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16 Handwritten Fonts - $15 ONLYby TeukuZulfikar$15
Date Added:September 04, 2018
16 Handwritten Fonts - $15 ONLYby TeukuZulfikar$15Date Added:September 04, 2018Buy Now
Girly Fonts - Best 65 Script and Brush Fontsby PaulaAdesign$15
Date Added:August 21, 2018
Girly Fonts - Best 65 Script and Brush Fontsby PaulaAdesign$15Date Added:August 21, 2018Buy Now
Badass Fonts Bundle main cover.
Badass Fonts Bundle - Script, Display, Sans-Serif, Monogramby Muhammad Husni Haikal$9
Date Added:June 07, 2017
Badass Fonts Bundle - Script, Display, Sans-Serif, Monogramby Muhammad Husni Haikal$9Date Added:June 07, 2017Buy Now
Barland | Font Bundles Collection cover image.
Barland | Font Bundles Collectionby Barland$15
Date Added:October 03, 2016
Barland | Font Bundles Collectionby Barland$15Date Added:October 03, 2016Buy Now
Curly Fonts - Unique Script Fonts + 2 Display Fonts - Only $29!by Olexstudio$29
Date Added:November 16, 2017
Curly Fonts - Unique Script Fonts + 2 Display Fonts - Only $29!by Olexstudio$29Date Added:November 16, 2017Buy Now
Hand Lettered Bundle: 9 Perfect Fonts.
Hand Lettered Bundle: 9 Perfect Fonts - $12 ONLYby typehill$12
Date Added:September 10, 2018
Hand Lettered Bundle: 9 Perfect Fonts - $12 ONLYby typehill$12Date Added:September 10, 2018Buy Now
christmas sticker preview 1 06 06
10 Christmas Stickers - Only $10by Jojoid$10
Date Added:December 20, 2021
10 Christmas Stickers - Only $10by Jojoid$10Date Added:December 20, 2021Buy Now

Check out our collection of stylish and extraordinary script fonts that you can use in various projects. You have a huge selection of web solutions that will help you express the mood of the works. Feel free to apply handwritten, strict, elegant and airy products!

Script Fonts Table

Script font styleWhere to use?Examples of a serif font
Formal scripts

It is clear from the name that these products will be more discreet. Formal types of script fonts are based on the letter forms of the 17th and 18th centuries. In this style, the letters are written with a pen. The strokes can be thin and thick, but the main feature is elegance and readability. You may use these items for body text, signing cards, invitations, filling out letters, etc.

Malena Refined Script Font, Quitman Script Font, Sarahfadhilla Modern Calligraphy
Casual scripts

These are the most popular script fonts because they can be used for many different projects. The key feature is the active typeface. They can be various widths, thicknesses and are most often created with a wet brush, unlike the formal type. Casual typeface began to develop in the 20th century and since then have been very successful in advertisements. You can apply these lettering for banners, posters, invitations, greetings, advertisements, prints, etc.

Margarita Handwritten Font, Mignonette Handwriting Font, Hello Mahoni Script Font


Why is script font used?

The best script fonts are great tools for creating typography in a variety of projects. They can be applied to invitations, ads, posters, banners, business cards, postcards, presentations, letters, etc. You are not limited in your works, because the collection includes both unusual and outstanding typefaces, as well as restrained standard script fonts.

Can you use these script fonts for commercial use?

Sure! You may buy script fonts for commercial use. All items in our marketplace have several licenses and you can choose which one you want.

How do I add a script font to Word?

First, you have to choose the most appropriate typeface. After that, download it. Most font files are distributed in compressed ZIP folders. If the font files are zipped, unpack them. To do this, right-click the ZIP folder and choose to Extract Files option. After that, you will see all available typeface files. Select the font you want and go to the Install command. You may also be asked to allow the program to make changes to your computer. In this case, click the Yes button. The new typefaces will then appear in the Word fonts list.

How can I sell my own font?

You can take full advantage of MasterBundles. After all, we are not only a huge source of products, but also a convenient resource for selling your graphic designs. To start selling, go to the Sell Your Graphic Designs page. Here you will find a tutorial on how to start selling and a form for adding your product to the marketplace. Good luck!)