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Check out our impressive collection of 42+ design icon bundles that can be used for a variety of purposes. Our products are ready for downloads and changes. They can be used for mobile, graphic and web projects of any complexity. The products will make your work much easier and can save space in your project. These perfect items are available in different formats (AI, EPS, SVG, JPG, PNG). Hurry to browse the collection and download the high-quality icons right now.

What are the 3 main types of icons?

Types Of Icons Where to use? Examples
Universal icons

This type of icon is quite simple, but there is almost no variety. All of these products are easy enough to recognize. They include standard elements: magnifying glass — search, recycle bin — computer trash box and the like.

Medical Icons Bundle: Medicine line icons
Icons with conflicting meaning

Conflict icons are elements that do not have a standard interpretation principle. They lead to the fact that users are confused and do not understand what stands behind this item. A good example is the uneven back arrow. It can mean the “back, share, repeat” function. The heart element can also be confusing. It often indicates “like, add to cart, save.” So, be very careful when using such items.

625 Flat Business Icons, 25 Black Minimalist Premium Website Simple Line Icon Set
Unique icons

It is clear from the name here that these products are an individual and unique design entity. Such tools describe a unique object or action. These include icons of social networks, for example. They cannot be confused with anything else.

192 Flag Icons Hexagon Flat Design

Best Design Icon Sets FAQ

What is the unique feature of icons?

Icons are a great element that can replace text. They help clearly convey the essence of the message and save space on the website, presentation, banner, etc.

Where can I buy vector icons?

You can safely go to MasterBundles marketplace. It is a great platform where there are many unique web solutions for various types of projects. Before you, there are website, custom, logo design icons, etc.

How do I choose an icon?

First you need to know the type of project, its direction and what text you want to indicate with these tools. Then go to our collection and choose the most suitable graphic design icons.

Can you use these icon bundles for commercial use?

Sure, you can buy custom design icons for commercial use! Our platform offers the best icon designs with different licenses. You can choose between the personal, commercial and commercial extended ones.

How can I sell my own graphic design icons?

MasterBundles is the perfect place to sell your digital products. If you have exclusive graphic design icons you can go to the Sell Your Graphic Designs page and fill out the form. There is also a short tutorial on how to start selling on our site.

What are icons packages used for?

Premium quality icons are completely editable vectors that can be used for projects. Icon bundles each have a unique design, yet they all match each other.

What is an icon package?

Icon packages efficiently work with styles and concepts. A nice premium icon set is a great way to showcase a designer’s work and build a reputation. They are responsible for navigation and conveying the overall application experience.

How do I download icon packs?

Follow these steps to download premium vector icons.

  1. Be sure to purchase your ideal premium icon set.
  2. After the payment goes through, you will receive access to the file download.
  3. Click the button and choose what folder to download it to.

Can I buy vector icons for commercial use?

To start using a premium icon pack you will need to first purchase either a personal or commercial license. Buying vector icons for commercial use will help with the overall design of your business since it needs to be harmonious and look clean.