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Are handwriting fonts always cursive?

he main characteristic of a cursive font, also known as script, is presented by the gradually joined letters. This writing style performs without detaching the pen from paper. Meanwhile, the term ‘hand drawn’ or ‘handwritten’ does not refer to any specific features, except the lines appear as if being sketched by a human being and not any technical device.
So, answering the question, no, handwritten typefaces (be they sans-serif or otherwise) are far from always being cursive.

What are the different types of handwriting fonts?

Sans-serif handwritten fonts, as well as serif ones, can be divided into the following categories.
Script. As was already figured out, a script font is that in which one symbol flows into another one, each letter joined to the next.
Signature. The fonts of this type imitate actual peoples’ writing styles. They are frequently partially cursive, yet not necessarily.
Chalk. In childhood, we loved to draw pictures with chalk. Now we can achieve this effect by using characters designed in a resembling way.
Brush. It helps to recreate symbols painted with a brush. These often may include blank spaces mimicking the consequence of not fully soaked in paint instruments.
Calligraphy. Additional beautifying strokes or flourishes are its identifying mark.

Where is it appropriate to use sans-serif handwriting fonts?

Although it is a more ornamental font group, its applicability is still pretty impressive. These typefaces may be used in order to bring a certain appearance to day-to-day life in the form of decorating wardrobe items, mugs, or wall illustrations. They can also be valuable instruments in business matters. With their aid, you can create labels, logos, cutaways, or packing paper.
Sans-serif handwritten fonts vary from careless and rugged, to elegant and romantic, to formal and traditional.