30+ Best PowerPoint Templates For Your Scientific Presentations in 2022

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The world changes every day; science is not static. The last year brought us a lot of discoveries in the medical, technological, and scientific spheres. In 2022, the demand for unique and original PowerPoint templates for scientific presentations became even higher, than in the previous year.

Check our list of the best templates for scientific presentations to make the greatest speech or give the best seminar the world has ever seen.

Huge Scientific Presentation Templates Bundle: 250 Slides:

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Huge Science Presentation Template Bundle 1.

Huge Scientific Presentation Templates Bundle: 250 Slides


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The Best Scientific PowerPoint Templates from MasterBundles

Extensive Tech Presentation Templates Bundle

Slides collage with black and white backgrounds and red, purple accents.

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This amazing set consists of 6 outstanding scientific presentation PowerPoint templates. Thus, you have a wide choice of variants for how your cool speech will look.

Huge Science Presentation Templates Bundle

Collage of slides with colored backgrounds and icons on the theme of science.

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One more bundle that consists of 2500 unique and awesome slides that will make a scientific presentation look and sound captivating.

Triangle Network PPT Template

Slides collage with white background and blue geometric shapes.

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Meet Triangle, a perfect decision for those who can’t imagine their life without aesthetic and minimalist geometry designs and diagrams. You will get 30 original and modern slides in total.

Space Technology Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides

Collage of slides with blue and red backgrounds and space-themed photos.

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We love this one to the moon and back because of its adorable illustrations and powerful layouts.

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Infographics Presentation: PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides

Slides collage with white background and colored infographics.

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If you are a fan of bright infographics, this scientific presentation PPT template is definitely for you. You can choose between 30 dark and 30 light slides.

National Science Day Presentation Template

Collage of slides with white, red and gray backgrounds and photos from laboratories.

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Here’s another colorful PowerPoint scientific presentation template that can be customized in GoogleSlides, and Keynote as well.

Chemical Engineering Presentation Template

Collage of slides with a yellow background and icons on the theme of chemistry.

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This is one of the best choices if you need to create a good eye-catching presentation for chemical engineering.

Electrical Engineering Presentation Template

Collage of slides with purple and white backgrounds, with large letters and photographs.

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Need something to present new developments in the electrical engineering sphere? Meet these 50 slides of cool PPT templates for scientific presentations.

Nano Technology Presentation

Collage of slides with blue and white backgrounds, with photos of test tubes.

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Your speech will be a winning one with this modern and even futuristic science PowerPoint theme.

Cyber Technology Presentation

Slide collage with purple background and neon pink accents.

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Check out this futuristic example of an amazing scientific presentation template that you can choose for showing your discoveries.

Workshop Technology Presentation

Collage of slides with a dark background and photos of computers.

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Of course, we have something special for technology scientists. Be the best at the workshop with this stylish scientific PowerPoint background.

NEGUN – Presentation & Infographics

Collage of slides with white and black backgrounds and photos of office workers.

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A very minimalistic and eye-catching template for scientists who adore being at the center of their audience’s attention.

Star Wars Powerpoint Templates

Slides collage with black background and Star Wars characters.

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Of course, we couldn’t leave you without a super-cool Star Wars presentation template. This one comes with a bonus, by the way.

Space PowerPoint Template

Stylish and high quality theme. Deep dark colors and lots of text blocks prevail here.

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This amazingly designed template includes cool infographics, various charts, original picture placeholders, and many other details that will help to make a creative and eye-catching presentation about technologies and science.

You also can buy any scientific product for Google Slides. But even if there is no software tag in the name of a template, don’t be confused – you can use most of the templates with any comfortable software you prefer.

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15+ PowerPoint Templates for Scientific Presentations

Sinara – Science PowerPoint Template

Green and expansive theme. The color scheme emphasizes the originally stated theme.

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This design, created in a pleasant color theme, contains very powerful infographics and drag & drop picture placeholders, in addition to different layouts. You can use it to make an interesting presentation in just a few clicks.

  • 720 Total slides.
  • 3 Premade color themes (Green, Blue, Orange).
  • Picture placeholder (Drag & Drop).
  • Dark & light background.

Singularity – Robotics Presentation

Futuristic theme with stylish accents. Perfect for artificial intelligence presentation.

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You can get this fully editable multipurpose scientific template and create an unforgettable technical presentation for your audience. In addition to original picture placeholders, this design includes amazing infographics that are a crucial addition to any successful speech.

  • 70+ Slides.
  • Fully editable colors, fonts, charts, and infographics.
  • Just drag your image onto the placeholders.
  • Free multilingual fonts (links included in the tutorial file).

Redcov+ Corona Powerpoint

Colorful designs and lots of infographics help communicate a complex topic in an easy way.

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Everything you want to say around the important topic of your scientific report will be ideally supplemented by this great modern template. It will catch your audience’s attention thanks to the red and white color theme and the pack of medical stock images that are included.

  • 60+ Multipurpose clean, unique, creative, and simple slides.
  • 70+ Master Slide layouts.
  • Solid color background option.
  • Handmade infographic.

3D Carbon PowerPoint

Yellow, gray and white add a special vibe to this template. The theme is perfect for medicine.

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The eye-catching color theme of this design won’t let any viewer get bored with your presentation. Unique 3D models of chemical elements will totally wow the audience.

  • Unique 3D infographic.
  • Light and dark color schemes.
  • Resizable and editable graphics.
  • Customizable placeholders and smart art.

Technology PowerPoint Presentation

Bright and extraordinary. A bold template will dilute the complexity of the topic and bring its own colors to the presentation.

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Simpler means “better” nowadays, and this is exactly what this modern and clear template is about. A wide variety of schemes and icons will help you to add uniqueness to every piece of your delicious presentation.

  • More than 180 unique theme colors variations.
  • Picture placeholder.
  • Free fonts.
  • Bonus: Vector Icons, Maps, Calendar 2021-2022.

Medicine – Medical Presentation

Green is associated with nature and life. The design of the template is simple, which will simplify the presentation of the material.

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This design contains creative, professional, multipurpose, and original layouts. You can use Medicine for any kind of scientific presentation – medicare, technological, ecological, etc.

  • Total Slides: 40+ unique slides.
  • All graphics resizable and editable.
  • Picture placeholder.
  • Vector icon included.

Pharmaceutical Presentation

Fuchsia color is suitable only for the bold and extraordinary. The template has a prominent block structure, thanks to which information is systematized..

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This sleek and professional template has a unique design and suits scientific presentations of all kinds. No doubt, supported by this great design, your speech will be very powerful.

  • 32 PowerPoint slides.
  • All graphics resizable and customizable.
  • Free web fonts used and recommended.
  • Easily editable.

Science Experiment PowerPoint

Great template with nice colors. It includes both classic graphics and infographics. It is a mixture of classics and modern trends.

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The minimalistic and modern design of these slides will truly underline the importance of the information you need to give to the audience. The simple, yet robust infographics help to make your lecture more comprehensible.

  • 245 slides in 3 color schemes.
  • All elements, colors, shapes, charts are easy to edit.
  • Fonts: Titillium.
  • All photos included.

Brain Structure PowerPoint Template

Dark theme with turquoise bezels. There is not much text here, but a lot of infographics. Stylish template.

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If you need a wow-template to speak about your new scientific discoveries, you have just found it. All the elements included in these amazing slides, such as charts, colors, shapes, etc. are very easy to customize according to your personal needs.

  • 120 slides (color: blue, green, pink).
  • Slide Size: Standard (4:3), Wide (16:9).
  • Fonts: BEBAS NEUE.

Novalabs Presentation Template

Light and fresh theme. Soft lines and light shades make you relax and balance.

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Novalabs is a perfect option for those who work in scientific research or the laboratory industry. This modern design allows you to put the data into your presentation in a quick and simple way.

  • 36 PowerPoint slides.
  • Free web fonts.
  • Picture placeholder.
  • Just drag & drop.

Scholar Education Presentation

Simple yet stylish theme. Color conciseness and graphic quality will grab the audience's attention.

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Very light and simple presentation template which can make your scientific or educational lecture more appealing. It contains original illustrations, a handcrafted infographic, as well as the perfect combination of color theme and fonts.

  • 50+ Slides for each template.
  • Easy customizable contents.
  • All graphics resizable and editable.

Tech Newsletter PowerPoint Template

Simple and light theme in light shades. Lots of blocks for information and various elements to gamify your presentation.

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Professionally designed slides, that were created in a minimalistic, yet very effective style, contain interesting fonts and original geometrical shapes. This one will be a perfect background for your strong scientific speech.

Galaxy Gradient

A scenic theme in purple. Smooth lines and abstract shapes make it a work of art.

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Free your imagination and let it fly to the moon with these awesome entertaining graphics. The slides in blue and purple colors were created to make your presentation look engaging and deep.

Medical Thesis

Gradient turquoise as a polyatomic molecule twists into its own color. The theme is beautiful and modern.

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Talented designers created this minimalistic template for those who don’t want to overload their scientific speech with lots of images and schemes.

Science Education Center

An aquamarine template with a simple presentation of information. This is a great option for a school or training center.

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The entertaining level of this charming science ppt template is very high. So download it and start preparing your great presentation right now.

Data Science Consulting

Interactive Template in dark blue. Thanks to infographics and high-quality pictures, information is presented in a simple and beautiful way.

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Prepare your promotion bid with this futuristic template and show your data science company in the best light to your clients.

Science Lab PowerPoint Template

Your audience will enjoy the design of this presentation because it is truly beautiful. Gray-white background, main blocks of text are framed in light green color.

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Just look at these bright and eye-catching colors! This outstanding template will definitely help you make an unforgettable presentation.

Creative Research Poster Template

This template will make your presentation stand out from everyone in the scientific community. Cherry hue and colorful infographic would be a great design for your topic.

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It takes just a few minutes to put the data you need to present about your research into this cool scientific PowerPoint template for free.

We hope that you will find the scientific presentation design of your dreams and start creating your winning presentation right now. May the creative force be with you! 🙂

Some Awesome Video About PowerPoint Templates For Scientific Presentations

How to make scientific presentation

Are you preparing manuscript for journal publication? Are you making scientific poster for the conference? Are you preparing Powerpoint presentation for your class project or final defense?
This course will help you design an impactful publication and presentation.

Science Education Center PowerPoint Presentation

This theme is based on a learning center structure. The background is blue,
and it is conspicuous for the textures in the corners.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the PowerPoint Templates for Science

What are the main trends for infographics in 2022?

Of course, the main trend is minimalism and simplicity in everything. Thus, when you are looking for an infographics set, make sure that it is simple and elegant. Certainly, you want to get something eye-catching yet it shouldn’t be too bright and vulgar. So try and follow the minimalism trend.

In which particular projects is it appropriate to utilize this very type of graphics?

Well, it’s pretty obvious – in medical ones. To be more precise, such graphics will work for presentations about various diseases, leaflets, posters, etc.

What is a good example of medical infographics?

Pretty much all the examples I gave you in this very article. They all are quite eye-catching and bright yet still have a modern minimalist design. So look through them one more time, pick the one you like the best, and get it.

Where can I purchase high-quality infographics set?

If you decided to go with a premium option, you have to be rather careful with the marketplace you are going to buy it from. I personally, recommend such trustworthy marketplaces as MasterBundles or TemplateMonster.

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