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Take a look at this amazing big icon set. In this set you’ll don’t see 200 file icons, 500 arrow icons or 300 grid icons. Only different and complex icons, only hardcore 🙂


  • 2 000 icons
  • Flat syle
  • 24x24px grid
  • SVG for each icon
  • Transparent PNG for each icon (24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512)
  • Fully editable EPS file 

 2000 Flat Icons2000 Flat Icons2000 Flat Icons

Just what is a 2000 Flat Icons deal?

If you’re a web web designer taking care of several assignments simultaneously, you see the need for the entire pack of design items at hands. Searching for those elements one at a time, you may spend much time and expense as a result. To obtain all of the desired components in one package, we highly recommend experimenting with graphic package deals. A bundle is a collection of components meant for graphic design, valued for a large amount of money, yet offered at a discounted price tag for a short time.

Are bundle deals of any use?

For a design job, you’ll need a bunch of elements – a handful of photos, a font, just a few icons, etc .. If you’d want to buy every one of them separately it can cost you lots of money! So, that is why knowledgeable designers usually go hunting for graphic bundles to buy. They allow purchasing a huge selection of various graphic components for a modest price.

What types of graphic deals are there?

Due to the fact all of the bundle deals differ from one to another, every designer will find the needed selection for a unique project. Researching them you’ll find the selections including social media infographics, business cards, illustration swatches, UI kits, and much more. On MasterBundles.com , you’ll find more than 450 graphic bundles available. That being said, you’re not going to have a chance to leave the site without a bundle or two.

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Other Deals on MasterBundles.com

Other than graphic design package deals, you may find a limitless number of alternative design packages on MB. The bundle deals of fonts, stock photos, icons, textures, patterns and logo templates are out there at your disposal. Furthermore, you’ll find the full bundles of WordPress templates, courses and e-books, resume templates, ppt slides, and other components.

Define the watercolor package?

The watercolor graphics package deal can be described as a bundle which contains pics and drawings painted with watercolors. They will perfectly fit for a wide variety of companies, like fashion, cosmetics, food distributors and perfume. Wedding stationery or cards could also be created using this kind of package.

Photograph overlay packages

The graphic designers who like to do business with photographs will be especially happy with the photo overlays offers. They incorporate sets of design elements intended to enhance and modify the photos. This type of graphic components is normally laid over the photos to produce some new look.

What’s an Instagram template?

It is really not enough to just submit some photos to get a well-known and profitable Instagram account. To seduce fans, your Instagram feed should look fabulous and fascinating. Instagram templates will let you achieve that objective and make your Instagram content eye-catching and identifiable. Compiled into bundles they are often obtained for a lower price.


Articles on blogs which contain infographics are far more legible and favored than those that do not. Infographics are a fairly well known product each and every designer is required to be qualified to produce. A special bundle for infographics is handy given it offers a ready-made option. The designer only has to combine the pictures and voila! The infographic is all set.

Precisely what is MasterBundles?

Whether you feel as if you’ve lost track of time while searching for various resources and elements for your own design tasks, it is a high time to learn more about MasterBundles.com. This is a marketplace providing the most in-demand instruments (fonts, logos, icons, watercolors, presentations etc.) for graphic designers, marketers, and developers at a reasonable cost for a limited time. Besides, you can use discount coupons and promotional codes for specific deals. To not miss major updates regarding the future promos, we advise following our blog and signing up for the email newsletter.

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