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Great variety of typefaces and fonts to create graphic designs or printable texts. Sets of characters differ due to their style and purpose. Some are used for more solid situations, some futuristic, and some romantic.

Font Bundles Table

Font style Where to use? Examples
Serif Text body Solid and serious companies, books, documents, historical essays Caslon, Garamond, Times New Roman, Freight Text
Sans-serif Text body Futuristic and modern agencies, web articles, instructions, technical literature Franklin Gothic, Arial, Gill Sans, Futura
Script Headlines Romantic and sophisticated websites, wedding invitations, poems, tourism projects Caveat, French Script MT, Monotype Corsiva, Old English Text MT
Decorative Headlines Creative agencies, designer companies, children literature, video games content Lobster, Chiller, Jockerman, Showcard Gothic


Now let us give you some answers to the most frequently asked questions on the topic.

Can you use these fonts for commercial use?

Yes, you can, but only when you purchase a commercial license. Otherwise, applying them will be considered illegal. The range of prices allows choosing the most suitable fonts for a design according to your budget. There are also proposals that are totally free of charge and it is OK to utilize them too. To gain more from a typeface for your business and to be safe, it is highly recommended to buy fonts for commercial use.

Can you get sued for using a font?

Usage of unlicensed fonts can have harmful consequences. To put it simply, a font is the property of its creator (copyright owner): they can offer it for free or demand payment. Therefore, if you get caught using premium fonts without a license, you will be held civilly responsible. Therefore, technically the answer is yes, you can get sued for using a font, but not if you do it right and follow the legal steps.

H3 What happens if you use a personal font without a license?

Font bundles for personal use are those you use in designs that do not bring financial benefits. You can use them for a school or work project, for example.

So, why pay for such typefaces, since there is no copyright infringement? We understand your temptation to go for free stuff, yet there is a need to be careful with it.

  • First of all, they can be pirated, which might not be as pleasant.
  • Secondly, it is tricky to recognize if they are legit. Those font packages might have been distributed illegally.

It does not mean you should never ever use free fonts — just pay attention to the reliability of the resource you are taking them from.

How do I download fonts to Photoshop?

Photoshop is a bit of a complex application, so it’s no wonder this question is placed among the most popular on the topic. Nevertheless, this addition is no more intricate than with other programs. It is possible to browse fonts to it and here is a list of required steps to do so:

  1. Find a font or font pack you would like to use.
  2. Download/purchase a chosen one.
  3. Extract if required.
  4. Install it.
  5. Restart Photoshop and select a font.
  6. Ta-dah! Ready to use.

Can I use any font for my logo?

No, you cannot (unless you want to get sued for it, of course). As was mentioned, there are two types of fonts: for personal use and for commercial use. Company logos refer to the last. Consequently, the license has to be provided; in fact, it is obligatory in this case. From the point of copyrights it would be fair as well, don’t you agree? You will use the logo to earn money, and the designer of the font has the right to earn some too.

How can I sell my own font?

If you are a visual designer and want to promote your works, you can do just so on sell your deal page. There you can sell fonts or other features like mandala graphics, presentation templates, etc.