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Can serif fonts be classic?

The adjective ‘classic’ is usually used to describe something that happens to be chic, versatile, and approved by time. Serif relates to a small decorative stroke at the edges of letters: it can be gothic, old style, modern, slab, and more. There is no reason why other sorts of serif fonts would not be thought of as classic.
These flourishing typefaces were first distinguished in the early eighteenth century, simultaneously with the time when designers started to get rid of them, founding sans serif fonts. The slab was soon created, in order to make newspapers more readable.
Regardless of the long-lasting history, they remain in use in the present day. The options representing the category are considered to be the simplest ornamental ones presented on the graphic design market.

Why should one choose classic serif instead of sans serif?

There is no such rule that classic serif fonts should be preferred to sans serif in all cases. The point is one has to select a typeface in accordance to the purpose, content, mood, and desired impression. Each font group conveys a particular meaning and implication. For example, strokes on the free ends of characters introduce a sense of formality, traditionalism, and refinement. That is why they are always used in academic materials. On the contrary, when the said design elements are absent, text seems more modern, informal, and rebellious.

What serif classic fonts are the most beautiful?

Beauty is ambiguous and variable from person-to-person. A collection of most recommended variants follows.
Serif Lefina Display Typeface is an elegant and romantic representative of cursive serif.
Creolia Rounded Serif Typeface is common, yet fresh. Its vowels are slightly asymmetrical and the ends are decorated with old style serif.
Norwegia Classic Lettered Serif Font is a very vintage-looking, minimalistic, Scandinavian option with bracketed slab serif