15 Amazing Free Star Wars Fonts 2022

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Star Wars is an epic and popular movie that has thousands of fans. The first thing we see at the beginning of the movie is the original script. It has become a symbol of the universe for all fans of the movie. In this ready-made listicle, we have collected the most unique, authentic, and unusual free Star Wars fonts that will perfectly complement your projects.

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Skywalker Star Wars Font:

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Skywalker star wars font main cover by MasterBundles.

Skywalker Star Wars Font


Best Free Star Wars Fonts for Your Cosmic Projects

We have collected the most original and unusual fonts for your thematic projects. You can use these star wars fonts for mac or Windows systems. Just download them and add them to videos, presentations, clothes, and designs.

Star Jedi Font

Collage with pictures from Star Wars and an example of a font.

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This font is recognizable to anyone who has seen this legendary movie. It is very similar to the logo’s typeface, so it will perfectly complement any project on this topic.

Droidobesh Depot Font

Collage with photos of walls with inscriptions in droid language on a red and blue background.

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This font should be appreciated by true fans of the movie. If you’ve been looking for an unusual and unconventional variant for a thematic project, this font is perfect for you.

Death Star Font

Collage with a photo of Darth Vader and font examples on a gray and white background.

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This font will appeal to those who are looking for something in a retro style. If you’re not just a fan of the movie, but also the 80’s era, you’ll like this font.

Soloist Font

Collage with photos of the starry sky and font examples on a white background.

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At first glance, this font immediately brings to mind a famous movie. It’s a mix of sci-fi galaxy, retro style, 80’s era, and futurism. This star wars letters front is suitable for presentations, videos, and clothing design.

Mandalorian font

Mandalorian font on white background.

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This font will be recognized by anyone who has watched a favorite movie closely. It’s very unusual and authentic, good for themed projects and true fans. But when working with it, you will have to break your head, because the letters do not look like the usual English alphabet.

SF Distant Galaxy

Collage of images of the font and its example on the banner.

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The distant galaxy becomes much closer when you use this font. Joke. But fans should appreciate this one because it is inspired as much as possible by everyone’s favorite movie.

Sith Prophecy

An example of a Sith font on a white background.

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This font is based on the movie Star Wars and has a very original look. The letters are similar to the English letters but have a unique shape. There are a total of 26 letters in the set, with which you can create any design in an unusual style.

Star Jedi Logo Font

Collage of logos with text with Star Wars font on black background.

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This Star Wars logo font is perfect for creating customized logos. You can create a logo with single or double text lines with special frames and logo fragments. You will get 3 amazing font family styles.

Aurek Besh

Font Aurek Besh alphabet on white background.

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Fans of the film should recognize in this font the well-known and beloved language Aurebesh. It is very unusual and will help you create unique designs. There are 26 letters in the set to realize all design ideas.

Star Jedi Special Edition

Collage of the alphabet Star Jedi on the background of the city.

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This font attracts the eye and holds the attention not only of fans of the famous movie but also of ordinary people. Because each letter has an unusual shape and makes you stare intently. Choose this star wars letter font if you want to get the maximum response from the audience.

Star Jedi Outline

Collage of Star Jedi Outline font examples on black background.

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It’s the perfect font for fans because it exactly replicates the famous Star Wars. All the details, lines, and shapes of the letters are similar to the original. So if you want to surprise fans of the movie, save this font and keep it handy.

Anakin Mono

An example of a Anakin Mono font on a white background.

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This cool font is sure to be appreciated by Star Wars fans. It is based on the character of Anakin Skywalker. This font is a great addition to the presentation, and video, it can even be added to the design of the site. This star wars text font is simple and unusual at the same time.

Sterilict Font

An example of a Sterilict font on a white background and on the background of the Earth.

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If you are looking for an unusual, cosmic, authentic, and modern font, check out Sterilict Font. It perfectly conveys the mood of the famous film and is well suited for videos, designs, clothing, and other projects.

Outer Frontier

An example of a Outer Frontier font on a white space background.

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A simple font that is sure not to leave the audience indifferent. This star wars font for word perfectly conveys the atmosphere of space, Distant Galaxy, and sci-fi.

Dark Katarn

An example of a Dark Katarn font on a white background.

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This is the most unusual and original font in our listicle. It used to be found in the game LucasArts, but is now available for download. With it, you can create very unique and individual designs.

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