40+ Aesthetic June Calendar Templates 2023

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The most exciting days of the year are coming! We can’t wait anymore for summer, so we can find a new swimming suit, buy SPF sunblock cream, get to know the best ice cream man in the neighborhood, and download aesthetic June calendar templates. All of these things will bring you a real summer mood.

The first three things you can do on your own. The fourth one needs a different approach. Thus, we decided to take on this task for you. In this post, you will find 40 June calendar templates for different tastes – cute, minimalist, blank, Pride, etc. Keep on reading!

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Blank June Calendar Templates

Stay organized and keep track of all your upcoming events with our blank calendar for June templates, suitable for personal or professional use. Download and print now for a simple and effective way to manage your schedule!

Beige Pink Minimalist Floral Calendar

June calendar with beige flower photo.

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With a minimalist design and pink floral pattern over a beige background, this option is one of the best choices. The June aesthetic calendar is clear and easy to read, making it perfect for organizing appointments and important dates.

June Blank Calendar

June calendar with sun pattern and space for notes.

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This option presents a beautiful and simple design! And with enough space for jotting down notes, it’s perfect for keeping track of important meetings and events all month long.

Green Pink Tropical June 2023 Monthly Calendar

Calendar for June framed by flowers and green leaves.

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Looking for a refreshing and tropical way to organize your schedule? With ample space for writing down appointments and reminders, this eye-catching design is perfect for busy schedules.

Beige Cream Scrapbook Printable June month calendar

June calendar in a stylish scrapbook design in beige and cream.

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Next, with plenty of space for writing down plans and a stylish scrapbook design in beige and cream, this design gives it a cozy and inviting feel perfect for any workspace or home office.

Bee Template

June calendar with drawing of the bee.

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This funny bee template provides a great overview of the month ahead and the simple black-and-yellow color scheme makes it perfect for any setting.

Cute June Calendar Templates

Add a little bit of fun to your organization with our collection of cute printable June calendars, featuring colorful and playful designs, tailored towards anyone who appreciates something unique and cheerful.

Blue Illustrated Calendar

Calendar for june sun with a blue background and drawings of drinks in glasses.

button for dowload.

June is a month of sun and cocktails and this beautiful free June calendar will remind you of all these exciting days during this month.

White and Green Playful Illustration June 2023 Monthly Calendar

Calendar for June with a picture of tourists on the background of the Eiffel Tower.

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With its unique travel illustrations, clear layout, and ample space for jotting down notes, this option is perfect for organizing your schedule with creativity and style.

Green Abstract Blob June 2023 Calendar

June calendar with green background and drawings of lemon slices.

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This template features a unique and stylish design in green, depicting lime fruits that give it an abstract flair.

Creamy Yellow Childish Printable Calendar for June

Calendar for June with a cream background and a picture of a girl with a bird on her head.

button for dowload.

This option features a playful and childish design in creamy yellow, perfect for brightening up any workspace or home office.

Soft Pink Quirky Floral Boho Calendar 2023

Calendar for June with drawings of twigs and a place for notes with a pink background.

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Want something cute and girlish, with a lot of space to write down notes? This design is your choice!

June LGBT Pride Month Calendar Templates

Get ready to celebrate Pride Month in style with our colorful and vibrant LGBT Pride Month calender for June, designed to showcase your support for the LGBTQ+ community while keeping you organized and on track.

Whether you are attending events or simply want to show your pride at work or at home, our collection offers a variety of exclusive designs to choose from.

Pride Month Calendar

June calendar with gnome pattern and rainbow colored stickers.

button for dowload.

With a rainbow-colored background, space to write in important dates, and a heartwarming “Happy Pride Month” message, this June monthly calendar is the perfect way to show your support and keep track of your schedule at the same time.

Summer Pride

June calendar with rainbow pattern on background.

button for dowload.

Need something with blank spaces? This option includes all the days of the month of June, with each day represented in a rectangular box with enough space to jot down important notes and appointments.

LGBT Pride Month Planner

Calendar for June with a pattern of gnomes and rainbow colors.

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Whether you want to use it for personal or professional reasons, this option is also the perfect way to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community while staying organized.

Rainbow Blank Template

Minimalist calendar for june with rainbow pattern.

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Looking for something less colorful? This blank calendar with white background and small rainbow is your go-to choice!

LGBT Pride Month

June calendar with rainbow drawings.

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Finally, whether you need an editable June calendar for work, school, or personal use, this printable option is a practical and convenient choice for those who want to support LGBTQ+ community.

Free Printable June Calendar Templates with Holidays (2023)

Plan your summer in style with our collection of free printable June calendar templates with holidays, featuring a comprehensive list of important dates to help you get organized and plan ahead.

Sunny Template

June calendar with a pattern of two suns on the clouds.

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Beautiful sunny template with a lot of spaces to write down the notes and remember the most important dates in June.

Colorful Calendar with Holidays

June calendar with holidays.

button for dowload.

This next option features all the June holidays and events, both US and non-US, in a colorful and fun design.

Eucalyptus June PDF Calendar

June calendar with eucalyptus leaves.

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This unique design with eucalyptus leaves will be a great addition to your summer dΓ©cor, and the ample spacing allows you to write down your important dates.

Blank Template with Holidays

June calendar with holidays and major dates.

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If you need something more official and succinct, this option is the best one for you!

Beautiful Roses

June calendar with holidays and drawings of roses.

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Make your June even more beautiful with this stylish option featuring lovely roses and a lot of space to write down notes and remember important days.

Best Free June Wallpapers

Add a touch of style and inspiration to your desktop or mobile device this June with our collection of cute June wallpapers, featuring high-quality and downloadable designs suitable for any screen size.

Calendar Desk 2023

June calendar and big red alarm clock next to it.

button for dowload.

Beautiful, modern wallpaper with a calendar design and a red clock that will add a unique and personalized touch to your digital workspace.

Flower Pot June Wallpaper

Red calendar for June and succulent in a pot next to it.

button for dowload.

If you need something a bit girly, this wallpaper with a tiny flower pot should be your go-to choice!

Blank Wallpaper

June calendar and a pen next to it on a yellow table.

button for dowload.

For office workers who don’t need too much color in their backgrounds, this blank wallpaper is perfect!

2023 June Calendar On Desk

June calendar, pen, paper clips and keyboard on the table.

button for dowload.

If you like the idea of having an office calendar but don’t have enough space for one, this wallpaper is your best bet!

The June 2023 desk calendar

June calendar, pen, pink alarm clock on blue table.

button for dowload.

And if you prefer a more girly design, this option with a pink clock and calendar on the blue background will be a great choice.

June 2023 Calendar on Purple Background

Desk calendar for june on a pink background.

button for dowload.

Looking for something more stylish? This design with a purple background and clean layout should do the trick!

Calendar for June 2023

Desk calendar for June against the background of flowers in white pots.

button for dowload.

For those who love plants, this wallpaper with a cute pot and a clean beige layout is just perfect!

The June 2023 calendar desk and pink orchid

Desk calendar for June on a background of pink orchids.

button for dowload.

This one is for those who love plants and girly designs. The June 2023 calendar desk with a pink orchid will look great on your desktop and help you stay organized!

June 2023 Calendar Isolated on Blue Background

Desk calendar for June with a red base on a blue background.

button for dowload.

This option is preferable for men. The blue background and clear layout will help you stay organized and make sure you don’t miss any important dates!

Table calendar with customizable space

Desk calendar for june on a wooden table.

button for dowload.

Finally, if you need more space and customization options, this desk option with customizable space is your go-to choice! With it, you can easily jot down all your important dates and never forget anything ever again.


So, we have finished our collection of aesthetic June calendar templates for 2023. We hope that you found something you like. May your summer be very bright and joyful!

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