30+ Best Lightroom Shortcodes To Manage Images

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By: Liza Koenhoven January 15, 2019 5 minutes

Lightroom is a graphic editor designed to facilitate and automate photo processing. In our time, surely, there are many applications for the imposition of various effects, processing, retouching and other improvements of photos. However, if the main task is to process more than 100 photos in the same style, tighten up the white balance, remove splotches, add the same effects, then Lightroom will cope with this task better than any other editor.


And of course, it has a lot of useful things that simplify life. However, not everyone knows them. Therefore, in this article, we have collected 32 most useful shortcodes for helping manage and edit photos. Let’s start!

32 Lightroom Shortcodes

  1. Go to Grid View: keyboard Z.
  2. Go to Develop Module: keyboard D.
  3. Select All Photos: keyboard Ctrl + A (MacOS: Cmd + A).
  4. Select None: keyboard Ctrl + Shift + A (MacOS: Cmd + D / Cmd + Shift + A).
  5. Show / Hide All Panels: keyboard Shift + Tab.
  6. Switch to the compare View, to see to photos side-by-side: keyboard C.
  7. Zoom: keyboard Z.
  8. Add a Flag: keyboard P.
  9. Unflag: keyboard U.
  10. Reject Photo: keyboard X.
  11. Delete All Rejects: keyboard Ctrl + Backspace (MacOS: Cmd + Delete).
  12. Add a Star Raiting: keyboard Number keys 1-5.
  13. Add a Color Label: keyboard 6 – Red, 7 – Yellow, 8 – Green, 9 – Blue.
  14. Edit in Photoshop: keyboard Ctrl + E (MacOS: Cmd + E).
  15. Sync Settings: keyboard Ctrl + Shift + S (MacOS: Cmd + Shift + S).
  16. Copy Settings: keyboard Ctrl + Shift + C (MacOS: Cmd + Shift + C).
  17. Paste Settings: keyboard Ctrl + Shift + V (MacOS: Cmd + Shift + V).
  18. Paste Settings from Previous: keyboard Ctrl + Alt + V (MacOS: Cmd + Opt + V).
  19. Reset All Settings: keyboard Ctrl + Shift + R (MacOS: Cmd + Shift + R).
  20. New Preset: keyboard Ctrl + Shift + N (MacOS: Cmd + Shift + N).
  21. Toggle Before / After (shows the image without adjustments): keyboard \.
  22. Reset Crop: keyboard Ctrl + Alt+ R (MacOS: Cmd + Opt + R).
  23. Crop As Shot: keyboard Ctrl + Alt+ Shift + R (MacOS: Cmd + Opt + Shift + R).
  24. Crop from Center of Photo: keyboard Alt while dragging (MacOS: Opt while dragging).
  25. Brush Size: keyboard [ – smaller, ] – larger.
  26. Brush Feather: keyboard Shift +[, Shift+].
  27. Export Image: keyboard Ctrl + Shift + E (MacOS: Cmd + Shift + E).
  28. Toggle Black and White: keyboard V.
  29. Go to Crop Tool: keyboard R.
  30. Constrain Aspect Ratio: keyboard A.
  31. White Balance Eye Dropper: keyboard W.
  32. Adjustment Brush: keyboard K.

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Final Word

That’s it – now you have 32 useful shortcodes for managing and editing images. I hope it will help you not once:) If you want to add something to this collection, write your comments down below.

Author: Liza Koenhoven

Liza is Masterbundles’ CMO and copywriter, passionate about black coffee, writing and Depeche Mode. She does her best to deliver you the most valuable deals on the web. Write to [email protected].com if you want to talk or publish your article. Facebook

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Anan F.
Anan F.

I’m not sure these are the best shortcodes. But I hope you won’t forget this article and will replenish it regularly and someday there will be collected really cool lightroom shortcodes. While I bookmark it for the future.


Thank you for this cool selection of lightroom shortcodes. I hope that it will compete with new players on functionality.