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If you want to make your content more interesting and engaging, you should consider using one of the slab serif fonts in the collection below. Among the available bundles, you can find many ultra-minimal, modern, condensed, or wide options. This is more than enough variety to emphasize your creativity in editorial, web, modern branding, apparel, packaging, and other design projects.“`html

Slab Serif Fonts Table

Slab Serif Font style Where to use the fonts?
Aptifer Slab (Black, Black Italic) Being devoid of overwhelming details, Aptifer Slab fonts fit well into the text flow. They don’t disturb your eyes, which makes reading convenient. This is why Aptifer Slab Serif font is widely used in newspapers and magazines, for book typography, corporate design, and signage.
Xenois Slab (Heavy, Heavy Italic) Xenois Slab fonts feature an incredible combination of different designs that can provide solutions for various design projects. These can be corporate reports, business correspondence, movie credits, or marketing campaigns. Having the same cap height, lowercase x-height, stem weights, and character shapes, Xenois Slab serves as an incredibly complementary set of font designs.
Soho (Condensed Heavy, Compressed Heavy) Soho fonts are smart, distinct, and trendy. Their visual design combines the elements of Renaissance, enabling versatility for corporate identity, product marketing, text, and display use.
PMN Caecilia (Roman, Italic) PMN Caecilia fonts work perfectly well in interactive design and print environments. They are intended to mimic the writing of a broad nib pen with considerable changes in stroke thickness. Being friendly, versatile, and convenient typefaces, they make the content easy to read.
LinoLetter (Medium, Medium Italic) LonoLetter Slab font needs to be used with contemporary typesetting and printing technologies. Being known for clarity and objectivity, it is suitable for Desktop, Web, DigitalAds, ePub, Server, and other multimedia applications.
Siserrif (Semibold, Semibold Italic) The use of Siserrif fonts is required to establish priority, make emphasis, and give the right hints to the audience. Being effective attention seekers, they are widely used for making posters, brochures, newspapers, magazines, and web layouts. By giving a sophisticated vibe to the content, they make your message more striking.
Memphis (Light, Light Italic) Memphis fonts are marked with the geometric slab serif visual concept. They provide the clarity of a sans serif with increased readability. They are perfectly suitable for brand and display use.
Clarendon (Bold, Bold Condensed) Clarendon fonts are super popular all over the world. They are widely used for display applications such as posters and brochures printed with wood type. You have surely seen some of these fonts on the posters from the American Old West.


What are slab serif fonts used for?

The best slab serif fonts help create a more attractive visual design. This is why they are often used for editorial, web, stationery, apparel, packaging, and other design projects.

What is the difference between a regular serif font and a slab serif font?

Serif fonts feature high contrast between thick and thin strokes in the letterforms. Meanwhile, slab serif fonts can be recognized from their blocky serifs which are as thick as the letter strokes themselves.

Can you use these serif fonts for commercial use?

Yes, you can. Some fonts are available for free. In other cases, you have to buy slab serif fonts for commercial use. Before you buy serif fonts for commercial use, you should take a look at the font license that describes how you can use the particular item.

How do I add a slab serif font to Word?

Once you have a serif font downloaded on your PC, you should open up the Control Panel, enter the “Appearance and Personalization” section, and select Fonts. By dragging and dropping your font into the window, this will make it available in your Word document.

How can I sell my own fonts?

If you want to get some financial benefits from your own slab serif fonts, you can sell your deal at MasterBundles. On our website, you will be able to sell your patterns, illustrations, icons, templates, and other visuals.

What is slab serif used for?

Slab serif fonts are typically used for headlines, posters, billboards, logos, and everything bold. The structure of the slab serif is excellent at grabbing attention with its exaggerated design.

What is a slab serif font used for?

The slab serif typeface is characterized by thick, block-like serifs. Popular slab serif fonts may be either blunt and angular or rounded. The best slab serif fonts are used on book covers, posters, advertisements, logotypes, etc.

What is the difference between sans serif and slab serif?

Classic slab serif fonts were created for newspaper writing when the quality of the paper used to be poor. Modern sans serif does not have serifs, the tiny little feet. Sans serif avoids all decorative elements along the top bars and central beams.