10+ Best Daily Planner Templates for 2021: Free and Premium

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Author Liza Koenhoven

Daily Planner Templates. When planning the next working week, we began to think: why is it so difficult for people to follow their own plan? They try to avoid it in every possible way, finding various excuses and reasons for procrastinating? After analyzing for a long time, we found the answer to this question.

Many people do not want to carry out the plans that they have outlined for themselves, simply because they did not feel any pleasure while making the plans! Yes, of course, in this issue it is difficult to talk about pleasure on a physical level, but the moral and aesthetic side of the issue is really very important! The next time you’re going to write your β€œTo-do List,” take a little more time.

Get ready. Here, you will find special Daily Planner templates that will impress you with their beautiful visuals. You will be amazed at how easily and efficiently you will proceed with your goals! It may sound rather strange and you might not even believe it, but just try it!

Use one of our handpicked Daily Planner templates and see if it works. Looking at such amazing examples, it will be very difficult to deny yourself the pleasure of ticking the box in front of each task!

Best Premium Daily Planner Templates

Dream Life Self-help Planner

The ideal glider for a balanced life.

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Modern Planner Template Set

A green glider that covers all areas of life.

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Minimal Daily Planner and Priorities Template

A versatile black and white glider.

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Colorful Daily Planner Template

This colorful glider is perfect for kids or animal lovers.

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Planner Sheet Vector

Set of minimalist monochrome abstract planners.

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Daily & Weekly Planner

Simple and delicate banner template for easy planning of your life.

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Best Free Daily Planner Templates

Green Boxed Templates General Daily Planner

Three green blocks to indicate priority tasks.

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Free Daily Planner Template

Convenient horizontal glider for every day.

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Weekly and Daily Planner Template with Flowers

A glider for a romantic mood.

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Weekly To-do List

Planner in pink and red with geometric lines.

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Daily Action Planner Template

Detailed daily activity planner.

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Cute Daily Planner

Very cute planner with cartoon monster.

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