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What are the specifics of sans-serif outline fonts?

The term ‘outline’ generally refers to the silhouette or a frame of the graphic design elements. The statement works for typefaces as well. Furthermore, the sans-serif outline fonts can be divided into subcategories. They may vary by several features, including some that:

  • are represented solely by a simple, laconic frame, where the insides of symbols are a blank transparent space (e.g., Elpida Thin Outline Font);
  • have a distinguished frame, yet the main body of letters are painted in another color (e.g., PopArt Vintage Typeface);
  • are executed as a common typeface, plus, each letter is once more outlined with the help of thin lines (e.g., Republiko – Display Typeface).

Where can outline fonts be used?

Sans-serif outline fonts can be used wherever one needs to add an accent: they serve ideally as an emphasizing element. This kind of typeface can be used in headers, promotion campaigns, branding signs, posters, business cards, and so on.
It would not be fair to call them absolutely universal. Nevertheless, sans-serif outline fonts have one major purpose—to grab readers’ attention. However, they still vary greatly in appearance. On the one hand, there are options that are more elegant and even romantic, and on the other, you may find ultra-modern options. Thus, these may come in handy regardless of the industry or the content provided.

What are the best outline fonts?

It is impossible to state what is the best and what is the worst. This is somewhat subjective depending on your project needs. The only thing we can do is point out the trendiest and the most recommended: Republiko Display Typeface is a bold sans-serif outline font. It may be used to create labels, logos, or wall-pictures with motivational phrases on them.
Elpida Thin Outline Font is performed in thin lines and has multiple ornamental elements, to the contrary of the Republiko font. The characters are designed as if with the help of a liner, which makes its visual somehow special.