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What makes a fancy font?

The development of technologies and digital products/services have highly increased the value of graphic design instruments. Typeface is one of them. It comes in a huge variety; some are common and some are far from that.
The lesser common ones are called stylish or fancy fonts. They can be easily distinguished by the visual being creative and artistic. Such lettering makes an impression and lets the viewer know the text showcases imagination flow. They are often represented by scripts, but not always.

Why should one consider applying a fancy script font?

The main intention of utilizing a fancy script font is to draw the viewer’s attention. This moment of opportunity is quite important when designing a business card, logo, or a presentation. If one desires to emphasize separate textual parts or add headers, a fancy script would be a perfect choice. Be aware that it is not recommended to execute whole blocks of text or an entire file solely in fancy symbols; it needs to be balanced for the best effect.
Stylish typefaces tend to stand out, as they are very beautiful and ornamental. Because of this, they may be especially useful when making a wedding invitation design, greeting cards, or to decorate day-to-day items like mugs, rugs, etc.

How to balance a fancy script font?

The reason to use such fancy script fonts is to grab attention; consequently, it would be most effective to apply them to headings. Once the text has been noticed by the viewer, its function takes a back seat. Now, it is the content’s turn to work: it should be attractive and easy to read. For example, if you utilized a calligraphy handwritten script in the heading, balance it with a simple serif below.

What are the top font options among the fancy styles?

In the category of hand drawn fonts, the fanciest styles usually gain the most popularity and appreciation.
Purple Candy. Although the letters here are extra-bold, the words come across as elegant and appealing.
Nathan Wedding Script. This one radiates a very cheerful and benevolent vibe.
Monday Cookies. This is another warming and playful variant.