8 Editable Calendar Templates To Keep Track Of Important Dates and Events

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By: Jim Harding November 6, 2018 13 minutes
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Graphics designers are constantly looking for ways to make their workflow as smooth as possible. This is especially important when you’re involved in promo materials design. Working out the concept and layouts for corporate calendars, posters, and other point-of-sales materials might take up plenty of time and effort. So, editable calendar templates can be a real timesaver.

How To Find The Best Editable Calendar Template?

Creative process is not easy, as designers have to play with all kinds of options to find what suits best for their clients. Branded calendars must reflect the message a business wants to convey to its target audience. Finding a business calendar template that can be easily customized for one’s need, is crucial. Credible graphic resources providers like MasterBundles can offer a variety of templates and design elements for any budget.

Looking for a niche item? A workout calendar template or an event calendar template? Or maybe, you’re a marketer searching for a social media calendar template or a marketing calendar template? Purchasing a multipurpose calendar template is a clever investment no matter the purpose. To make the task a bit easier, we’ve taken the time to put together a collection of editable calendar templates 2019. Check them out!

2019 Printable Business Calendar Template

If you’re searching for an attractive business calendar template to turn it into a full-blown promo material for our venture, this item might be exactly what you need. This calendar mockup will perfectly fit the needs of photographers, designers, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs. So, creating an attractive promo material to sell or present to clients won’t be a problem. This 2019 printable business calendar template arrives with an extended license. Feel free to use it for both personal and commercial purposes without limit.

Owing to an impressive discount, this item costs only $9. Still, for this money, you will get a bundle of high-resolution JPG and PNG files supplied with PDF previews. This business calendar template allows inserting images, artwork, and design elements. All in all, this template is a multipurpose option for business projects of all kinds.

8.5×11” – US letter;
Editable to any preferable size;
Two font options (black and white);
Monday and Sunday week start versions;
Calendar contains 12 months (January to December 2019).

Price: 64% OFF – $9 only

Academic Planner School Calendar Template

If you need a multipage school calendar template, you might want to take a closer look at Academic Planner. Please mind, this item may not suit people with little experience with Adobe InDesign. However, if you know your way around InDesign, customizing the template won’t be an issue.

This is a bit more than basic school calendar template, but rather an organizer to help students arrange their academic and social life. The download package contains page templates for organizing assignments, group projects, tests, and grades. Month and week layouts have been added. Feel free to modify the styles, change fonts, alter the text, play with the default layout, etc. In the package, you get:

137 school calendar page layouts;
Syllabus Information;
Weekly Class Schedule;
Trackers (study buddies, group projects, assignments, grades);
Worksheets (important dates, best week ever);

Price: $19

2019 Event Calendar Template + Planner

Looking for an event calendar template or an event planner? Take a look at this bundle including 12 calendar templates, 12 weekly planners and 12 monthly planners for 2019. In the download package, you get artsy pocket, desk, and wall calendar page layouts decorated with trendy patterns. This item can come in handy for taking notes, writing reminders and planning events. Also, the printouts can serve as a catchy design element. This bundle includes 36 eps10 files and 77 PDF files (print-ready, 300 dpi).

Price: $18

Year Wall Planner Event Calendar Template

Are you one of those people who like keeping information in front of their eyes? Then, this Year Wall Planner will serve as a great event calendar template for 2019. It will help to keep track of all important dates and events, as it has a well-thought layout. You can use vacant spaces to make reminders about birthdays, anniversaries, special dates, and appointments. All months are arranged in horizontal columns, so having the whole year on one page is extremely handy. In the download package, you get:

Spectacular wall calendar layout in A3 format;
100% customizable Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop files;
High resolution InDesign files, 300dpi;
Free fonts (Open Sans, Amatic);

Take note, this 2019 event calendar template pdf file is print-ready, so you can put in on paper at a print shop. Feel free to customize the initial design for any need and purpose.

Price: $9

Marketing Calendar Template

Most marketing professionals base their work on a calendar. So, a free editable marketing calendar template from SearchEngineJournal will come in handy. It contains all the dates to plan your marketing activities ahead of time. You will find a Google spreadsheet and Google calendar template with dates and events for each quarter. All you need is make a copy to your drive to add or delete the events that don’t fit your marketing strategy. This tool will suit marketers with little experience and experienced professionals likewise.

Price: FREE

2019 Social Media Calendar Template

Working out a social media marketing strategy is impossible without a detailed calendar of your social network activities. Bloggers and web-based business owners will find this tool extremely useful for planning their posts across multiple social networks. This social media calendar template includes popular holidays and observances celebrated worldwide. It focuses on topics like small business, creativity, food, wellness. The template is geared for storing your content ideas as well as providing you with the new ones. See the HubSpot tutorial if you want to learn how to make social media calendar template. In the bundle, you’ll get:

2019 monthly planner;
2 page templates per month + space for daily content plan;
24 print-ready monthly planner pages;
Popular holidays & observances;
Scalable size (A4, US letter);
Monday (A4) and Sunday (US letter) week start;
6 color schemes;

Price: $9

Workout Calendar Template

Lazybones know how hard going to the gym can be. Still, by logging your workout progress using a workout calendar template, you can get motivated to continue exercising and keeping fit. This exercise and workout calendar template is pretty basic. It has the goals section plus and a weekly planner for making notes. It also has before/after section to help you track the progress. Grab this fitness calendar template for free and make workout logs with pleasure!

Price: FREE

Workout Calendar Template

If you’re a designer looking for a customizable workout calendar template compatible with Adobe Photoshop, pay attention to this item. This fitness planner calendar template will help you track workouts, weight, and measurements. With its help, you can put together a menu and set your fitness goals. The bundle contains well-layered PSD files alongside with JPG and PNG mock-ups. They come in 8.5×11” format, completely print-ready. Please mind, these templates are compatible with Adobe Photoshop, so you must be quite apt at using this graphics software. Below you will find the types of files included in the bundle:

daily, weekly, and monthly workout calendar templates;
to-do lists and goals pages;
meal tracker;
weekly and monthly results pages;
divider and/or cover page

Price: $5

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