30+ Best Free Landing WordPress Themes. Start Earning On Selling Bundles Even If You Are A Non-Techie

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June 15, 2020 March 8, 2022 18 min
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Free Landing WordPress Themes. Landing page is an essential part of any startup. In fact, it is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to find out whether your business is worth further investments or not as well as to attract the first clients and customers. Moreover, many huge companies such as Spotify or Airbnb started with MVP versions of their websites and applications, which proves that creating a simple landing page instead of a fully-functional website is a method that actually works. Thus, a landing page is the ultimate cheap solution for pretty much any startup founder and a free landing page theme is the best possible way to create one.

What might be the most appealing to you is the fact that you can actually earn money on your free landing page. For instance, with the help of the MasterBundles Affiliate Program, you can utilize the best graphic products and surprisingly make money on that. This very loyalty program is the best way to save a whole bunch of money and get a professional landing page, so leave all your doubts behind and give it a try.

MasterBundles feature a great variety of tools that allow selling web products using affiliate program. Yet, the web users found it quite challenging to discover the instrument that would help to build a self-filling websites attracting the clients without any coding knowledge. True till the current moment. Today, the tool has been released.

How To Create A Website Allowing You To Sell Bundles And Graphics?

To get the site look like http://www.freecouponsites.org, all you have to do is just:

Free Landing Page WordPress Theme to Start Online Business

What parts do the website consists of?

  1. Header
  2. Template selection
  3. Popular categories
  4. The best themes of the year in a specific edition
  5. Popular categories (selected from the list)
  6. Blog posts about web design
  7. Text block
  8. Clients’ testimonials
  9. Block with the advantages
  10. Selecting elements for website building
  11. Q&A
  12. Feedback form
  13. Contacts

Zero Block. Header

Navigate to Admin panel. Here you can edit header image, website name, and menu items. The last ones can lead to both, inner page blocks and outer links.

Once done with the main header settings and form sending email, move on to blocks filling.

First Block. Template selection

Second Block. Popular categories (set by user)

Third Block. The best themes of the year in a specific edition

Fourth Block. Popular categories (selected from the list)

Fifth Block. Blog posts about web design

Sixth Block. Text block

Seventh Block. Clients’ testimonials

Eighth Block. Block with the advantages

Ninth Block. Selecting elements for website building

Tenth Block. Q&A

Eleventh Block. Feedback form

Twelfth Block. Contacts

To edit headers and the logic of the block, go to Page in Admin panel and select Index page. Once done, you will see the following:

Block title should correspond to an above-mentioned structure. All you have to do to see what you can edit is just open up the blocks. Let’s consider it by the example of the first block:

Here you can change block heading and link name after a text in this block.

Let’s also consider the seventh block with the testimonials:

Here you can add new testimonials or sort out the existing ones. Editing is similarly easy and intuitive for all blocks.

Within the second block, you can apply images, add links, and set categories name.

Now, let’s move on to an autocomplete.

1, 3, 5, 9, 10 block are self-filling. To activate them, all you have to do is just go to Blog Posts and click Add New button.

Here you can add title and description, and apply the image on you own. In addition, you can process all details from MasterBundles, MotoCMS, TemplateMonster which offer great options for selling design bundles, deals, templates, ready-made websites including Admin, and complementary web elements. To proceed with parsing, insert URL address in the appropriate box and click the self-titled button.

Once done, you’ll get the following complete post.

The text can be edited and inserted into the block you prefer. Furthermore, you can release the posts immediately or set a schedule for them. That being said, you are able to schedule your posts for a year ahead and your website will be updated independently.

If you select no blocks while building a website, you’ll get an internal page with a different design. Nevertheless, you can always link it to any of the blocks by inserting URL of the inner page to a parsing space.

If you want to apply Q&A to your site, go to Admin panel, find FAQ section, and hit Add New button. You should add a question to a title box, while applying the answer to a text field. In addition, you can set a schedule for Q&A release, so FAQ section will be constantly updated.

You can see the final product by following the link: http://www.freecouponsites.org.

You can make your site look like http://www.freecouponsites.org without tedious customizations. First of all, you have to do some preparation:

Preparation is half of all the deal, so now you are ready to start the website installation. Open your hosting settings panel and find the FTP data. It will look like that:

Open FileZilla and enter the FTP data. After you press the “Quickconnect” button, the right side of the window will show you the files that are stored on your hosting. Open the “public_html” folder and delete all the files you find there.

Open the archive with the website you recently downloaded and unpack it. There will be a “wp” folder – open it and copy all the files stored in it to the empty “public_html” folder on the FileZilla. Just drag-and-drop them there.

Turn back to your hosting control panel and create a new database. Save or remember the database name, the name of the user and the password.

In the FileZilla client, on the side of hosting, in the “public_html” folder find the “wp-config.php” file and open it. Change the DB_NAME, DB_USER, and DB_PASSWORD to the database name, the name of the user and password of your newly created database. Don’t forget to save the file.

Take a look to the unpacked archive you downloaded and find the “en_masterbundles_landing.sql” file. Open it with Notepad++ and find the 59s row. Replace the URL written there to the URL of your new website. Repeat that action for all places that URL is mentioned with the “Replace all” function. And once again – don’t forget to save.

Go to your hosting and open a new database. Click the name of the database, go to the “Import” tab and click the “Choose File” button. Pick the freshly updated .sql file and download it to the database.

That’s all, folks! The website is now downloaded and it looks just like the FreeCouponSites. To enter the administrative dashboard type https://yoursite.com/wp-admin/ to the browser search bar. The login will be “admin” and the password – “masterbundles2019”.

What Way Can You Earn Money?

Do you still wonder how you can earn money building a website with free themes? Let me tell you. All external references including the ones you use for parsing and blocks filling can be affiliate links from MasterBundles system.

Where To Get An Archive With MasterBundles Best Free Landing WordPress Theme?

By following the link, you will be able to download the archive file with a MasterBundles theme. It will look like http://www.freecouponsites.org website, though, you can completely change it and create your own site. Yet, learn the original content first, it will help you better understand the template. If you still have any inquiries, feel free to leave them in the comments below and we will be surely answer them.

Real Estate Landing Page Template

This very landing page template is a freebie that has pretty much all the features of a premium product. The template has a modern minimalist design that will no doubt attract the attention of thousands of users. In addition to that, the theme is super easy to use and you don’t have to be a professional developer in order to figure out how things work.

Best Real Estate Landing Page Template. Free Download in 2020

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

The template has all the necessary for building a decent website features, including fully responsive design, cross-browser compatibility, and many more. Besides, it has great customer reviews as well, which proves that this very freebie is actually worth your attention. Well, do not waste your time and get this template now, you will never regret it.

Top 30 Free Landing WordPress Themes 2020

Portfolio Gallery

Minimalist and classy, this one will definitely perfectly work for you, so leave all your doubts behind and give it a try.


BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

A fully responsive option that will serve as a great landing page for your app, so make sure to check it out.

Education LMS

A simply stunning option for your educational portal, so if you are thinking of launching such a website, go ahead and try out this very freebie.


BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

This one is a perfect solution for travel agencies as well as environment protection organizations. Well, just go ahead and give it a try, it’s worth a shot.

VW Mobile App

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Another decent solution for your mobile application, so without further ado, give it a shot.

Buzz Agency

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

A playful and colorful freebie that will no doubt win your heart.

InstaAppointment Lite

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

One more professional option, which you are definitely going to like, so find some time to check this one out.


BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

The very theme that will simply take your breath away, so why don’t you give Alchem a chance to prove itself to you?

Elemento Photography by greenturtlelab

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Elemento Photography is another great solution for a travel agency, so if you are planning opening one, go ahead and give this freebie a shot.

Product Landing page by ThemeEverest

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

A marvelous choice for pretty much any sort of landing page.

Landing Pageasy by ThemeEverest

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Beautiful and functional, this very template will definitely be your love at first sight.

Landing Pagency by ThemeEverest

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

One more breathtaking freebie that you surely need in your collection.

Foresight by thingsym

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Minimalist, modern, and simply gorgeous, Foresight will no doubt bring you to the top.

Shopay by Mystery Themes

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Shopay is a simply excellent choice for those of you who would like to launch an online store. Well, grab this free theme and do it today.

Food Business by Di Themes

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

In case you need a site for your newly-opened restaurant or café, Food Business is surely the way to go for you, so go ahead and take a closer look at it.

Beauty Mart by codevibrant

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Well, if you are planning to open a makeup online store, Beauty Mart is a perfect solution for you, so follow the link above and just download it.

Wide Range Lite by gracetheme

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

One more bright and eye-catching option for those of you who are not afraid to experiment with colors, textures, and layouts.

Getwid Base by MotoPress

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

A rather cute solution for everybody who wants to add some playful vibes to their projects. Well, if you are such a person, then do not hesitate and grab Getwid Base today.


BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Zakra will perfectly suit your spa salon or fitness center, so follow the link above in order to have a closer look at it and download it.

Shapely – One Page WordPress Theme

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Gorgeous in its simplicity, Shapely is a great solution for multiple projects of yours.

Pixova Lite

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Another minimalist and stylish option that will simply take your breath away, so stop hesitating and give it a try.


BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

One more decent and simply cool solution for your mobile application.


BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

This one is actually one of my personal favorites, so find a few minutes to have a closer look at it.

Ascendant Multipurpose WordPress Theme

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Another gorgeous solution that will simply take your breath away.

Panoramica Portfolio WordPress Theme

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

A beautiful option for pretty much all occasions.

Author Landing Page by Rara Theme

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

The perfect option for those of you who would like to boost their writing career.

Book Landing Page by Rara Theme

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

In case you are currently promoting your book, this very template will no doubt back you up.

One Page Z by gouravwptech

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

A super simple option for the true minimalism philosophy admirers out there.

Coming Soon Lite by luzuk Themes

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

A decent coming soon page that will perfectly suit various types of projects.

Automobile Car Dealer by buywptemplates

BlueHost Hosting Promo Codes

Finally, a fancy freebie for your car repair services website.

Q&A Session to Sum Up

🖥 Why do I need a landing page?

It is a web page, which main task is to collect contact information from the target audience. It is primarily used to enhance the effectiveness of advertising, increase the audience. So you basically need it to give your business a boost.

🖥 Why should I pick I WordPress theme among all the other options?

These themes are perhaps the easiest to use, which enables them to create websites even those people who don’t have the slightest idea about coding. Thus, simplicity in use is the main reason to pick such a template.

🖥 What are the advantages of free themes?

Certainly, the fact that they are free yet still look professional and fancy.

🖥 What are the disadvantages of free themes?

Many free templates might not have all the necessary for the decent work of website features. These themes usually come without vital plugins and in the end, you will still have to purchase premium plugins and unlock premium features.

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I didn’t understand. Is this a completely free theme, which you can download and use it as you wish?

Alex S.
Alex S.

I’ve tried to download and install according the instruction. It worked out. Special thanks for the step-by-step instructions and for the fact that the template is already filled with the original content – it’s very convenient for the further editing.


I dont get where exactly I can download the template? theres just its description…

Jim Harding

Yes, you’re right. Originally, the template was supposed to be the one where you could easily sell digital products of the companies MasterBundles, TemplateMonster and MotoCMS, if you were registered in their affiliate programs. But you can use this template for your tasks for free. If you decide to register as MasterBundles’ affiliate, then here is the link: https://masterbundles.com/become-our-affiliate/

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