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MotoPress Review 2021. Free and Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes

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November 4, 2020 March 15, 2022 11 min
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Article reviewed by Dmytro Kuriksha, Founder at MotoPress
on May 13, 2020

CEO at TemplateMonster, Founder at MotoCMS, MotoPress and Co-founder at Crocoblock.

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What is MotoPress?

Motopress Review. MotoPress team develops WordPress plugins and themes for business and personal sites since 2013.

MotoPress entered the product market with Content Editor – one of the first visual page builders allowing both beginners and advanced users to create and modify website pages with no coding skills involved. Since that, the team has continued working towards development of function-rich software that will at the same time stay easy and fast to use.

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Free and premium Motopress plugins

Collection of MotoPress products presents WordPress tools with a diverse range of functions: a set of plugins and themes dedicated specifically to hotel booking business, plugins and addons for WordPress developers, a plugin suite for restaurants and food delivery businesses, a number of portfolio and business themes for companies, entrepreneurs, finance managers, photographers, artists and more.

MotoPress team carefully follows all the WordPress coding standards while developing their plugins and themes and makes sure they are properly supported and regularly updated.

Article reviewed by

Dmytro Kuriksha, Founder at MotoPress photo
—Dmytro Kuriksha, Founder at MotoPress

It's been more than a year since the article release - long enough for MotoPress to go through some crucial improvements.

We kept on enhancing our bestselling Hotel Booking plugin with more powerful and user-friendly features. With the improved functionality set, Hotel Booking became even more convenient to both website owners and website visitors.

On top of that, MotoPress worked hard on our new projects - Getwid Gutenberg Blocks and Stratum Elementor Addon .

With 10k+ active installations so far, Getwid has certainly become a MotoPress breakthrough. This plugin is free and it offers Gutenberg users the largest block collection (40+) in the market. We took care of blocks and designs to be highly customizable and business-oriented.

Finishing up our list of current accomplishments, we are glad to introduce Stratum - our newest collection of advanced Elementor widgets. These business-oriented widgets come free, yet will significantly extend the available editing options of your page builder.

Introducing Stratum and Getwid to a wide WP audience make the top list of our 2020 big plans. As a MotoPress founder, I stay 100% confident that our products bring the best value to WP users. That is exactly what my team and I work on every single day.

All the products are accompanied by clear and detailed documentation and insightful how-to guides on MotoPress blog and YouTube channel.

Let’s take a closer look at MotoPress products lineup and find out which of them can help you build a WordPress site with ease.

WordPress Hotel Booking plugin

Hotel Booking is an all-in-one solution for hotels & vacation rentals, serving as:

  • Reliable property management system;
  • Online booking form;
  • Real-time availability calendar;
  • Synchronization with popular OTAs (Airbnb, Booking, TripAdvisor, HomeAway, etc);
  • Your best manager for online payments and finance.

Core Plugin Features

Online bookings. Hotel Booking is a powerful hotel management system for WordPress that lets you launch real-time bookings of your property and get full control of incoming reservations.

Overview – MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin for WordPress

🚀🚀🚀 Overview – MotoPress Hotel Booking Plugin for WordPress

Custom fields for advanced property search. Let your clients choose among properties that best fit their preferences. The property search is 100% mobile-friendly so that users feel convenient while making bookings through their online devices.

Ready to customize. MotoPress Hotel Booking will automatically create all the necessary system pages and enable you to use pre-designed modules for building pages of your accommodations with detailed descriptions and image galleries. Save your time and effort!

MotoPress. Ready to customize.

Advanced settings for flexibility. Adjust the booking system to fully meet the needs of your business. Set the prices for your accommodations depending on the season, the number of guests or length of their stay, as well as allow booking multiple properties bookable at one go. You may also set custom room rates, create discount coupons to boost your marketing campaigns, sell additional services and facilities to increase revenue.

Auto-sync with booking platforms. Don’t miss out on listing your properties on the top-ranked booking platforms like Airbnb or Booking and enjoy the benefits of an independent hotel site at the same time. Sync your website availability calendars with the ones from external OTAs and set the process of updating their data automatically to be sure no double bookings take place.

How to synchronize MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin with OTAs

👋 In this video, you’ll learn how to connect your property rental WordPress website with OTAs using MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin. Thanks to an iCal file format, you’ll be able to enable the plugin system to automatically exchange booking calendars with the external booking platforms like Airbnb. That’s a perfect solution to rent out your accommodations online directly on your own website and online travel agents at the same time without overbooking.

Online/offline & after arrival payments. Collecting payments from your customers is also possible. Set the reservations on your site to be confirmed by payment and let your guests pay to choose a preferred payment method from 6 available ones (+ test payments.)

Hotel Booking plugin works with any WP theme. You’ll be able to both install the plugin to an already existing website or build your hotel site from scratch.

Addons for specific purposes:

WooCommerce Payments – extending the list of payment gateways;
Hotel Booking Reviews – letting your website visitors review and star-rate your accommodations;
Hotel Booking Payment Request – sending emails with full or partial payment requests for the customers to confirm their reservation;
Hotel Booking Notifier – sending automated emails triggered by the arrival/departure dates;
Hotel Booking Checkout Fields – adding custom checkout fields or edit default ones in Hotel Booking.;
Hotel Booking & Mailchimp Integration addon;
Hotel Booking & Elementor Integration addon;
HB & Divi Integration addon.

Getwid Blocks

Getwid is a free collection of 40+ comprehensive Gutenberg WordPress blocks. Both novice users and proficient theme developers can use the plugin to build the website of any kind. More than 10k+ WordPress users have already installed Getwid.

Getwid Blocks

Getwid plugin gives you everything you need to start making your website awesome even with the help of a default Gutenberg editor:

  • 40+ multipurpose content blocks;
  • 35+ pre-made Gutenberg designs;
  • extensive customization panels, optimized for performance;
  • design boilerplate for developers.

This is by far the largest collection of extra blocks for Gutenberg editor. This includes not only static but also dynamic blocks meaning their visuals alter in accordance with “inner” changes. For instance, an Instagram block lets you showcase the most recent feed from the connected profile, and the changes apply each time your feed is supplemented with new posts.

Instagram blocks.

The blocks list also includes these popular blocks:

  • Image Stack Gallery;
  • Recent Posts;
  • Progress Barm Price List;
  • Video Popup;
  • Banner;
  • Countdown;
  • Google Maps;
  • Image Stack Gallery, and more.

The design boilerplate makes Getwid attractive not only for beginners but for developers. What’s interesting is that the plugin was initially meant for pro users who searched for a simplified way of building WP themes.

To maximize your Getwid experience, you can use WordPress themes developed by MotoPress, one of which is a multipurpose Getwid Base theme.


Stratum is the next free product designed by MotoPress, namely, it’s a collection of high-quality Elementor addons. The brand-new plugin will be a complete turnover in website building with an emphasis on minimal design performance-first approach.


Stratum provides users with one of the most comprehensive addons. It allows you to dive deep into Elementor customization by adding the standard page builder options a more flexible touch.

Currently, Stratum offers widgets with a straight-oriented business approach:

  • Instagram
  • Banner
  • Counter
  • Price Menu
  • Price List
  • Price Table
  • Image Hotspot
  • Circle Progress Bar
  • Masonry Gallery
  • Advanced Slider
  • Advanced Posts
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Google Maps
  • Flip Box

The product is relatively new meaning Stratum is actively updated and supplemented with new Elementor modules. MotoPress keeps on testing new functionality and pays special attention to user feedback.

Content Editor – Visual Page Builder for WordPress

WordPress Page Builder – is a visual editor that can be used as a user-friendly alternative or additional tool for classic WordPress builder or Gutenberg. The plugin lets users create any type of website pages without the need to deal with coding or shortcodes.

You’ll be able to modify page elements directly on the front end and immediately see the result.

The process of page building is handled like this: choose a type of content element you would like to have on your page (e.g., text, image, gallery, button, etc.) from the list of 30+ available default samples and then edit it as you wish.

The plugin works with any existing WordPress theme and causes no shortcode lock-in effect that means you’ll be able to handle the content created with Content Editor even after the plugin deactivation.

Addons for extending the functionality of MotoPress Content Editor

White Label Addon for developers to be able to re-brand or simply remove all the MotoPress branding elements and offer Content Editor as a part of the product they create.

Video Addon for easy building of video sliders and enabling lightbox view for videos.

Google Maps Addon for adding custom markers, fonts, icons and other style changes to Google maps on your website.

Pricing Table Addon for user-friendly creation of pricing tables to compare and effectively showcase the features of your products, services, pricing plans, etc.

Simple Contact Form Addon for building contact forms with anti-spam protection to collect feedback and stay in touch with your website visitors.

Image Hotspot Addon for placing interactive markers onto your images and increasing user engagement.

Countdown Addon for adding a reverse counter to count down the time to your website launch, next sale, campaign etc.

WordPress Demo Builder

This plugin will be of use for WordPress developers.

Build fully functional front-end and back-end demos of any plugin and theme you create, set the demo lifetime and optionally restrict the number of features available for the trial version. All the expired demo accounts will be cleaned up automatically.

Demo Builder to run a trial for any WordPress product

👋 The plugin allows you to create a demo website for any of your WordPress products, give or prohibit access to the demo, set roles for users and much more. It gives customers the opportunity to test themes, plugins and understand their advantages. Plugin offers simple but advanced functionality you’ll definitely appreciate.

To get their personal demo, your customers will need to register via email that at the same time would be a nice opportunity for you to generate leads for your future email marketing campaigns.

WordPress Slider

Slider is a good tool to diversify simple image galleries and attract the attention of your website visitors. Apart from creating image slideshows, you’ll be able to build WooCommerce products sliders and sliders of your blog posts in a user-friendly way.

WordPress Slider is a standalone plugin that works with any WordPress theme. And since the sliders created with it are fully responsive, proper exposure of your content on any device is guaranteed too.

Free Timetable & Event Schedule plugin

If you hold any events, activities, workshops, conferences, concerts, etc. and would like to put their schedules or calendars online, Timetable & Event Schedule by MotoPress can help you out.

The plugin is quite straightforward to use and thus can be coupled with any theme or page builder. To make created event calendars look even more integrated into the overall style of the theme you use, you will be free to choose colors for each element of your event chart.

WordPress AMP

AMP plugin by MotoPress is an all-in-one tool for creating mobile optimized (AMP) web pages. Simply put, the AMP pages are stripped-down versions of your regular website pages that load almost instantly on mobile devices and are ranked higher in Google mobile search.

The plugin will let you easily create such pages for your site and WooCommerce shop. Additionally, you will be able to place AdSense ads on your AMP pages to monetize your mobile traffic and track activities of mobile users with popular analytics tools like Google Analytics.

Restaurant Menu plugin

Build food menus. Free Restaurant Menu plugin lets you create eye-catching and well-structured online catalogs of food and beverages for your restaurant or cafe website. The plugin is integrated with MotoPress Content Editor that means you’ll be able to build menus without touching a line of code.

Sell and deliver food. To let your customers order the dishes you showcase online, use Restaurant Delivery and Restaurant Menu Card addons. Your guests will have the possibility to choose if they’d like the prepared food to be delivered to them or left for pickup, state preferable time of delivery and pay for the order online with a number of secure payment gateways.

Restaurant Menu Toppings extension enables you to offer extra ingredients or side dishes for the main products on your menu or let your customers build their own dishes by picking desirable components (e.g. ingredients for a salad or a pizza.)

WordPress Themes by MotoPress

Hotel booking themes

All the templates of this category come with a built-in reservation system powered by MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin, which was mentioned above. This premium plugin was included into the themes for free so by purchasing any of the templates you’re getting a ready-made solution for creating a hotel website with real-time online bookings.

Choose among themes that are optimized for a particular type of property:

or go with a multipurpose Oceanica WordPress hotel theme that will fit any type of lodging.

If want to make sure that the conсept of building your hospitality website using hotel booking themes works for you, download free Palmeria WordPress booking theme with built-in reservation functionality and give it a test drive.

💣 MotoPress Promo Code 10% OFF

If you are a big fan of MotoPress, you’ll be pleased to know that MasterBundles marketplace offers a brand sale. Besides the information about MotoPress prepared for newbies, you’ll find a detailed guide on how to use brand promo code. That is why I recommend stepping by not to miss the important information.

More is yet to come!

MotoPress believes that your time and efforts should be dedicated to growing and gaining benefits from your website rather than to digging into technical details of its setup.

That is why the team is aimed at widening the range of business sectors to build easy-to-use and function-rich software for.

So stay tuned to the MotoPress news to be the first to discover the products that may become the ultimate choice precisely for your website.

Best 5 WordPress Bundles in MasteBundles

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
MotoPress Review 2021. Free and Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes
29 Premium Responsive WordPress Theme Mega Bundle
MotoPress Review 2021. Free and Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes
Free WordPress Landing Theme
Mega Web Design Bundle with Extended License
MotoPress Review 2021. Free and Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes
12 Modern and Responsive WordPress Themes
MotoPress Review 2021. Free and Premium WordPress Plugins & Themes
15 WordPress Themes Bundle with Extended License

Top 5 Popular Questions About MotoPress

🔍 Why do I need MotoPress and who would benefit from such a service?

MotoPress membership is a service that will provide you with a vast variety of fancy and up-to-date WordPress themes as well as functional plugins for literally all occasions. Well, it is pretty obvious that such a membership is quite a useful tool for a developer or web designer who creates multiple websites and prefers to work with WordPress.

🔍 What do I get within this service?

This very subscription service will provide you with hotel and booking plugin and addons, Elementor addons, Gutenberg WordPress plugins, huge variety of themes, and many more. Well, go ahead and try it out, it’s surely worth a shot.

🔍 Can I utilize the products from the subscription on multiple websites?

Yes, you can. All the products provided within this membership have unlimited usage, so go ahead and use them as many times as you need or want.

🔍 How much does it cost?

Regular yearly membership cost $249 and lifetime access would cost you $699. But promo code masterbundles cuts price 10% OFF.

🔍 Would the websites that I’ve created with the products from this subscription work after my membership expires?

Of course they would. However, if you would like to get the updates, you might want to purchase a lifetime membership or renew your regular subscription.

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Article reviewed by Dmytro Kuriksha, Founder at MotoPress
on May 13, 2020

CEO at TemplateMonster, Founder at MotoCMS, MotoPress and Co-founder at Crocoblock.

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Disclosure: MasterBundles website page may contain advertising materials that may lead to us receiving a commission fee if you purchase a product. However, this does not affect our opinion of the product in any way and we do not receive any bonuses for positive or negative ratings.

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I used their plugin for booking hotel rooms when I was making my clientโ€™s website – a small family hotel. It turned out well. I see that guys are putting their soul into the product and doing it so that itโ€™s pleasant to use. I canโ€™t say anything about other products, as I didnโ€™t use them.


What is Motopress? New visual composer? Or old Elementor? Or what? It doesn’t seem like independent development, some plug-ins are not bad, but the scale is not enough. It would be good for them to sell out to some strategic investor.


Motopress, Motopress… Anyway, Wix will come and devour everyone. No one can compete with website builders in usability. So however hard you try to improve the experience of using such monstrosity as WordPress, you wonโ€™t get away with it.


Very cool guys and the most friendly support in the world. Iโ€™m very ham-handed, but even so with saintโ€™s patience of guys from the Motopress I was able to make a simple website. I recommend it to all who donโ€™t have enough time or who would never want to deal with technical difficulties. Keep it up.


Can anybody tell me where i can find a discount for motopress or its plugins?

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