45+ Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs 2021: Free and Premium

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Article reviewed by D. Kuriksha, Founder at MotoPress
on May 17, 2020

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Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs. If you’re a traveler that’s looking to set up an online blog, then this article is for you! This time we have collected 45 of the best traveling WordPress themes for online blogs.

Reasons To Choose Ready-Made Traveling WordPress Themes

We should probably begin with saying that by getting a premium ready-made best WordPress themes you’re basically getting a website that’s ready to go live right out of the box. You will also spare yourself the hassle that always accompanies building a template from scratch or trying to get a free one to work properly. Also, premium templates are usually packed with awesome plugins that expand their functionality even further. And finally, there’s the quality gap. It is extremely difficult to find a free template that can match the quality of a premium one. Those themes are crafted by professional developers so you don’t have to waste your precious time and kickstart your website.

Video About Awesome WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs

If you’re a traveler that’s looking to set up an online blog, then this article is for you! This time we have collected 45 of the best traveling WordPress themes for online blogs.

Why Is WordPress So Great?

If you don’t know already, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the Internet right now. And that’s probably not going to change anytime soon. Originally starting as a blogging tool, this piece of software gained so much popularity over the years that today approximately every 4th website is powered by it! The reason for such success is very simple – it is free and open-source, which means its source code is available to anyone who wishes to tinker with it. It is also very user-friendly and easy to get into, making it a good choice for beginner developers.

Article reviewed by

D. Kuriksha, Founder at MotoPress photo
—Dmytro Kuriksha, Founder at MotoPress

Oh well, since March 2020, travel blogs have been living on the edge. And they will definitely be “quarantining” for the next several months. What may really save their situation is inner tourism. Travel bloggers will be the first ones to spread the trend. The countries we all live in have beautiful places, so time for exploring the national wonders is about to come…

But we keep staying home for the sake of good. Among the things that travel bloggers can do in a current situation is reconsidering their blog strategy, perhaps thinking of the new projects and blogging concepts. If you currently own a WordPress website, try to look at it from the user’s side and find 5 things you may improve about the design and site functionality. Is your website modern-looking and rich in functions? Does it correspond to 2020 design trends? A little smart rebranding never hurts.

45 Awesome WordPress Templates for Travel Blogs

Below you will find 15 of the best premium WordPress templates for travel blogs. Take your time, look them over and maybe even pick one out for yourself!

Journeo – Travel Agency Elementor WordPress

Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Price: $75
If you are looking for something truly dope for your blog about traveling, Journeo is no doubt the way to go for you. This very theme will help you create a unique and fancy blog with no efforts involved at all. Journeo is quite easy in use, so you will definitely figure out how to work with it even on your own. Well, why don’t you take a closer look at this very theme?

  • Variety of Pages
  • Elementor Page Builder
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Free Images

Plesire – Interactive Travel WordPress

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Price: $77
Plesire is another cool theme that has the power to bring your blog to the brand-new level. The theme is fully responsive, which means that you will not have to worry about the performance of your site on various devices. Besides, its lovely design will perfectly suit your travel blog. Well, it seems like Plesire is the essence of perfection, so why not try it out?

  • Unlimited Color Styles
  • jQuery Enhanced
  • Contact Form 7
  • Easy Setup

Closez – Tourism One Page Modern Elementor WordPress

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Price: $75
Closez is the very template that will make your blog bright, eye-catching, and outstanding. Not only is Closez lovely but also has some functional features to show off. In particular, the theme has plenty of Elmentor widgets that will help you make your site fancy and simple in use for the visitors. Closez will no doubt make your traveling blog the one and only.

  • Social Icons
  • Google Maps
  • Ecwid Ready
  • MailChimp Ready Template

Mantro – Tourism One Page Modern Elementor WordPress

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Price: $75
If you need something truly unconventional and bold, then Mantro can perfectly work for you. The theme is beautifully designed as well as equipped with all the necessary for a professional blog features. So do not struggle with finding the perfect template any longer and go and check out Mantro.

  • Background Options
  • Sidebar Manager
  • Social Options
  • Visual Editor

Goroad – Travel Agency Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress

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Price: $75
Goroad is as well among the fanciest themes for travel blogs and it is there for a good reason. The template’s design is not only pretty but fully responsive as well, besides, Goroad has lots of cool features that will guarantee your site’s stunning performance. So do I have to say anything more in order to convince you that Goroad is the theme for you?

  • Pre-made Pages
  • Optimized Source Code
  • Media Library
  • Performance Optimization

Expanor – Travel Agency Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Price: $75
Expanor is definitely the one for those of you who like fancy stuff because this very theme is super fancy. Not only is Expanor pretty but also powerful, in fact, it has all the features you might ever need for your blog. Powerful, lovely, and fancy, Expanor will make your travel blog simply breathtaking.

  • Image Gallery
  • Progress Bar
  • Favicon
  • Retina Ready


 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Price: $72
If you are currently looking for something classy yet modern and trendy for your blog, why don’t you check out Advertex? This very theme is drop-dead beautiful as well as has a whole bunch of useful features. So go ahead and take a good hard look at Advertex.

  • WPML Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • WP GDPR Compliance
  • Smart Slider 3


 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Price: $75
TripSpot is definitely the way to go for those who want their blogs to be easy to navigate, fancy, and simply gorgeous. The template is equipped with petty much everything that you will ever need for creating a blog. Besides, it is a rather affordable option. So why don’t give TripSpot a shot?

  • Cherry Plugins Layout
  • Sample Data Installer
  • Commenting System
  • Admin Panel


 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Price: $75
OnVacation is among the best options for all the bloggers out there as well. The theme has a stylish contemporary design that will no doubt emphasize your adventurous personality. In addition to that, it is super easy to work with, in other words, you will effortlessly build your blog by yourself in mere hours. So yeah, OnVacation is definitely a pretty solid option.

  • Text Editor
  • Icon Box
  • Easy Installation
  • Dropdown Menu


Price: $75
Journez will surely help you create a top-notch travel blog. For instance, the template comes with a vast variety of pages including Home Page, About, and Services. In general, Journez is equipped with pretty much everything one might ever need for building a blog on their own, so go ahead and try it out.

  • Calendar
  • Projects
  • WPML Ready
  • Live Customizer

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes


Price: $75
Vasco is another decent option for a creative blog about traveling in our list. The theme is aimed to help you create a truly unique website that will attract the attention of thousands of new subscribers. Well, do not think too much and check out Vasco faster.

  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Crossbrowser Compatibility
  • Social Options
  • Various Layout Options

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Price: $19
Natalie is a multipurpose theme that will no doubt perfectly fit your travel blog. The theme has a stunning design as well as some essential for any blog website features. So do not hesitate and take a closer look at Natalie.

  • Instagram Footer
  • Several Color Options
  • Featured Posts Slider
  • WooCommerce Compatible

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes


Price: $14
Spirit is a great affordable option for those of you who are on a tight budget but still want to launch a professional blog. The theme has an outstanding design and a decent pack of features as well, so go ached and check it out.

  • Unlimited Color Schemes
  • Easy to Customize
  • Customer Support
  • Custom Widgets

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes


Price: $34
Anariel is a template that will perfectly work for any type of blog and a travel blog is definitely not an exception. This very theme has a decent set of features and a simply breathtaking layout, so why not use it for your website?

  • 6 Home Page Layouts
  • CSS3 Features and Animations
  • Social Media Integration
  • Gallery Posts

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes


Price: $49
Journey is a pretty solid solution for your website dedicated to traveling. The template has a neat design that will focus all the users’ attention on your posts. Journey will bring your blog to the ultimate success, so do not hesitate and get it.

  • 11 Blog Layouts
  • Blog Author’s Customizable Box
  • Parallax
  • Unlimited Typography & Color Options

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Price: $49
If you are looking for something cute and simply sweet, Maaya is no doubt the way to go for you. This very theme has quite a lovely layout as well as some pretty useful features. Besides, Maaya is a rather affordable template, which makes it a great solution for those who don’t like spending too much money. So give Maaya a chance to prove herself!

  • Unique Inner Pages Layouts
  • Unlimited Header Possibilities
  • 3 Types of Post Loader
  • 12 Different WooCommerce Styles

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Price: $39
Another cool solution for your blog is Desert. This very playful template will liven up your site and no doubt attract more new readers to your blog. Desert is easy in use and simply perfect, so let it make your website extraordinary and simply marvelous.

  • One-click Import
  • Counter Views
  • Count Likes
  • Banner Ads

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes


Price: $45
Travelogue is the option for all the classy bloggers who would like their websites to be stylish and trendy. The theme indeed has an elaborate modern design and some dope features too. Well, if you want to create a trendy website, then Travelogue is certainly the way to go for you.

  • HTML 5
  • Great Support Service
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Compatible with Major Browsers

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Backpack Traveler

Price: $69
Backpack Traveler is that very theme every blogger wants to have. The theme has pretty much everything for launching a decent website from cool features to bright design. So why don’t you try Backpack Traveler for your blog?

  • Several Post Variations
  • Destination Posts
  • Online Store
  • Highly Customizable

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes


Price: $29
Rodberg is one of these templates that seem to be rather simple but in fact, are super cool and outstanding. The theme is equipped with a huge set of features, not to mention its gorgeous design. Besides, Rodberg is easy to work with even for the beginners. So go ahead and check it out.

  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • PHP-Ajax Contact Form
  • Social Media Settings
  • MailChimp Newsletter

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Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

Travellino - Travel Company Elementor WordPress Theme

This template is one of the most powerful and flexible solutions for the travel-related website. A convenient built-in admin panel with loads of options will allow you to customize your site easily. It is also packed with Elementor along with the JetElements plugin which adds tons of unique modules and elements to spice up your content.

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Travel Blog WordPress Theme

On The Road - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

This template is a ready-made solution for all of your blogging needs. It has a distinctive design that is easy to tweak with its many customization variants. It also comes with Elementor, JetElements, Jet Blog and many other plugins.

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Traveler Blog WordPress Theme

Traveler WordPress Theme

This is a great theme with a refined blog-first layout and neutral multipurpose design. It is deeply integrated with the most popular social networks via specific dynamic widgets and social sharing buttons. It also offers 6 different post formats: standard, gallery, image, video, quote, and audio.

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Personal Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Spontaneo - Personal Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Every single one of this theme’s elements was developed carefully and contributes to the best user experience possible. The package includes Elementor along with special add-ons as well as social media integration. You can even turn your site into an online store thanks to the template’s compatibility with WooCommerce.

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Multi-Conceptual Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Ramsay - Multi-Conceptual Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

This is a clean, multifunctional and highly customizable theme suitable for creative professionals, agencies, photographers, bloggers and many others. A large number of options and add-ons makes this template a real powerhouse that is extremely simple to work with. The package also includes Visual Composer along with a huge number of shortcodes for nearly infinite customization options.

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Woman Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Gal Walking - Woman Travel Blog WordPress Theme

This clean and creative template will allow you to share your emotions, news, and videos with your audience seamlessly. With unique design styles, page layouts and an infinite number of color schemes, you’ll be able to make your blog truly special. It also comes with Elementor, JetElements, MegaMenu, 4 blog layouts, various headers and footers, Google Fonts and even WordPress Live Customizer.

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Travel Photography Blog WordPress Theme

Hayes - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

This template is packed with everything necessary for running a successful blog. Some of those tools are social media integration with sharing buttons, beautiful galleries, ad management tools, elegant typography and amazing sliders. Its options panel has a ton of options, enabling you to tweak your site in every way imaginable.

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Bright Travel Blog WP Theme

Travel WP Theme

This beautiful template comes with the GPL 3.0 license, which means you’ll be able to use it on an unlimited number of websites. It offers you a choice of several headers, footer and sidebar styles as well as two mega-popular blog layouts: grid and masonry. You’ll be able to diversify your content with the help of 8 post formats and a collection of Google Web Fonts.

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Multi Niche WordPress Theme

Olins Multi Niche WordPress Theme

This is an awesome multi-niche template suitable for photographers, creatives, bloggers and more. It comes with multiple page layouts as well as a drag & drop page builder. It is also WooCommerce compatible, effectively giving you the ability to turn your website into an online store.

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

Camila – Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

This is a premium clean template with its focus set on readability. Its design is modern and sleek, but also minimal and doesn’t overshadow your content. It comes with Revolution Slider, 6 homepage and blog layouts, 3 blog post types, 6 gallery types, Essential Grid, unlimited color options, Google Web Fonts, SEO optimization and much more.

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Exotic Hotel WordPress Template

Sanohimi Exotic Hotel WordPress Template

This is a well-designed theme intended for hotel sites but is flexible enough to be used for different niches. Featuring a fully responsive layout, SEO-optimization, and cross-browser compatibility, it will be a great solution for establishing a strong online presence for your company. It also comes with Power Page Builder, Cherry plugins, multiple layout options, content modules, Ecwid compatibility, TM Gallery, custom widgets and more.

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Small Hotel WP Theme

Hotel WP Theme

This theme’s stunning and luxurious design is perfect for presenting hotel services. Sophisticated head to toe, with skillfully made details and elements, it provides for a stylish look and first-class feel. It comes with a catchy slider, beautiful galleries and a convenient booking form with all the necessary information.

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Booking WordPress Theme

This theme will help you build an outstanding website that will capture your customers’ attention. Provide your audience with all the details about your hotel’s history, rooms, and bars in a stylish way. A beautiful slider along with multiple blog layouts and various header/footer styles will be at your disposal as well.

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Traveling Agency WordPress Theme

Traveling WordPress Theme

This robust template will fulfill all of your online needs. Its white background will let you easily adjust the design to your branding style. It also comes with a mini-slider as well as a handful of extra modules and plugins.

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Elegant Blog WordPress Theme

xPression - Minimal Blog WordPress Theme

This is a clean, minimal and modern solution for your personal, fashion or travel blog. It comes with lots of pre-designed pages as well as the Elementor page builder, allowing for some deep customization. Its layout is fully responsive and will look pixel-perfect on all modern screen resolutions.

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Bellevue – Hotel + Bed and Breakfast Booking Calendar Theme

Bellevue is the perfect WordPress template for the hotel business. It includes a built-in reservation system where users can book the room or check out one’s availability. By using Bellevue, you’ll be able to launch and manage your website easier and more successful. This beautiful WordPress template not only simplifies and automates the booking process but also can attract more guests with a beautiful design a convenient booking and payment interface

Main features:
Live page builder with 40+ widgets and 20+ page layouts
Master Slider Pro Bundled ($24 value)
Animations and video backgrounds
One page smooth scroll option
WooCommerce styling and support

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Hillter – Responsive Hotel Booking for WordPress

Hillter is an attractive and modern WordPress theme that best suits for hotels, resorts, booking services, and all other kinds of projects in the hotel industry. It comes with an attractive header and numerous built-in sliders. The template provides pleasant user experience and stimulates to the sales increase due to the advanced booking form. Meanwhile, the site gallery will help you show the best photos and videos of your objects.

Main features:
Mobile friendly and responsive design
Visual Composer plugin ($34 saved)
Creating multi sliders with Revolution Slider ($19 saved)
Set price for specific dates, create and manage booking
Integration with WooCommerce to manage payment
Integration with Contact form 7
WPML fully support

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Lambda – Multi-Purpose Responsive Bootstrap Theme

Lambda is a mighty and universal bootstrap WordPress theme. It comes with 26 stunning unique demo templates installed in one click. Simply select the demo installation and get a new site. Super five-star support has an excellent reputation for its quick response.
Main features:
Built on the latest Bootstrap 3 CSS Framework
One Click Installer (Menus, Widgets, Images, Content, Everything)
65 ready-made demo websites
Unique Skin editor and unlimited color combinations
WP Bakery Visual Composer (worth $25), Revolution Slider (worth $15), Isotope (worth $25)
Blog with post format support
Gravity Forms compatible
Custom Posts for your business content
Staff, Services, and Testimonials sections
Responsive Typography
Social Icons & Twitter Widgets

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

HotelEngine – WordPress Hotel Theme Crafted For Your Hospitality Business

HotelEngine is a powerful and highly customizable WordPress theme allowing you to change its style and design directly on your homepage. The template is perfectly demonstrated on any screen – from desktop to mobile. HotelEngine takes into account all modern innovations and you can clearly see it in the demo. The first thing to impress users visiting the homepage is a slider. A special widget allows your potential guests to make a reservation immediately on the website main page.
Main features:
Style customizer
Mobile version
Simple and modern design
Front page slider
Built-in booking form
Translation support

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Milano – Multi-Purpose WordPress Hotel and Restaurant Theme

Milano is one of the most powerful and unique premium WordPress themes with fully responsive design! You will get complete control over the look of your site! Set your background for a slideshow or image for each page/post. The unique design and settings of this template make it a perfect choice not only for hotels but also restaurants, photographers etc.
Main features:
Fully customizable
Unlimited colors
Translation ready & WPML
One click install dummy data
Sound options
Background video
Fancy 3D effect for post sidebars
Advanced typography

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Hotel Master – WordPress Hostel and Hotel Website Theme

Hotel Master is one of the best WordPress templates to organize hotel reservations. It comes with the best room reservation system allowing users to easily view available rooms. Also, the user can change the booking parameter or re-select the room without reloading the page.
Besides, you have an opportunity to create coupons for your customers. When setting up a coupon, you can add a coupon code, coupon “size”, coupon expiration date, and a type of discount either in percentage or monetary value.
Main features:
Booking management (backend)
Unlimited Seasonal Pricing Supported
Hostel Fully Supported
Coupon code for a room discount
iCal – Ability to sync booking with other services such as Air BnB, VRBO, HomeAway.
Ability to set mandatory for additional service (ex. for cleaning service)
Free $19 Value Master Slider
Parallax/Color Section
WooCommerce Supported

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Sailing – WordPress Template for Hotel and Hotel

Sailing is a WordPress theme suitable for hotel, resort, or any other accommodation service with an excellent online booking system. All the user needs to do in order to reserve an accommodation is to fill in information about the date of arrival and departure, and mention the number of adults and children. Then, one can quickly browse through the available options, reserve and finally make a payment. Your customers will appreciate it!
Main features:
Revolution Slider
Social media sharing
Photoshop files (PSD) included
WooCommerce ready
Post formats – Standard, Gallery, and Video
Built on latest Bootstrap 3 & FontAwesome 2
Contact Form 7 ready
MailChimp integrated
Self-hosted HTML5 video player
Translation ready (.po/.mo files), RTL support.
Unlimited color choices

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Monalisa – Hotel WordPress Them

Monalisa is a professional hotel theme allowing you to book rooms online and offering an excellent layout and user interface. The WordPress template comes with a professional booking system that helps you automate the booking process in the online mode. The control panel of the theme offers an incredible number of options to manage your site. And if you want to offer various services to your visitors on the site and attract their attention, you can use beautiful plugin Revolution Slider.
Main features:
05+ Homepages demos
One-click data sample
WPLM compatible
Unlimited Color Skins
Header sticky zoom
Parallax Image, Video Background
Drag Drop layout with Visual Composer
3 Revolution Slider Sliders
Unlimited Sidebars
Translation Ready
1000+ Web fonts Icons
Premium Support & Free Updates

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Morrison Hotel – Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

Morrison is another WordPress theme suitable for both hotels, hostels and more accommodation services etc. If you are an owner or manager of a hotel, you can create beautiful outstanding slides thanks to the powerful and popular Revolution Slider plugin integrated into the theme. Morrison template is compatible with the WPML plugin providing you the opportunity to create a multilingual website to win a new clientele. Customize your website without touching a single line of code.
PayPal fully supported
3 booking modes available: Instant booking, manual booking and disabled
Seasonal prices
Receive and send email notifications
Variable room with rates
3 different types of pricing
100% Easy WP Hotelier compatibility

 Inmotion Hosting Promo Codes

Hotel California – Hotel & Hostel WordPress Theme

Hotel California is a universal WordPress theme with a booking function suitable for creating a website for a hotel or hotel chain. This is a fully responsive theme with a fully flexible layout and seamless integration with the visual page builders that allows you to customize or create new professional pages and layouts without having to enter a single line of code. The template has an integrated professional online booking system, it’s very intuitive and offers such features as:
Unique page transitions
Distinctive typography
One click demo importer
Fully customizable quote calculator with inquiry option
WooCommerce and WPML support
4 Header layouts including sticky header
Full static page support with shortcodes
Translation and child theme ready

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That’s It For This Time

Did you like anything on our list? Be sure to tell us in the comments section! Or maybe you already own one of those templates? If so, leave us your feedback on it!

Best 5 WordPress Bundles in MasteBundles

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
45+ Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs 2021: Free and Premium
29 Premium Responsive WordPress Theme Mega Bundle
45+ Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs 2021: Free and Premium
Free WordPress Landing Theme
Mega Web Design Bundle with Extended License
45+ Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs 2021: Free and Premium
12 Modern and Responsive WordPress Themes
45+ Best WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs 2021: Free and Premium
15 WordPress Themes Bundle with Extended License

🏕️ WordPress Themes for Travel Blogs FAQ

🏕️ How to pick up a theme for a blog?

Choosing a template for a blog website is actually not a big deal. Such websites usually do not require a lot of elaborate features, so you certainly can concentrate predominantly on the design. Just be sure that you are going to get your theme from a reputable marketplace such as MasterBundles, for example.

🏕️ What’ the difference between the free and premium themes?

Well, the first difference between these two types of templates is definitely the price. Apart from that, premium themes have more features included. In fact, these features can significantly improve your website’s performance, yet most of them are not must-haves. So while choosing between a premium and a free template, relay on your budget.

🏕️ How much does a blog theme cost?

In general, blog themes are not very expensive. The prices vary from $20 to $80 for a single template.

🏕️ Where can I get a theme on a discount?

If you are on a budget, then you are probably interested in discounts. Well, pretty much all the decent marketplaces have regular discounts as well as special offers, so just find a reputable one and check their discount section. Besides, you can also get a bundle on sale from MasterBundles.

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Article reviewed by D. Kuriksha, Founder at MotoPress
on May 17, 2020

CEO at TemplateMonster, Founder at MotoCMS, MotoPress and Co-founder at Crocoblock.

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