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Photography is a product that surrounds us everywhere. It has gone far beyond banners, advertisements, books, and business cards. Social media has created a cult of photography. Every page owner wants to make their pictures eye-catching, stylish, and unique. This helps to gain likes, become more popular, and attract multiple followers. For many years now, the trend for photo editing has been increasing. Previously, only Adobe Photoshop was chosen for this purpose, but now Lightroom has come to the rescue. This program allows you to create extraordinary and interesting effects for photos. Lightroom has a lot of plugins, so-called presets, which facilitate the work on image editing. Sure, you can Google “lightroom plugins download,” but why do that when our collection of products is already here and ready to go? These are ready-made tools from which you can copy the preset settings and apply them to process your photo. The file can contain all the standard settings: white balance, brightness, shadows, exposure, and other custom adjustments.

What is Lightroom and the Best Lightroom Plugins?

Adobe Lightroom was originally developed for photographers and tested by experienced professionals who gave feedback to Adobe Systems and suggested what needed to be done to make it easier for photographers to work. Their work was not in vain. Today, most users just start with this program, because it opens up a huge opportunity to configure even the most simple and boring pictures. There’s no need to look any further.
Since Lightroom was created for professionals, it is not a cut-down basic functions version. It is a completely separate package, which in fact represents the converter of files in RAW format, which functionally corresponds to the module Camera RAW, but the tools are arranged in a different order to which, once you get used to them, you start to treat as native. Lightroom, for all the simplicity of the whole package and its understanding, is nevertheless quite a powerful program that includes features such as a gradient filter, “patch,” and spot filter, which can be drawn on the image as a template and applied locally to any of the standard LR settings. With each new release, Lightroom expands its powerful vector editing capabilities. If that is not enough to keep you satisfied, luckily there are plenty of third-party Illustrator add-ons to help you save time and add some sparkle to the design. All plugin filters work in Lightroom with a copy of the file, to which they can make changes directly. Lightroom plugins are great products that save time and give an awesome result. Especially, because we have a lot of amazing web solutions in our collection.

What are the Benefits of Using Lightroom Plugins & Add-ons by MasterBundles?

Ease of use and convenient program interface

Many users think that you must have Photoshop to process images, but it is a very difficult program to learn, especially if you are just starting to work with digital images. Inside Lightroom, you just do the processing right away, and the changes are saved automatically. The workflow for JPEG and RAW is very similar.

Great cataloging tools

Lightroom has powerful tools for finding and cataloging images. This means you can easily find your images even after reinstalling your operating system or moving them to another hard drive or computer.

Powerful processing tools and easy workflow

Once you learn how to work with JPEG files in Lightroom, you can easily switch to shooting RAW images. You may also make many local corrections that are applied to a selected area of the image. There are so many options in the latest version of Lightroom that you can even save images that were previously considered hopeless to edit.

Lightroom supports many plugins

There are many plugins for Lightroom now, which makes the whole process very convenient. You select the images you want in Lightroom, then stop at a particular plugin and save the image, and then you are done. Lightroom also uses presets. These are stored settings of all sliders and changes that can be applied to an image in a single click. There are literally thousands of paid and free presets for Lightroom.

Saving time

Plugins are a great way to save time on full photo editing. That is, you don’t have to sit for hours selecting the desired adjustments. Just choose the best Adobe Lightroom plugin and apply the settings to the photo.

How to Purchase the Lightroom Plugin

In order to download the product, you need to do the following:

  1. In the collection, select the most suitable option.
  2. Go to the product page and see what kind of presets it includes.
  3. Click the Buy button and go to the next page.
  4. Enter your email and card number.
  5. Go to the download page and get a nice bonus of a funny video of cute kitties.

Our gallery offers a wide range of top Lightroom plugins and extensions. They are used for different purposes, so here you can find everything that will help you create colorful and interesting photos.
Our designers work hard to expand our library with relevant extensions and presets. Our stylish layouts are based on the latest trends and preferences of our clients. We always listen to the needs of our audience and improve the quality of our add-ons and plugins using your feedback. Also, if you are looking for a reliable marketplace to sell your ready-made products, then feel free to contact us. Go to the Sell your deal page right now and share your cool work with our customers!

Lightroom Plugins FAQs

How to install the Lightroom plugin?

To install Lightroom software plugins, first download them from a reliable source. It is best to choose archives with files of the same version as the one installed on the computer. After downloading, unzip the contents. Next, open the program and go to “File” and then to the “Plugins Manager” button. It will open a list of plugins that already exist. Click the “Add” button. Select the folder with the extension .lrplugin. The last step is to press the “Update catalog” button in the popup window.

How to choose the perfect Lightroom plugin?

This is quite easy to do with our marketplace. Feel free to use a filter to narrow down the search. You can specify the price, rating, category, file type, color, etc. Our site will automatically give you relevant answers and you can download the perfect solution.

What are the best Lightroom plugins for Photoshop?

It all depends on your preferences and goals. You can choose a plugin to create a vintage photo, scuff effect, etc. There are many different options in our collection to help bring your creative ideas to life.

Can I use Lightroom plugins for commercial use?

Our products have three types of license: personal, commercial, and extended commercial. Most tools are recommended for personal use.