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Responsive Landing Page Templates by MasterBundles

At its core, a real and properly designed landing page urges the user to do something in almost all cases. Whether it is to sign up for some kind of newsletter or check out a presentation. On the whole, the thing is really worthwhile and handy. This is a tool that works in combination with other marketing instruments and can greatly facilitate the life of the business. In most cases, these resources are aimed at a narrow audience.

They are quite effective when it comes to sales, information, newsletter sign ups, etc. Landing pages are quite strong. These are simplicity, high conversion rate as it targets a specific audience, fast loading and low cost. If you have a business or your work involves people, you will definitely benefit from a landing page.


As a rule, landing pages are created for the needs of contextual advertising, so the platforms present information in such a way that the visitor can focus on it. MasterBundles adaptive landing page templates make it easy to create highly convertible pages in WordPress and other website builders without the need for design expertise.

Instead of downloading a new WordPress theme to suit the needs of your small business website, you can use our adaptive website templates. And with themes, you are free to customize the page.

With our templates you can really go above and beyond. As you can see, web templates are simply everywhere this year. Even quite big and serious companies are choosing to use them for their websites. The key feature of our templates is high quality and proper functionality. These products are also easily adaptable. You can freely customise the page, every pixel and every shade on it to your preferences.

These templates do not contain any code. It means that the user gets their web project right out of the box without having to write any code line, which is quite handy. Moreover, the product contains all the key options and stylish design elements at once. When you purchase any ready-made theme, you will immediately notice the highest quality plugins, which will definitely make you happy.

High-Conversion Landing Page

What is a high-conversion landing page?

First of all, this is achieved by using the most impressive elements. It is a page you just do not want to leave, a page that draws you in with its uniqueness. For starters, it is a powerful and beautiful image or video related to the business, for example. Where the benefits of use are immediately obvious. Then, a single call to action aimed at customer interaction. Make it easy to navigate, and avoid distracting the customer with useless links.

A value offering and persuasion with a headline or subheading is another step on such a page. Point out the benefit to the consumer and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Also, on a high conversion page, you will certainly have to specify the features by focusing on the advantages. The final touch on such pages is testimonials or other social proof. People are more likely to take advantage of an offer if they see how others have done it.

It seems a little complicated, doesn’t it? But with the help of our high conversion landing page templates, you can easily handle such a difficult task.

A landing page on your website should encourage new visitors to take certain actions when they arrive at it. This is an effective solution for attracting potential customers for online businesses.

For example, you can use a landing page to ask people to:

  • fill in an application form;
  • leave contact details;
  • make a purchase or contract a service;
  • sign up for some kind of webinar;
  • download a presentation;
  • request an estimate.

A well-designed landing page persuades more people to take the action you want them to take, helping you increase conversion rates.

Our designers work hard to expand our product collection with appropriate extensions. The design is based on topics and top trends as well as users’ preferences. We always listen to the needs of our audience and improve the quality of our add-ons using their valuable feedback.

And if you want to sell your add-ons or plug-ins go to the Sell your deal page.

Landing Page Templates FAQ

How to buy landing page templates?

On MasterBundles you can do this very easily and simply. Our website has a special filter that you can use to choose what you need. For example, specify that you want landing page templates html type. You can also choose an appropriate price, color scheme, rating, etc. Our platform automatically shows the most suitable products according to your requirements.

What are the best landing page templates?

All the templates on our website are of very high quality because they have been chosen and made with the satisfaction of our clients in mind. So, the choice of the best product depends on your taste.

Why do we need templates for landing pages?

Ready-made landing page templates are needed to quickly launch a new product, service, its promotion with an LP-page or mobile app, or the user’s motivation to register/ subscribe to a newsletter. For a landing page, user-friendliness and ease of use with the right layout of conversion elements are essential. Modern sales templates are designed with the goal of creating an adaptive website with a high conversion rate.

How to edit website landing page templates ?

To edit templates, you’ll need any code editor you like, such as Sublime Text or Notepad++. If you are using a psd template, you can easily edit it in Photoshop.

What are website templates?

Website templates are ready-made HTML and CSS templates, which provide a structure and web design to your website. The best website templates often come with layouts for menus and navigation. You can easily change elements like image blocks, logos, and others to customize your template and create a unique website.

Can I technically use one premium theme bought through MasterBundles on multiple domains?

When you buy a website template, they are adaptive and customizable. You can easily use the theme on multiple domains. When purchasing a ready website template package you will immediately notice the highest quality plugins which work great on multiple domains.

Is it really good to use free or premium templates for a blogger?

Premium website templates are key elements for a blogger, as they offer custom solutions and save a lot of time spent creating different types of pages. Cheap website templates used on a page don’t draw you in, but unique custom-made premium web templates give a powerful impression. With templates, it’s easier to structure and optimize the content, so it’s relevant to your target audience.

How to download a premium website template?

When you choose a premium web page template to download, you will have to purchase it first. Then you can download it and the professional website template will be launched on your computer. Modern web templates are fast loading, and low-cost. The website layouts are simple to use.