Elementor WordPress Page Builder: 5 Reasons to Try It by Yourself

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By: Jim Harding January 17, 2019 13 minutes
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The main purpose of development and progress is making the things easier. The tractor made working if field simpler, automatic car transmission made driving more convenient and airplanes made travelling faster. In website creation the first stage of simplification was WordPress. It allowed users to build websites without gaining the coding skills. However, WP administrative dashboard still demanded from the user some experience, because he can’t see the final look of the page without going there. Page Builders like Elementor became the next step – they made it possible to do all the customization and immediately see the result.

By now there are lots of page builders on the market and it could be hard to choose which one to try. I know how it is – you try to seek for a page builder and then scroll down the huge list in confusion, trying to define which one is better. After a few tries I’ve chosen Elementor Page Builder. I will give you a little review of its functionality and its 5 features that made me like it so much. I hope the arguments will be as attractive for you as they were for me and you will join the Elementor fans community.

Little Elementor review

What’s page builder?

First of all, let’s define what a page builder is. Do you like puzzles? Combining whimsically cut pieces of cardboard to create a picture is such a meditative process. In general, page builder is a puzzles box – a container full of elements you can use to create a website. The user gets the clear working field and a handful of items he can place to that field. Every element could be customized – color, size, fonts, animation effects are in the hands of website creator. If to compare page builders with WordPress dashboard they have two big advantages:

  • You can see the changes. WordPress is a marvelous software, but when you try to create a page using administrative dashboard you can’t see how it will be displayed to users until you go to that page by yourself.
  • Simplicity. You don’t have to think about code or something, to place an element to the page you just have to drag-and-drop it there. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Starting the work

Now, as you know what a page builder is in general, let’s take a closer look on the Elementor. I won’t dive deep, in the end, if you like it – you should try by yourself, but to give you the general overview I’ll describe the most obvious parts of functionality. We will start from the beginning – the interface you will see after hitting “Edit with Elementor” button.

It’s really understandable, isn’t it? All the elements available to you are gathered in the menu on the left side of a screen. Settings, undo and update buttons are in the left corner of the screen, at the bottom of menu sidebar. The main part of the working field is surrounded by a dashed frame and shows the place where you will be dropping the elements.

Two buttons inside the frame give you an opportunity to create a structure of the page by placing some sections (“Add section” button) or choose a template to skip the structuring process. Elementor templates are some kind of ready-made pages that contain a set of elements that could be useful on that concrete page.

Adding new elements

After defining the type of structure it is time to add something to the page. Either you have chosen to create a page from scratch or took a template – adding something new will look just the same. If you downloaded and installed a free version than three collections of elements will be available for you in the menu – “Basic”, “General” and “WordPress”. Of course, the Pro version gives much more options and there are different plugins for Elementor (like Jet plugins), but the basic set will be quite enough to start with.

Grab the chosen element with your mouse and drop it to the place you want to locate it. For example, I took the Image Box from “General” section and dropped it to one of the columns of my two-column structure. It’s done. The element is in the place you have chosen for it. Easy as cake, huh?


Despite the elements is already on the page it is not very pretty, so you will need to customize it according to your taste. There are plenty of options for every element and you will be able to do almost anything with it – move it any direction, choose pictures and text, define colors, fonts, and styles. There are three tabs to help you with that – “Content”, “Style” and “Advanced”.

If to say in plain language, “Content” tab defines what content do you use for that element (what picture, text or video do you place there), “Style” tab defines how that content will look like and the “Advanced” tab will help you to style and customize the whole piece. The customization options will be available all the time the element you want to customize is selected.

5 reasons to love Elementor Page Builder

Someone could tell that the choice of a page builder (just as the choice of any software) is a matter of taste. And that will be damn right! Others (like devoted Elementor fans, for example) would name much more than 5 reasons to love Elementor and they will also be right. I picked the most sufficient reasons (in my hilarious opinion, of course) to at least give it a try.

1. Templates

If we are talking about Elementor, there will be a difference between themes and templates. Elementor theme is the thing every website creator used to – a complete model of a website with pre-made pages and solid design. Templates, on the other hand, are building bricks – blocks and pages you can mix as you like and use for your website in any combinations. The specialized library contains items both for pro and free versions users. The set of available templates allow to make the website creation process much faster – you don’t put every block on its place, they are already structured for you.

2. Huge bunch of designing options

And when I say Huge – I mean it. Despite the fact the design of a page has to be aligned to some grid to look accurate, Elementor offers users so many control sliders that you can, literally, move the element to every point you want it to be placed. That gives you almost unlimited possibilities of styling – your imagination and taste faces almost no limits (only the reasonable limits, of course).

3. Environment to build responsive design

Responsive websites are not only a modern trend, but also a must for everyone who wants his website to gain traffic. Now people prefer to use their smartphones to surf the internet and sites should adapt to that. Elementor Page Builder has all the options to allow you make the website responsive. You can choose the type of the screen – PC, tablet or mobile and then customize the look accordingly. That’s very useful and convenient.

4. Full website creation history

When playing a video game, it could be very convenient to turn back and re-play some scenes (it could save lives!). Elementor Page Builder gives you the same option for your website. Any time you need it you can open the creation history and turn back to some stage, undoing further changes. I think there’s no need to describe examples – everyone makes mistakes and need a backup, especially if that is a beginner website creator who just started to get used to Elementor functionality.

5. Community

Elementor showed up a very quick start – its development from 2016, when it was launched by now is explosive. Elementor group in Facebook has more than 30 thousands of followers, there are forums and chats where fans talk, exchange experience and help each other. This point is, to my mind, the most important of those 5. Those are people who make some product popular and if there are so much people who think that Elementor is awesome, maybe you should try to join them? Either you would like just to chat a little or have a problem you would need some help with – Elementor community will be there, always ready to respond.

Wrapping up

Do you know why I advise you to try Elementor on and on so persistently? Because I’m sure that when you try it – you will like it (insidious plan, hehe!). Elementor team constantly does its best to make it better. New updates are released every month, bugs are fixed, new features are added. The product people work so passionate on can’t be bad – and thousands of fans reaffirm it.
By the way, there is an offer that will give you the whole set of different Elementor plugins that enourmously expand the number of available Elementor widgets. Here is a CrockoBlock Elementor bundle, that contains everything you could only dreamed to have for website creation. The whole collection of Jet Plugins, thouthands of pre-made block and pages, collection of pictures, development guarantee and a huge pile of other useful things. If you want to collect everuthing Elementor could offer – don’t miss your chance!

Author: Jim Harding

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What is this article about? I didn’t understand anything. I have my own small business in donuts production. Can anyone help me with website creation? WordPress or something else, I don’t care, I don’t understand anything about it


I tried Elementor, but I didn’t get anything. Now I quickly looked through your article on the phone, while I was going to work, and I would add it to bookmarks and read it again carefully. Maybe I could really give a second chance to Elementor.


First I started using Crocoblock (https://masterbundles.com/crocoblock-elementor-wordpress/), and then I found out about Elementor. They are similar, each has its own pros and cons, but it’s important which one you would face on your way first. It’s just like with a woman))


Elementor helps to create WordPress site faster and easier – it’s true. But why pro package is so expensive? Shouldn’t WordPress be completely free?