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What fonts can be used for tattooing?

The web is filled with numerous graphic design resources that incessantly offer multiple fonts packages. They are of different appearance, style, emotional meaning, and purpose. They may seem harsh and massive, or neat and elegant, among many other variations. Which of those to apply when tattooing a heartfelt phrase, will depend solely on your specific needs and preferences. What kind of person are you? What kind of lifestyle do you lead? What do you like and what do you dislike? Those are the questions to answer before making a final decision on tattoo style.
Long story short, in general, any typeface you like can be used for creating a tattoo sketch.

Are tattoo fonts always handwritten?

No, definitely not. Since one should select according to individual requirements, the chosen typeface can be either regular or hand drawn—or a combination of both. Nevertheless, the handwriting style probably takes the place of the most favorite to the majority of people. Maybe it is due to their laconic looks or maybe due to the fact they tend to mimic actual written pieces. The precise reason for this is not exactly known.

What can a tattoo font say about a person?

Be it a professional designer or an amateur, everyone is aware that fonts always convey a particular mood or meaning. Therefore, one has to consider the underlying theme when selecting a future tattoo lettering category.
Serif symbols refer to old classics, formality, conservatism, delicacy, and antiqueness.
Sans serif characters relate to modern style, vitality, rebelliousness, informality, and strength.
Script typefaces stand for elegance, gothic style, youth, creativity, delicacy, and cheerfulness.