Personal PowerPoint Templates

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Imagine a situation when you were asked to create a personal portfolio or resume, not just on one sheet of paper, but a whole presentation about yourself, starting with your childhood with all details.

That sounds like a challenging task, however, personal PowerPoint templates can help you out with that, with them you can create an exciting and catchy presentation on any topic you want.

For a personal presentation to be truly interesting to a stranger there are many factors to consider, starting with the colors, design, and visuals, and up until where you situate the text. All these nuances might be tough to keep control of, but our professional PowerPoint template designers know what it takes to impress.


Where can I get a PowerPoint template for free?

You can try and find a free PowerPoint template on MasterBundles, Canva, DesignBundle, and other marketplaces alike.

What should I include in a PowerPoint about myself?

Our personal PowerPoint template designers recommend you include such details about yourself: name, company, title/position, and several quick facts about who you are and what you do.

How do I sell myself in PowerPoint?

A great way to market yourself is to engage the audience, it's a bad sign if they are just sitting and listening to you, you should also exude a positive mood, organize your presentation flow, and ensure your presentation offers value.

How do I design my personal PowerPoint?

Whether you are using a personal PowerPoint template or designing one yourself, you should make sure that the design is minimal, has your photos, and you add pretty frames and color schemes.