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Created by Cotbada_studio
File type OTF, SVG, TTF
Date of Creation November 9 2018
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SVG Font – Chalifor Dalsatic Hadwritten Vector Font Description

Chalifor Dalsatic SVG FONT is a handwritten font you might find useful for almost any artistic project you have in mind, vector version included – hurry up to get it for $15 only.

WHAT YOU GET ( Opentype .otf and Truetype .ttf ):

  • Chalifor Dalsatic SVG.
  • Chalifor Dalsatic VEKTOR.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
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Chalifor Dalsatic VEKTOR.otf
Chalifor Dalsatic SVG-SVG.otf
Chalifor Dalsatic SVG.otf

What Are Fonts and What Makes Fonts Vital?

A web font is a set of signs of a certain dimension and pattern that forms a single stylistic and compositional system. The primary function of any font is to get the audience’s attention with its design and shade and make him review the text. A high-quality font can help to get across not merely the text but also a certain mood. Stylish and non-standard web fonts are more effective and more evident, so every company aims to regularly work with its unique one as an important component of their identity. The price for tailor-made web fonts usually ranges from $0 to $100 .

What Exactly Are Font Kits and What Is Their Cost?

A font pack is simply a set of several two to fifteen fonts available at a greatly cut down price. The best part of buying units is that they cost you a little bit higher than an individual web font does, provided they are on sale. The average cost of a font bundle on our site is only two to twenty dollars. But be fast: the life period of each bundle goes on for only five days.