10+ Best WordPress Fonts for 2021: Free and Premium Fonts

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Author Liza Koenhoven

WordPress Fonts. Every business owner uniquely cares about making his website look presentable and attractive to customers. This, of course, is influenced by many factors and together they give a resultβ€”either positive or negative. Do not underestimate the importance of fonts for creating written content on a website, as most likely it is more than 70 percent of all information. This emphasis will maximize the attraction and engagement of the audience.

If you are using the WordPress platform to build your website and fill it with content, then you should use the fonts that are most suitable for this. All of the selected WordPress fonts on this page are absolutely awesome and the most powerful choices. They carry the maximum disclosure of information, focus on the main thing, and create a message that provokes purchasing power.

Don’t forget that you can combine several styles of WordPress Fonts and maximize the visual side of your page. Check out our selection and stay on top of the trend in content creation.

Best Premium WordPress Fonts

Denim Font

Elegant and lightweight font. It just lays down on paper and looks impressive in its own way.

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Asterone Font Family

Stylish and modern font. It is urban and minimalistic.

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Foundation Sans

Bold type is on a par with thin type. An interesting contrast.

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Portchester Font

Crafted and vintage font in gold color.

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Oakland Sans Serif Font

It is a festive and bridal font in its subtle grace.

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Silver Streak

This font is on the verge: on the verge of tenderness, on the verge of vintage and modernity, on the verge of love and misunderstanding.

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Best Free WordPress Fonts

Cinzel Decorative Font

This font looks like a Cinderella story.

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Montserrat Font

In this case, the background decorates the font. Gradient overflow from lilac to turquoise.

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Vandal Free Font

A retro font with a slightly worn base.

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Exon Font

The font is warm, with no bright colors and nice soft circles.

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Alegreya Sans SC Font Family

Thin and delicate font. It does not impose his style, it just is.

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