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Is it appropriate to use a brush font for a logo design?

A logo is a crucialpart of establishing relationships between a company and its clients. When the logotype is represented by a mark word, the brush font plays a principal role in its success. Be it performed with the aid of a brush or not, a typeface always owns one or another psychology type.
The category of brush fonts describes the effect in which symbols appear, yet it does not refer to any specific font features. In such a way, brush fonts can be sans-serif, script, or display. One should apply them according to their meaning. This especially concerns logo design.Brush sans serif font psychology. Sans serif typefaces are considered the most modern solution among all existing options. They radiate straightforwardness, which makes clients know you are honest and serious about your work.
Brush script font psychology. Scripts, especially those written with brush, are fancy and elegant. They express creativity and femininity.
Brush display font psychology. Displays create a sense of individuality and uniqueness. They also usually happen to be optimistic and playful.

Are all brush fonts stylized using thick characters?

Although brush fonts are frequently executed in bold letters, it is not a required feature. There exists many options using thin lines. Yet, if you expect the characters in brush typefaces to be equally thin throughout the word, it will not be so. Since the lines intend to mimic actual brush writing, they might gradually (depending on the pressure) flow from thin to slightly thicker strokes. You might look at the Honilad Elegant Brush Script Font as an example of this variance.

Which of the brush fonts have an elegant appearance?

The brush fonts vary from brutal to romantic. Here are some examples of those that have more elegant visuals.
Meadow Handwriting Font. Its letters are semi-bold, drawn in a bit of an off-hand style.
Brush Script Font Sunderlines and Sanserif. Neat characters are connected with each other, creating a smooth lovely typeface.
The Theatre Elegant Brush Script Font. This typeface consists of bold symbols. On some of the edges, you can see traces of a badly soaked in paint instrument.