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What are Symbol fonts? These are one of the four standard fonts available on all electronic calculating machines. Initially, this script includes the Greek alphabet as well as a set of frequently used mathematical symbols. The main purpose of this typeface is to be a set of mathematical expressions. Check out our growing collection of unique graphics and create amazing projects with them.

Symbol Fonts Table

Symbol font style Where to use?
Symbol Font Initially, the character typeface was only used to type mathematical expressions. But now there are dozens, if not hundreds, of variations of it. It can be easily used in any project. You can apply it for any design, banner, or even for ordinary lettering. We can conclude that it is used for every need and every purpose.


What is the best symbol font?

The best symbol font is a standard font that contains the Greek alphabet and other characters for working with mathematical phrases. If you are working on, for example, a Microsoft Word document and need to write an equation, it would be difficult to do it without this typeface.

Can you use these symbol fonts for commercial use?

Yes. We have scripts in our collection with different licenses. The commercial version is preferred, as it gives you more options to work with.

How do I add a Symbol font to Word?

  1. The first thing you need to do is to download the typeface files. They are most often distributed in archives, where several font variants can be in the same folder.
  2. All scripts available on your computer are stored in the folder C:\Windows\Fonts. You can drag and drop downloaded scripts there, and they will be automatically installed on your operating system.
  3. The installed typefaces will automatically appear in the Word font list.

How can I sell my own font?

You are free to sell your amazing graphics on MasterBundles marketplace. Fill out the form, upload the product, its image, and specify the different criteria, and then you can share your exclusive items with our clients.