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Date of Creation October 21 2023
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Presenting “Victorian Voyageur” – A Typeface Steeped in 19th-Century Elegance!

Drawing inspiration from the opulent luggage labels of the Victorian era, we introduce “Victorian Voyageur,” a typographic journey back in time. This typeface exudes the charm and sophistication of the 1800s, with a versatile balance of thick and thin strokes and a condensed serif style that proudly flaunts all-caps elegance.

But that’s not all! “Victorian Voyageur” comes with OpenType features that offer an array of stylistic alternate characters, making your typography compositions stand out with a unique and captivating personality.

Key Features:

Uppercase & Lowercase: Embrace the power of both uppercase and lowercase letters for a versatile design palette.

Numerals & Punctuation: Numbers and punctuation marks are meticulously crafted to complement the overall aesthetic.

Alternates: Unlock a treasure trove of alternate characters to add depth and uniqueness to your designs.

Multilanguage Support: Seamlessly integrate text in over 60 Latin-based languages for a truly global appeal.

This typeface is perfectly suited for various display needs, including signage that evokes the grandeur of the past, posters that command attention, logos that speak of timeless sophistication, labels that exude vintage charm, headlines that captivate, and cover designs that transport readers to a bygone era.

Choose “Victorian Voyageur” for your next project, and let your typography become a window to the elegance of the 19th century.

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