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How often have you tried to find a job? How many times have you been rejected? Anyone who has ever failed at getting a job will wonder what they did wrong. Our collection will help you understand proper resume writing and develop the best approach to winning the career of your dreams. After all, each product is created with all the subtleties and details in mind. Browse our latest collection of more than 200 items of high quality Resume Templates, choose the best CV and create a resume that employers will not ignore. Express all your creativity together with outstanding web solutions.

How to Use Resume Templates for A First Job?

Nothing stands still these days. While some have found their dream job and have settled down, others are actively changing positions with the hope of finding one that is perfect for them. As a rule, an active job search begins with writing a resume. Imagine you are a seller. You have great offers, so your resume is a business tool that will help make others aware of you. That’s why every line, even the seemingly unimportant ones, can be key and highlight your knowledge and competence. A resume for a first job should not be written on 10 pages, because no one will read it. Our ready-made templates have done an excellent job of keeping the watery text to a minimum, so that you can clearly state your strengths. The ideal resume should be no more than two pages long.
Classic resume structure consists of six blocks. These are:

  1. Contact Information. This includes first and last name, city, e-mail, phone number, photo, etc.
  2. Exact title of the job for which you are applying.
  3. Professional competencies (about 6 units).
  4. Professional experience (relevant to the desired position), indicating your accomplishments.
  5. Education and certifications (major and minor).
  6. Additional information. These include language knowledge, PC skills, various awards, and all the things that could interest the employer and that you can be proud of.

We also advise you to combine many places of work into one. It is normal if a person works at a company for 1-3 years. If you change jobs more often, you will be perceived as a job hopper. Recruiters do not like such people, because in most cases the heads of departments and customers refuse to consider such candidates. If there are a lot of companies showing less than 1 year of work on your resume, the value of the CV drops significantly.
Adhering to this writing structure is easy with our professional resume template, as they include stylishly designed and conveniently organized blocks. The products are easy to customize in minutes. Therefore, if you choose these ready-made solutions, your dream job will come closer.

What are the Special Features of Resume Templates to Consider?

The way you format your resume may determine whether or not a recruiter recognizes your qualifications and whether or not anyone will read your resume. There are many suggestions and options regarding resume formatting, such as chronological resumes (experience is listed in chronological order), functional resumes (primarily, the skills needed to do the job are listed), and combination resumes (combinations of both chronological and functional formats).
Experts recommend creating a focused resume for each specific job you’re applying for. However, there are certain sections that you should almost always include in the resume no matter the job, as well as certain technical formatting rules that you should try to follow. You can learn about the required text components in the block above. The problem of technical formatting can also be solved with our products. The templates are neatly designed with all the subtleties of resume layout in mind. They include space for a photo and carefully divided blocks that look elegant and not cluttered.
An important part of writing a resume is the cover letter. This is a short story about your work experience that explains your resume. It is usually no longer than one page. If a resume is a dry set of facts from your professional background, a cover letter is a chance to tell a potential employer why you are perfect for a particular position and how your skills and professional experience can add value to the company. Even if the employer does not ask for a cover letter, it is better to write one and attach it to the resume. There is no harm in doing so. On the contrary, it will attract the recruiter’s attention and show your enthusiasm for the job and the company.

How to Choose the Best Job Resume Template?

As a digital marketplace, we offer many high-quality and stylish work resume templates for different professions. They are quite easy to use and edit. Now the process of writing a perfect resume for a dream job will take much less time with our cool web solutions. You can choose any option and customize it to your needs.
Our designers are actively working on expanding the templates collection. The most important feature is that authors take heed of design trends, audience requirements, and your preferences.
And if you are just the kind of designer who creates awesome products, then you can also benefit from us. Go to the Sell your deal page, fill out a short form, and share your great web tools.


What is the best template for a resume?

Our collection covers many quality products. You can safely find the best option that will suit your purposes, because the perfect template is the one that fully meets your expectations and is pleasant in its look.

How to download a personal resume template?

First of all, choose the ideal product and go to its page. The next step is the purchase. Click the “Buy Now” button on the template page. On the next page fill out a small form with your email and card number. After confirmation, download the item and proceed with the customized settings.

How to edit a professional resume template?

The templates come in different formats. These are PSD, PDF, EPS, DOCX so you can use any editing program you prefer.

Why use a resume template?

Often, when writing a resume, people don’t know what to include, how to write it, etc. Therefore, to reduce the time reading dozens of articles with tips, you can just choose a ready-made solution. Such products are very easy to customize. Just download, open, and fill it in with your information.

How to Write a Resume for Your First Job?

When it comes to finding a job, resumes are quite important, and this is where resume templates come in handy. A classic resume template is structured so that you just need to fill out the information about yourself following the topic included. These basic resume templates are easy to purchase and download, then all you do is customize them. To create an outstanding resume, take the following steps:

    Pick the right resume template
  1. Write down your contact information
  2. Include a resume objective
  3. List your education (in detail)
  4. Instead of work experience, focus on internships and other projects
  5. Highlight your skills
  6. Mention optional sections
  7. Stick to the one-page limit
  8. Get inspired by a first-job resume example

What to Put on a Resume?

Resume layout templates all include the six basic blocks: contact information, the job for which you are applying, professional competencies, as well as major, minor, and additional information. In the block of additional information, you can include various skills that will interest the employer.

What is the best template to use for a resume?

When looking for the best resume template make sure it fits your personality. The premium resume designs are unique which is perfect for your resume and will catch the employer’s eye. If you need a copy version of your resume, check the properties and make sure it’s a printable resume template.

What is a professional resume template?

A professional resume template is focused on the candidate’s skills and experience. The emphasis is placed on the text with minimal distractions from icons. When you buy a professional resume template it comes in different formats, so you can use any editing program, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

The main differences between a resume and a CV are length, content, and purpose. Resume templates are structured, curated summaries, while CV templates have no length restrictions and represent your relevant academic and professional achievements.

How should a resume look in 2022?

Your 2022 resume should look classic yet compelling. A resume background is worth emphasizing. The competition in the job market grows every year; that’s why it’s important to be able to stand out from other candidates. To go even further with the look of your resume and impress your potential employer, be sure to use a 2022 resume template.