Stand Out with Eye-Catching Numerals: 35 Best Number Fonts

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Numbers are everywhere – on posters, websites, and in logos. They’re an essential design element, and choosing the right number font can make a big difference in how your project looks and feels. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of 35 best number fonts for designers to explore and experiment with. Whether you’re creating a sleek website design, a vintage poster, or a modern logo, our collection has many excellent options to elevate your designs. If you can’t find the perfect fit in this post, check out our collection of symbol fonts.

Ready to discover the best number fonts? Let’s go!

Best Premium Number Fonts

Premium fonts are a great opportunity to stand out. Since in most cases, when you buy you get not only fonts, but also additional items. An example of this can be set from the site MasterBundles. For just a small price you can become the owner of amazing fonts. And the same will surprise your audience with its uniqueness.

Happy Xmas Hand Drawn Font

Happy Xmas Hand Drawn Font decorated with stars.

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This is a very sweet, fabulous, and nice font. It can be a great tool for any designer. This font is perfect for children’s postcards, greeting cards, books, headlines, unusual prints on clothing, for a holiday banner, or advertising. With its help you can realize any idea. Happy Xmas Hand Drawn Font is available in three formats: .ttf, .otf, and .woff. Each letter, number, and character is hand-drawn. And for only $9 you will get access to a really very fantastic, original, trendy, and cool font.

Rounded Sans Serif Font Bosnia

Rounded font against deer decoration.

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Bosnia is a versatile font, which is easy to work with due to its flexibility. It works in all editors and programs. Bosnia is a wide, thin typeface with 2 styles. This rounded, serif font can be used for headlines, posters, advertisements, postcards, greeting cards, etc. Bosnia looks great in both large and small sizes. The Bosnia font is also really good looking on mobile devices because the font is perfectly readable. It can also be used as a regular font.

Afterclap Typeface

An example of a font on a beige background and on the background of a photo lens.

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Afterclap is a gorgeous font with 3 styles. It is very extraordinary and unique. The Afterclap font includes letters, numbers, and various symbols and characters. It is perfect for greeting cards, business cards, invitations, and websites. Afterclap can be an ideal solution for your design project. Additionally, this font supports different languages, which is great! Do not forget that the mock ups and backgrounds used are not included.

Numbers Style One Fonts

An example of a font with white numbers in circles on a purple background.

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Numbers Style One includes 6 fonts of 100 characters each: circle, square, and rhombus in positive and negative lettering. It’s a pretty good font for numbers that you can use for clothing design, social media, websites, and more.

Siri Floral Numbers Font

An example of a font made of numbers in green and orange.

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There are quite a lot of cute number fonts, but this one is particularly appealing and multifunctional. Its style makes it perfect for clothing design, social media, signage, banners, and even logos.

10 Cool Number Fonts

We offer a huge number of cool and interesting fonts, and here we’ve selected the best ones for you. They are especially good for some creative projects and designs.


An example of writing a NOMAKURE font on a blue background.

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Nomakure is a font that is inspired by digital art and with extra elbows on each glyph. It’s great for game design, book covers, product covers, and many other things. You’ll get OTF and TTF files to work with, and it’s also available for commercial use.

Sportive Modern Font

An example of writing a Sportive Modern Font in large white letters.

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Sportive is a sans-based font with a unique lowercase that will give your design a futuristic and modern look. You can use this font for any purpose, especially for creating a logo or signage.

Bravo Font

An example of writing a Bravo Font in white letters on a blue background.

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Bravo Font is something new and modern that allows you to surpass yourself and create a cool design project. It’s soft, supple, and cuddly, so you can use it absolutely anywhere. It will look especially cool on prints.

Megapolis Font

An example of writing a Megapolis Font against a background of computer graphics.

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The Megapolis font is a modern display font. It is condensed and great for any project. You get TTF and WOFF files that install in 2 clicks and you can work with this cool typeface right away.

Angled Font

An example of writing a Angled Font against the background of empty book spreads.

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To create an attractive project, it is sometimes necessary to resort to number typography. We understand this and that’s why we select only the best, and namely the Angled Font is perfect for a lot of designs. You can use it to diversify your social network, website, or even your clothes.

Wild Rover Font

An example of writing a Wild Rover Font in purple on a tile background.

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Among the many different number fonts, Wild Rover stands out like no other. The unusually beautiful ligatures, symbols, and numbers with patterns give it an unusual style and interest. It’s perfect for designing any kind of logo, banner, or sticker.

Hand Drawn Flowered Digits

An example of a font made of numbers with colors in them.

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If you are looking for a cool number font, then you might like this option. The numbers in this font are decorated with pretty colors, which gives it elegance and makes it pretty cute. You can use it for clothing design, social media, decor, stickers, and many other products.

Numbers Letter Abstract Font Set

An example of a font made of numbers in a minimalist style.

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Here is a set of cool abstract numbers that are commercially licensed and ready to use in any creative project right now! They have a colorful and modern style that would be suitable for school supplies, clothing, scrapbooking, or even social media design.

Manuskript Gothisch Font

An example of a Manuskript Gothisch Font in white on a black background.

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Among the many gothic number fonts, Manuskript Gothisch stands out for its rigor as well as its excellent readability. In the set, you get an OTF file, which is easy to unpack and install. Also, this font has a commercial license, so you can use it anywhere.

Meisterz Typeface

An example of a retro-style font and an example of it on stickers.

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Meisterz is inspired by retro horror comics with a bit of reintegration-era influence, so the end result is trendy retro. In addition to this, it is also one of the best fonts for numerals. It’s perfect for headers, logos, quotes, clothing designs, invitations, and more.

10 Stylish Number Fonts

In this section, you will find for yourself stylish fonts that are distinguished by their expressiveness, shapes, and, of course, attractive outlines. They are perfect for the design of various clothing, interiors, or logos.

Moon & Sun Font

Moon & Sun Font image in purple on a pink background.

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Moon & Sun is a rather soft and pleasant font that can be used for logo design, scrapbooking, social networking, and other interesting purposes. It is one of the best script number fonts because of its friendliness and readability.

Blade Font

Image of the Blade Font in white on a black background.

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Blade is one of the cool variations of fancy number fonts, which is distinctive for its sharpness. In the set, you will have available files in JPG and OTF formats, which you can edit if you want to.

Velocity Outline Sans-Serif Font

An example of a Velocity Outline Sans-Serif Font in green on a black background.

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The feature of this font is, of course, the contours, which give it rigor. Use it for social media design, web sites, signage, logos, stickers, and other designs.

Espresso Handmade Font

An example of a font in brown on a background of coffee and coffee beans.

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Espresso is one of the best stylish fonts. It contains letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. All the components of this font are very elegant, but still cute and good-looking. You can use it for various postcards, invitations, decorative inscriptions, or for unusual inscriptions on Instagram. It is a digital download element in ttf and otf formats as well as bonus vector AI, EPS, SVG, and raster PNG files. I am sure that this font will surprise your audience! Take a look at how trendy Espresso Handmade Font is!

Striped Alphabet & Numbers Font

Collage with Striped Alphabet & Numbers Font on different backgrounds.

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This product can be your best number font, which will help in the design of a variety of projects. It can be useful for creating posters, banner ads, and so on. It is drawn in pen and ink, which makes it friendly and contrasting. You will get JPG and EPS files in the set.

BoldPrice – Numbers & Currency

Collage with BoldPrice Font on different backgrounds.

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This is one of the best fonts for numbers of Open Type. The regular font is simple black shapes, while the bold version resembles woodblock engravings. Use the Numbers font for your lettering work, restaurant menus, logos, etc.

Bitnumber – OpenType SVG Font

Collage with Bitnumber Font on different backgrounds.

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There are many different fonts for numbers, but this one is unique in its way and will be remembered for a long time. Created by hand and raw, you won’t find a more realistic grunge font that will provide the perfect look for your next project requiring a punk rock vibe.

Los Angeles – Modern Script Font

An example of a font in white against the background of a night city.

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In front of you is a stylish and one of the most popular number fonts. Los Angeles typeface is available in three formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF. This font supports a large number of languages so you can easily use it for your project in any language! Also, Los Angeles works with such programs as: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and popular editors. Just look at how great it is!

Japoleon Regular – Japan Style Font

An example of a Japoleon Regular font in black on a gray background.

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Among the many good fonts for numbers, this one stands out because of its Japanese style. It looks very nice on postcards, branding materials, business cards, posters, and more. You get OTF & TTF files that are easy to install and almost immediately workable.

Vintage Virgil Font

An example of a Vintage Virgil Font in white.

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If you are looking for cool vintage number fonts, then choose this product. There are EPS and OTF files available, which you can quickly install and start using. It’s perfect for logos, cool banners, or posters.

Best Free Number Fonts

If you’re not ready to spend your money on fonts yet, we’ve taken care of that too. In this section, you will find free, but nevertheless qualitative and attractive fonts for many different purposes.

Number Font Free

Example of a Number Font with thick letters.

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This is a worn but stylish font that can be used for both solid and small lettering. It looks great on posters, advertisements, wrappers, presentations, websites, and social media. Edit, create stylish designs, and surprise your audience with unusual approaches.

Crash Numbering Font

An example of a Crash Numbering Font on a marble background.

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Crash comes in 2 styles and will amaze with its vintage style. There are also 40+ glyphs in the collection. It has all the necessary characters to make writing perfect. Try it for posters, banners, presentations, visit cards, websites, and the like.

Digital Display Font

An example of a font in the style of display numbers with a green background.

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This typeface covers 75 characters. It is great for big signs. Fully free option fits great for presentations, websites, Instagram stories, and digital projects. You can try it for prints on textiles, but the key is to make big letterings, so it is more readable.

Chiki Bubbles Font

An example of a Chiki Bubbles Font in the form of bubbles on multi-colored backgrounds.

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This is the best of the few bubble number fonts that will definitely look good in larger sizes. The set contains the characters you need to design your lettering. Choose a font for short but striking lettering. You can create eye-catching signs, logos, vignette cards, prints, websites, and social media designs.

18 Army

An example of a font in the form of a periodic table.

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This is a massive font that is suitable for men’s projects. It’s great for prints on t-shirts and sweatshirts. You can try them for gun store signs, sports store business cards, and more. The kit contains the necessary letters, numbering, and punctuation to create the lettering.

Dumbledor Shadow Typeface

An example of a Dumbledor Shadow Typeface in black on a white background.

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This font helps to create an in-depth design. It has a vintage feel to it and is suitable for banners, poster ads, and print projects. The product is suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also edit the lettering with Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, and other software.

Clement Numbers

An example of a Clement Numbers font in an infographic on a monitor screen.

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This is just an example of the elegant and sophisticated numbers font. It is perfect for a vintage design. Clement Numbers consists of numbers and punctuation marks. This font is free for commercial use. With this unusual and fashionable font you can highlight numbers in your projects or presentations in a fun way. And you can believe that it will be very great! Just have a look at how unusual and stylish it is!

Leaner Typeface

An example of a font in white and black on the background of photos.

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This is another cool free font that can brighten up any kind of presentation and a variety of projects. Leaner typeface is the perfect solution if you are looking for something original, but at the same time not too challenging. This font was created by Ilyas Yunusov. Leaner typeface is pure and flexible. It is best suited for eye-catching logos and headings. Also, the font supports quite a large number of languages. It cannot fail to please. The font consists of numbers, different signs, and letters.

Old Standard TT

An example of a Old Standard TT font in white on a green background.

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This is a very discreet font from Alexey Kryukov. It is perfect for those looking for a classic, elegant, and stylish font. The font is easily readable. Therefore, you should not be afraid to experiment and use it in different sizes. With a double vertical line on the dollar sign and a nice wavy line in the numbers β€œ2” and β€œ7” Old Standard TT certainly gives a sense of ancient. It is perfect for business presentations, business cards, and more. Moreover, Old Standard TT font is available in all formats. You can work with it on any site, as well as different editors. In addition, this font supports multilingualism.


An example of a STUNNING HAND DRAWN NUMBERSBY MANDEE font in white with flowers.

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Beauty, elegance, sophistication, and uniqueness – this is all associated with Hand-Drawn Numbers by Mandee Thomas. Just look at these numbers! They are great looking and one of the best number lettering fonts! The design is very gentle and trendy. This font is suitable for invitations, postcards, and banners for design companies. The presented font contains only numbers from 0 to 9. Petals, and flowers give these numbers a special charm. In addition, Hand-Drawn Numbers by Mandee Thomas is completely free!

Varela Round

An example of a font in white on the background of a painting with strokes in blue and yellow.

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This is a standard font. It is very round and cute. If you want to make numbers more friendly or appropriate to your industry, Varela Round is a great solution. Varela Round is a great choice for business presentations, advertisements, banners, business cards, and other pieces of literature. Furthermore, it is well worth mentioning that the Varela Round is often used as a light version of Montserrat, a very popular printable font. Since there are no tabular numbers in Montserrat, Varela Round is an excellent choice for this task.


An example of a CombiNumerals font in the form of a number in white.

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This is a very attractive and extraordinary font. CombiNumerals allows you to create circular numbers. You can easily use them in web design, for board games, maps, and more. The font is quite readable. When you download it, you also get a document with instructions. You can use it to create two-digit numbers. The font consists not only of numbers, but also of letters and various symbols. CombiNumerals looks very fantastic and unique.

Pompadour Numerals

An example of a Pompadour Numerals font against a background of color highlights.

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The font is very extraordinary, trendy, and elegant. It amazes me with its elegance and originality. Pompadour Numerals was created by Andy Mangold in 2011. This font includes ONLY numbers. There are no letters or symbols. As the numbers are bold enough and large enough, they are better used in larger sizes. It will be easy to read on signs and banners. If you use them in small sizes, there is a possibility that it will be hard to read numbers and understand something.


An example of a white striped Monoton font.

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Monoton is a great example of a retro font. This font was developed by Vernon Adams. Monoton includes numbers, letters, and various symbols and glyphs. The glyphs are directed from left to right, and they are neutral. All components of the font are very unique. Therefore, I advise you not to use them too often in your presentation. Besides, the font is not very easy to read. Keep that in mind! Monoton can be used for banners, headlines, designer websites, and postcards.


An example of a font in white on a green football field.

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Graduate is a high-quality and extraordinary font. It includes letters, numbers and signs. It is easy enough to recognize, as it is an example of the classic block style of writing in college. It is ideal for infographics related to education, sports, and simply for digital displays. Also, the Graduate font may be used in design projects, for example, to make inscriptions on clothes. It will look very unique and awesome!

Special Elite

An example of a Special Elite font in white on a black background with stripes.

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Beautiful, extraordinary, and unique β€” this font is an ideal choice for any project. Special Elite is just the perfect example of when the font itself makes the project unique. Special Elite is a trademark of Astigmatic. It is a high quality handwritten font. Special Elite includes some mysteriousness and uniqueness. It consists of numbers, different symbols, and of course letters. Special Elite looks great in both small and large sizes.

Abril Fatface

An example of a Abril Fatface font in white on a striped background.

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This is a free font that will look great on banners, headlines, advertisements, and websites. Abril Fatface font includes 18 different font styles. Namely regular font, fatface, bold text, and many others. The numbers in this font are also bold. And that is a very big advantage. This is why you can use this font in different sizes. And it will also look great on phones. In addition, the Abril Fatface font supports multilingualism. You can easily use about 50 different fonts.


What are number fonts?

Number fonts are fonts that consist of numbers, or also letters/characters. There are not so many real number fonts, as there is mostly a huge number of original and trendy fonts that include letters, and awesome numbers!

How to choose the perfect font?

1. Make sure there is a sharp contrast between the font and the background.
2. Use a maximum of 3 fonts in your presentation. It won’t be distracting.
3. Use the slide sample mode before you start entering text to set the selected fonts on the slides. This avoids you having to edit each slide one by one.
4. Do not use all capital letters.
5. Use different fonts for titles and items in the marked list.
6. Use italics in moderate form.
7. Make large fonts for better readability. Minimum 18, but no more than 24.
8. Check out the popular fonts before the presentation.

Why is text readability important?

In order for the reader to understand what is being said, it is very important to have a readable typeface. There are many factors, such as the size, shape and width of the characters, and the contrast of the stroke. Choosing a high-quality font is a good start for creating readable text. The most understandable fonts are those letters that have the usual shape and general characteristics of which are most consistent. Distance between letters greatly affects the readability of the font, so fonts that have too long distances between characters should be avoided.

What is the Best Font for Numbers ?

It depends on your preferences. Depending on the project or requirements, the appropriate fonts will change as well. Some of the best fonts for numbers that are multipurpose are Velocity, Moon & Sun, and Wild Rover.

What is the Best Font for Number Tattoos?

Basically, these are fonts with some kind of backstrokes or features like sharp transitions. Some great options are Blade and Virgil.

What is the No 1 font style?

At the moment, the most popular style is Sans Serif. These fonts are easy to read, suitable for almost any task, and simple to create.

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