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Simplicity is the friend of a good thing. How often have you heard this saying? But sometimes it's not so easy to create a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design that catches the eye of the beholder. And creating a simple template for a presentation can take more than an hour.

That's why, we suggest that you don't waste precious hours, but take advantage of ready-made, simple PowerPoint templates for presentations. Moreover, there are plenty to choose from. After all, they all were created by professional designers who practice and hone their skills for years, which means they know exactly what the audience wants to see to fall in love with your presentation at first sight. Choose what's right for you at MasterBundles :)


How do I make a simple PowerPoint template?

Open PowerPoint and create a presentation. Add a background color and choose 2 or 3 fonts that you will use during your presentation. Try not to mix too many colors. Or you can save time greatly and choose one of the ready-made amazing simple PowerPoint templates.

What are the best free PowerPoint templates?

The best free PowerPoint templates can be found on MasterBundles.

How do I Design my own PowerPoint presentation?

You can create a PowerPoint using one of the templates presented on MasterBundles. Either create your own one in a few simple steps using this guide.

Where can I find PowerPoint Design ideas?

Except for MasterBundles, you can find the inspo for your PowerPoint designs on Behance, Dribbble, Pinterest, as well as on various graphic design marketplaces.