30+ Best Free Calendar Templates 2023

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Looking for an eye-catching calendar template 2021? Printable calendar templates for each month of 2021 will come in handy for multiple purposes. Are you a business owner who needs to manage individual work schedules of your employees, make appointments or keep track of events? Or maybe, you’re an employee who needs to plan workflow and organize your work time more effectively?

Graphics resources providers like MasterBundles offer a vast selection of calendar and planner templates. For a reasonable price, you’ll get print-ready monthly calendar templates for 2021. Feel free to use these items at home, in the office, or as promo materials. Select from premium calendar templates that arrive in Microsoft Word, AI, PSD files. Here you will find printable wall and desk calendars, yearly planners, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Using Monthly Calendar Templates 2021?

So, how exactly can you use premium and free calendar templates for every month of 2021? Monthly calendars are quite handy as they allow planning your activities a month ahead while keeping everything in one place. At that, you can always keep them in front of your eyes and make corrections if your plans change.

Whether you use calendars for tracking birthdays and anniversaries, planning household chores, or setting personal goals, a monthly calendar template makes it easier to do. In case you need a planner for juggling your personal and professional responsibilities, a monthly calendar will help you do that with ease.

Take a look at the collection of premium and free calendar templates 2021 to obtain gorgeous and functional calendar designs!

Free Calendar Templates 2021

Free Printable Calendar Template for 2021

Free January 2021 Printable Calendar & Wallpapers – New Year, New Beginnings

Free February 2021 Printable Calendar & Wallpapers – Spread The Love!

January 2021 Wallpaper Calendar

Price: free

January is the very first month of the year. The month when everybody starts completing their New Year’s resolutions. Well, a calendar is perhaps the best way to keep track of all the things you have done or would like to do in order to successfully complete your resolution. Besides, this very calendar will help you organize your time more efficiently and inspire you to do something new and exciting every day. So why don’t you start the new year with this lovely baby?

February 2021 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

Price: free

February might be the month when most people give up their New Year’s resolutions and become depressed because of the cold weather and being alone on Valentine’s Day. At the same time, this is the last month of winter, moreover, this is the shortest month, which means that it’s the very time to get ready for bright and flourishing spring. So brighten this cold month and start counting the days till spring with this stunning calendar template.

Floral 2021 Monthly Calendar

Price: free
Finally, depressive autumn and cold winter are behind and we can jump into the most beautiful season of the year. March is the very month when we reborn together with mother nature and start to build great plans or maybe try to finally complete our New Year’s resolutions. So it is really easy to lose the count of time during this magnificent season, which means that a nice floral calendar will be quite handy for you in March.

March 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

How about free calendar template 2020? If you wish to set a beautiful March 2020 calendar template as a wallpaper on your desktop or tablet, click to see the collection of free March calendars. Gentle floral designs will get you into the spring mood with bright colors and cute patterns. The image is print-ready, so you can download it for free to put it on paper just around the corner and pin it on the wall. Check out all the available designs for March 2020 calendar.

Price: FREE

April 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

Up next comes April 2021 calendar template accompanied with printable calendar templates for the rest of the year. Each monthly calendar template is executed in its own unique floral style, so months are easy to tell apart. These 2021 calendar layouts are perfect for creating month-at-a-glance planners as they each have plenty of room for making notes and reminders. Proceed to download the high-resolution PDF file containing 12 monthly calendar templates for 2021. Please mind, these printables are compatible with US Standard Letter paper (8.5”x11”) as well as A4, but make sure to adjust your printing device.

Price: FREE

May 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

This May 2021 calendar template caught our eye with its vibrant color scheme and functional part for tasks and notes. Initially a desk calendar template, it will look great on your office desk, but you can as well frame it and put it on the wall. This item has a balanced design, so it’s handy for making notes and reminders, and most importantly – it’s absolutely free! In case you’re looking for a printable calendar template 2021 in a variety of formats, you can also check the other printable calendars by clicking the link above. You’ll find May 2021 calendars made into wallpapers, planners, and blank templates.

Price: FREE

June 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

This printable June 2021 calendar template is so cute we couldn’t ignore it! However, it’s for personal use only, so you can’t make it into a promo material. This item is rather a planner than a calendar, as it has room for each date to make plans and reminders, put down important dates, and so on. As usual, June 2021 calendar is accompanied by monthly planners for the rest of the year. This Floral Calendar 2021 is 100% print-ready and comes in size 8.5”x11”, so you can make paper copies at your local print shop at any given time. Even though you can’t use this calendar template 2021 for commercial purposes, you can still present it as a gift to friends and family.

Price: FREE

July 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

Yes, here comes another free calendar template 2021 with floral monthly calendars. As watercolor designs are extremely popular this year, no wonder so many beautiful printables come around. July 2021 calendar template comes with a planner and is accompanied by monthly planners for the rest of the year 2021. Feel free to put your memorable dates, state observances, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. This July 2021 calendar template comes in size 8.5”x11” and is 100% print-ready, so all you have to do is select nice quality paper to print it out.

Price: FREE

August 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

This August 2021 calendar template is a bit different from what you’re used to see here, as it has a motivational aspect to it. So, if you like the mix of motivational quotes and planner, this calendar template 2021 is just the thing. The author of the design put a different quote and different design for each month. August 2021 says: “Every accomplishment comes with the decision to try”, we couldn’t agree more.

  • Print options: regular paper works or glossy photo paper;
  • All of the files are 100% print-ready and come in .PDF files. Click on the image of a specific month, it will open in a new window, so you can either print directly or store it to computer for later;
  • If you need a smaller size than standard US Letter Size (8.5”x11”), you can reduce the print size.

Price: FREE

September 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

September 2021 calendar template has a beautiful plant design and comes supplied with a planner and a separate section for notes. Feel free to use this set of free calendar templates 2021 for a number of purposes. You can use it as a regular monthly planner or meal planner, bill tracker, etc. This set comes packed with a daily planner to help you keep your errands in order. If you like what you see, you can download this calendar template 2021 to print it out. All pages are !00% print-ready and have 8.5″x11″ dimensions to put them on US Letter Size paper.

Price: FREE

October 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

Here’s a lovely October 2021 calendar template with a planner, notes and to-do sections. It comes as one of the 12 free calendar templates 2021. What’s cool about this particular calendar is that it has holidays marked on it, so you won’t miss any important dates and celebrations. All of the calendar pages are 100% print-ready, so don’t hesitate to check them out.

Price: FREE

December 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

You won’t find any floral patterns in this December 2021 calendar template, just minimalism and functionality. This item has a festive color scheme, so it’s not as boring as you think. Still, it includes a daily planner and a notes section to keep your dates and plans in order. This item is one of the 12 monthly planners making a free calendar template 2021. Please mind,these are for personal use only, however you can print out an unlimited number of copies to give them to your friends and family. All pages are 100% print-ready and come in US Letter Size (8.5″x11″).

Price: FREE

Premium Calendar Templates 2021

136 Calendar slides: PPT, PPTX, KEY, PSD, EPS, AI

January 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

Business people prefer to keep monthly planners in front of their eyes. So, an eye-catching desk calendar will become a great way to remind its user of important dates and events. This Desk Calendar 2021 offers 12 calendar pages from January 2021 calendar template to December 2021 calendar template. The download package contains INDD CC and IDML (CS4+) files with PDF Preview. Sunday and Monday week start options are offered. Please mind, if you want your final calendar design look exactly like the demo template, install Modern Pictograms and Montserrat fonts on your computer.

Key Features:

Cover page
Size 210×148 mm (5 mm bleeds)
CMYK colors
Print ready
Fully editable
Layers, swatches, paragraph styles

Price: $9

February 2021 calendar template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

How about a February 2021 calendar template with a planner? Wall Calendar 2021 is quite handy as it doesn’t occupy a lot of space, and you have more room to fill with important dates and events. In the download package, you get a 100% customizable layered InDesign template (.INDD CC + .IDML) with PDF preview. Please mind, if you want your final calendar design look exactly like the demo template, install Modern Pictograms, Roboto, and Chunk Five fonts on your computer. The download package offers two calendar styles – Poster and Booklet.

Cover page + 12 monthly calendar pages
Size A3 / 17”x11”
Image + calendar on the same page

Cover page + 28 monthly calendar pages
Size A4 / 8.5”x11”
Image + calendar on the same page

Price: $12

November 2021 Calendar Template

BEST Calendar Templates 2019 To Promote Your Business

Looking for November calendar template to present your business partners or put on the wall in your office? For a very reasonable price, you get a Wall Calendar InDesign Template. The download package contains INDD CC and IDML (CS4+) files with PDF Preview. Sunday and Monday week start options in size A3 and Tabloid. Please mind, if you want your final calendar design look exactly like the demo template, install Montserrat font on your computer. Feel free to use this calendar template for commercial purposes. Place your logo, contact information and corporate images into the template.

Pirce: $9

2021 Watercolor Calendar

Price: $18

April is perhaps the most beautiful month of the year. Everything is blossoming and you feel like you want to remember every single minute, hour, and day of this beautiful month. Well, this fancy watercolor calendar is definitely a good tool to keep in mind all the great moments that April 2021 will bring you. So go ahead and take a good hard look at this baby.

Moon Calendar

Price: $100

If May with its pouring rains and thunderstorms makes you feel kind of spiritual and connected to nature and space, then you will probably want to check out this moon calendar. This very calendar comes in light and dark versions, so it will no doubt fit your home or office interior and even make it fancier. So if you are looking for something spiritual and simply dope, this is definitely the way to go for you.

Lettering Calendar Creator 2021

Price: $14

The first month of summer is as anticipated, bright, and joyous as this very calendar creator. This is a huge set of clipart elements, lettering compositions, frames, pre-made calendar layouts, and patterns that will help you create your own unique calendar for June. Well, start creating your unforgettable summertime moments with your very own calendar.

2021 Calendar: doodles

Price: $17

July is hot and full of joy just like these calendar doodles. Mid-summer is the very time to forget about your job and other adulthood responsibilities and finally treat yourself with a travel. Well, this lovely calendar will surely become handy for counting down the days until the vacation you have been dreaming of throughout the entire year. So get this cute friend and start planning your dream vacation now.

Wall Calendar

Price: $15

August is the month when most people get back to their work, studies, or just start preparing for autumn. Well, not much is happening during the last month of summer, which means that it is pretty easy to lose the count of time. Well, at least for those who don’t have this lovely wall calendar. So go ahead and get one, if you don’t want to get lost in the infinite time flow.

Calendars For Your Own Design

Price: $9

Well, wake me up when September ends? The first month of autumn might be a little bit depressive, yet there is actually no valid reason to feel blue during this marvelous season. If you still don’t think that anything can put you in a better mood in September, then have a look at this cute calendar. Yes, you can create your own special calendar that will remind you about the things that make you happy every day. So go ahead and give it a shot.

Forest Calendar Template

Price: $21

The Spooky Season is finally here! Just face it, no matter how much you might hate autumn and no matter how severe your autumn depression is, you love the Spooky Season. Well, I can’t imagine a better way to count down the days till Halloween than with Forest calendar template. So keep your eye on the time with this fancy calendar in order not to forget to get a cool Halloween costume.

Calendar Template

Price: $14

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day (yes, it actually exists), November is full of holidays and just cool events you want to keep a track of. Well, certainly such a classy calendar will definitely help you to do that. So use this very calendar and you will never miss any Black Friday sales or cool holidays.

Cute Calendar Planner

Price: $48

Finally, the Holiday Season is here. What can be more fascinating, magical, and bewitching than December? Well, pretty much nothing except for this marvelous calendar template. So count down the days till Christmas and simply enjoy the magic of the Holiday Season with this very template.

Calendar Templates FAQ

Where can I get calendar templates?

You can find a wide selection of these templates at such marketplaces as CreativeMarket or try to look for a bundle at MasterBundles.

Free of premium?

This choice completely depends on your budget. If you can afford a premium template, then go ahead and get it. But if you cannot, free one will perfectly work for you as well.

Where can a get a template on a discount?

MasterBundles is a great platform that offers regular discounts and special deals, so go ahead and check it out.

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