images, editable PSD files and mobile apps.

Mock-ups are essential for artists, designers, photographers. In other words it is a must-have for anyone who works with graphics and visual content. A mock-up helps the artist to showcase their work in various formats.

Mock-ups have a large number of advantages. Firstly, it helps in the presentation of the project. Models allow you to look at the future project in detail. It also reduces the number of edits. A model enables you to understand how your imagined idea would look in real life, and whether it needs changes. It also helps to develop a corporate identity.

The designer downloads a set of templates and tries the development on various corporate attributes: from mugs and T-shirts to calendars and anything else. And, of course, mock-ups save your budget because it is quicker and cheaper to optimise the ready-to-use product and test it in an online format before printing. Pre-made layout is a workflow assistant that helps professionals in a variety of fields, from architects and builders to designers.

Best Mockup Templates FAQs

How to use mockup templates?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Find and download the product that suits your best.
  2. Unzip all files.
  3. Open the document.
  4. Edit the smart object.
  5. Save the file.
  6. Go back to the original document.
  7. Do the same on the other side if required.
  8. Enjoy the final result.

What software is needed to use mock-up templates?

One of the most popular and frequently used software for working with PSD mock-up templates is Photoshop.

Which license do mock-up templates have?

The mock-up templates have three types of licence. These are personal, commercial and extended commercial. However, keep in mind that they are designed for different tasks and have varying prices.

How can I sell my own mock-up templates?

If you want to sell your own projects, you can freely refer to our digital marketplace. Whether it is designing template mock-ups, fonts, or graphics, you can always do so on MasterBundles on the most favorable terms.