25+ Best Number Fonts in 2021

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January 19, 2020 March 15, 2022
Jim Harding photo Author by: Jim Harding

Text is around us anytime and anywhere. It is showcases, billboards, advertisements, newspapers, books, websites, presentations, social networks, etc., and it is also an opportunity to express your thoughts correctly.

So it is very important to choose the font for a particular purpose. You should know all the nuances in choosing the perfect font. From the right font selection to the right font presentation. After all, an inappropriate font can easily spoil a cool presentation for example.

In this selection you will find trendy and cool number fonts, which can be easily used to improve your perfect project.

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14 Fantastic Fonts

The Best Free Fonts

1. Droid Serif.
This is a pretty flexible font. Droid Serif is extremely simple. It is a typical, nice, modern font with serifs and good-looking numbers. Of course, it will not add to your project any unusual, or originality, but it is very easy to read. Readability is a huge benefit.
The font is available in all formats and is suitable for the site, Photoshop and any other editors. Droid Serif is available for free download.

2. Clement Numbers.
This is just an example of the elegant and sophisticated numbers font. It is perfect for a vintage design. Clement Numbers consists of numbers and punctuation marks. This font is free for commercial use. With this unusual and fashionable font you can highlight numbers in your projects or presentations in a fun way.

And you can believe that it will be very great! Just have a look of how unusual and stylish it is!

3. Leaner typeface.
This is another cool free font that can brighten up any kind of your presentation and projects. Leaner typeface is the perfect solution if you are looking for something original, but at the same time not challenging. This font was created by Ilyas Yunusov. Leaner typeface is pure and flexible. It is best suited for eye-catching logos and headings. Besides, the font supports quite a large number of languages. And it cannot fail to please. The font consists of numbers, different signs, and letters.

4. Old Standard TT.

This is a very discreet font from Alexey Kryukov. It is perfect for those looking for a classic, elegant and stylish font. The font is easily readable. Therefore, you can not be afraid to experiment and use it in different sizes. With a double vertical line on the dollar sign and a nice wavy line in the numbers “2” and “7” Old Standard TT certainly gives a sense of ancient. It is perfect for business presentations, business cards, and more. Moreover, Old Standard TT font is available in all formats. You can work with it on any sites, as well as different editors. In addition, this font supports multilingualism.


Beauty, elegance, sophistication, and uniqueness – that is associated with Hand-Drawn Numbers by Mandee Thomas. Just look at these numbers! They are great-looking! The design is very gentle and trendy. This font is suitable for invitations, postcards and banners for design companies. The presented font contains only numbers from 0 to 9. Petals, and flowers give these numbers a special charm. In addition, Hand-Drawn Numbers by Mandee Thomas is completely free!

6. Varela Round.

This is standard font. It is very round and cute. If you want to make numbers more friendly or appropriate to your industry, Varela Round is a great solution. Varela Round is a great choice for business presentations, advertisements, banners, business cards and others.

Furthermore, it is well worth mentioning that the Varela Round is often used as a light version of Montserrat, a very popular printable font. Since there are no tabular numbers in Montserrat, Varela Round is an excellent choice for this task.

7. CombiNumerals.

This is a very attractive and extraordinary font. CombiNumerals allows you to create circular numbers. You can easily use them in web design, for board games, maps and more. The font is readable quite well. When you download it, you also get a document with instructions. You can use it to create two-digit numbers. The font consists not only of numbers, but also of letters and various symbols. CombiNumerals looks very fantastic and unique.

8. Pompadour Numerals.
The font is very extraordinary, trendy and elegant. It amazes with its elegance and originality. Pompadour Numerals was created by Andy Mangold in 2011. This font includes ONLY numbers. There are no letters, or symbols. As the numbers are bold enough and large enough, they are better used in larger sizes. It will be easy to read. If you use them in small sizes, there is an option that it will be hard to read numbers and understand something.
Pay attention to what Pompadour Numerals font looks like:

9. Airbag font.

Stylish, extraordinary and clean Airbag font will be an excellent solution for any design project. This creative font consists of letters, numbers and various symbols. The font also includes many glyphs. Airbag font was developed by Simon Stratford in 2013. And it is still very popular, looking at its originality and uniqueness. This font can be perfectly designed in any size. In addition, it supports multilingualism.

10. Monoton.

Monoton is a great example of retro font. This font was developed by Vernon Adams. Monoton includes numbers, letters, and various symbols and glyphs. The glyphs are directed from left to right, and they are neutral. All components of the font are very unique. Therefore, I advise you not to use them too often in your presentation. Besides, the font is not very easy to read. Keep that in mind! Monoton can be used for banners, headlines, designer websites, and postcards.

11. Klinic Slab Font.

This font is modern and stylish enough. Klinic Slab consists of alphabetic and non-alphabetic characters. All the characters are quite easy to read. Klinic Slab font is perfect for large banners and titles. In addition, you can use it as regular text, as it is quite easy to perceive. Although the numbers are bold, they are also easy to read. Even if it seems at first glance that Klinic Slab is very boring and ordinary, it is not so! The text printed in this font looks very elegant and unusual.

12. Graduate.

Graduate is a high-quality and extraordinary font. It includes letters, numbers and signs. It is easy enough to recognize, as it is an example of the classic block style of writing in college.
It is ideal for infographics related to education, sports and simply for digital displays. Also, the Graduate font may be used in design projects, for example, to make inscriptions on clothes. It will look very unique and awesome!

13. Special Elite.

Beautiful, extraordinary and unique font is an ideal choice for any project. Special Elite is just the case when the font itself makes the project unique. Special Elite is a trademark of Astigmatic. It is a high-quality handwritten font. Special Elite includes some mysteriousness and uniqueness. It consists of numbers, different symbols, and of course letters. Special Elite looks great in both small and large sizes.

14. Abril Fatface.

This is a free font that will look great on banners, headlines, advertisements, and websites. Abril Fatface font includes 18 different font styles. Namely regular font, fatface, bold text and many others. The numbers in this font are also bold. And that is a very big advantage. This is why you can use this font in different sizes. And it will also look great on phones. In addition, the Abril Fatface font supports multilingualism. You can easily use about 50 different fonts.

15. Garamond.
This font definitely stands out from the diversity of the font collection, but it is not suitable for all presentation designs. But Garamond has many positive qualities. This font is loved by professional designers for its clear and sharp lines. It is both versatile and simple enough. But there’s also something special about it. Of course, many later versions of Garamond were created, including numerous variations (in an attempt to improve the original), such as the individual ITC Garamond font called Apple Garamond. But still, many continue to use the original Garamond font.

The best paid fonts

Paid fonts are a great opportunity to stand out. Since in most cases, when you buy you get not only fonts, but also additional items. An example of this can be sets from the site MasterBundles. For just a small price you can become the owner of amazing fonts. And the same will surprise your audience with its uniqueness.

16. Foil Gold & Silver Balloon Add-ons

This is an incredibly cool and eye-catching set with really good-looking numbers! This font is made of balloons. It looks pretty realistic. Such font can be a great highlight in your design project. Foil Gold & Silver Balloon Add-ons is very colorful, trendy and fashionable. Besides the different backgrounds are available. That is 6 backgrounds of confetti, and 4 color backgrounds of various sizes. The numbers are also available in silver and gold. For only $8 you can use incredibly beautiful letters, symbols, marks, and numbers! Agree, it looks very luxurious!

17. 40 Hand Lettering Fonts Bundle.

Are you looking for unusual fonts? Then the 40 Hand Lettering Fonts Bundle is the perfect solution for you! For only $29 you can buy 40 fonts. 40 gorgeous, eye-catching, brilliant, and extraordinary fonts. Of course all of them include letters, numbers and different characters. Any of the fonts can surprise your audience with elegance and sophistication. They are perfect for bright logos, advertising, wedding invitations, postcards and much more. The fonts look very realistic.

18. Asdaen Ligature Font.

It is quite a simple font as far as numbers are concerned. But in itself it is very original stylish, and extraordinary. Asdaen Ligature consists of more than 80 ligatures, letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other characters. In addition, this font supports multilingualism. This means that you can use a large number of languages. And this in turn means that you can implement your projects in any language. Asdaen Ligature is available in 5 formats. Specifically: TTF, OTF, WOFF, SVG, EOT. Also, the font supports different programs. That is you can use it in PowerPoint, Photoshop and other editors.

19. Happy Xmas Hand Drawn Font.

This is a very sweet, fabulous and nice font. It can be a great tool for any designer. This font is perfect for children’s postcards, greeting cards, books, headlines, unusual prints on clothing, for a holiday banner, or advertising. With its help you can realize any idea. Happy Xmas Hand Drawn Font is available in three formats: .ttf, .otf and .woff. Each letter, number, and character is hand-drawn. And for only $9 you will get access to a really very fantastic, original, trendy and cool font.

20. Espresso Handmade Font.

Espresso is a stylish and trendy handmade bold font. It contains letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. All the components of this font are very elegant, cute and good-looking. You can use it for various postcards, invitations, decorative inscriptions, for unusual inscriptions in Instagram. It is a digital download element in ttf and otf formats as well as bonus vector AI, EPS, SVG and raster PNG files. I am sure that this font will surprise your audience! Take a look at how trendy Espresso Handmade Font is!

21.Rounded Sans Serif Font Bosnia.

Bosnia is a versatile font, which is easy to work with due to its flexibility. It works in all editors and programs. Bosnia is a wide, thin typeface with 2 styles. This rounded, serif font can be used for headlines, posters, advertisements, postcards, greeting cards and etc. Bosnia looks great in both large and small sizes. Besides that, the Bosnia font is good looking on mobile devices. And the font is also perfectly readable. It can also be used as a regular font.

22. Afterclap Typeface.
Afterclap is a gorgeous font with 3 styles. It is very extraordinary and unique. The Afterclap font includes letters, numbers, and various symbols and characters. It is perfect for greeting cards, business cards, invitations and websites. Afterclap can be an ideal solution for your design project. Besides, this font supports different languages. And this is great! Do not forget that mock ups and backgrounds used are not included.

23. 70 Halloween Movie Fonts.
This is a fantastic set of amazing fonts! For only $20 you get 70 (38 different font families) original, beautiful and excellent fonts. The painted fonts are available in OFT and TFF formats. All with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and a combination of symbols and punctuation marks. This is exactly where you will find the fonts for any purpose. And these fonts you can use for presentations, funny banners, headlines, posts, and much more.

24. Highway Contraband Bundle.

This is an incredible set of elements. All these fonts are consisting of letters, numbers, symbols, and different characters. It is perfect for really all your projects! And this is no joke! Because this bundle has everything! Highway Contraband Bundle includes 7 font styles, 20 logo templates, 44 vector elements. For this great opportunity to use more than 70 elements you only have to pay 21 dollars. It is perfect!

25. Los Angeles – Modern Script Font.

Here is a stylish and extremely cool font. Los Angeles font is available in three formats: OTF, TTF, WOFF. This font supports a large number of languages. So you can easily use it for your project in any language! Besides, Los Angeles works in such programs as: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and popular editors. Just look at how great it is!

Number Fonts FAQ

What are number fonts?

Number fonts are fonts that consist of numbers, or also letters/characters. There are not so many real number fonts, as there is mostly a huge number of original and trendy fonts that include letters, and awesome numbers!

How to choose the perfect font?

1. Make sure there is a sharp contrast between the font and the background.
2. Use a maximum of 3 fonts in your presentation. It won’t be distracting.
3. Use the slide sample mode before you start entering text to set the selected fonts on the slides. This avoids you having to edit each slide one by one.
4. Do not use all capital letters.
5. Use different fonts for titles and items in the marked list.
6. Use italics in moderate form.
7. Make large fonts for better readability. Minimum 18, but no more than 24.
8. Check out the popular fonts before the presentation.

Why is text readability important?

In order for the reader to understand what is being said, it is very important to have a readable typeface. There are many factors, such as the size, shape and width of the characters, and the contrast of the stroke. Choosing a high-quality font is a good start for creating readable text. The most understandable fonts are those letters that have the usual shape and general characteristics of which are most consistent. Distance between letters greatly affects the readability of the font, so fonts that have too long distances between characters should be avoided.

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