Best linkedin background banners and images.

35+ Best LinkedIn Background Banners and Images for 2022

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December 28, 2021 October 31, 2022 7 min
Liza Koenhoven photo Author by: Liza Koenhoven

LinkedIn Background. You are probably aware that a professional profile picture is crucial for your LinkedIn profile to stand out. But that’s not the only photo people will see when they view your profile: background image is just as important.

The background image on LinkedIn is a relatively new feature, as it’s only been around for a few years. It may not seem like a big deal, but choosing the appropriate picture can significantly boost your profile.

Unfortunately, you can no longer choose from a default list of background images; therefore, people must upload their own. Luckily, we’re here to help you by providing you with a collection of perfect and diverse LinkedIn background photos for you to choose from 🙂

100 Linkedin Background Banners

Smart deal
linkedin background banners bundle 1500x1500 1

100 Linkedin Background Banners


Banner for LinkedIn banners with discount.


Linkedin cover photo

Collage with wide pictures of blue backgrounds.

button for more details.

This set of LinkedIn header photos are available in PSD format and in four different designs.You get products with RGB colors and at an appropriate size for LinkedIn — i.e., 1584 by 396 pixels.

Price: $14

Linkedin| cover designs set

Collage with many bright blue and yellow colorful backgrounds.

button for more details.

If you are a financial planner, manager, account executive, or analyst, you may use this bundle with five different covers. They are available in PSD, AI, and PNG formats. This offer also includes free fonts that you can use.

Price: $29

Admin & Office Support

Administrator / Businessman

Hand with pen noticing something on diagram.

button for more details.

This set consists of outstanding LinkedIn background photos, with high-quality content and is suitable for multiple purposes. Whether you are an administrator, programmer, financier, or work on a support team, you could utilize this image as the background. It will help to diversify the design page.

Price: Free (after registration)

Art, Creative, & Media

LinkedIn Banner – LinkedIn Header

Collage with photos of face, flag, lighthouce, dog.

button for more details.

You can edit the product within a short time span, using Adobe Photoshop because it is available in PSD format. This digital item is great for PR agents, journalists, and photographers.

Price: $14

Love Others LinkedIn Background Template

Sign in white rectangle with hearts on background.

button for more details.

This is a flexible and effortless LinkedIn background image which will be suitable for professionals with creative occupations. The product is available for download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Price: Free

Beauty & Cosmetology

LinkedIn Banner Set with Announcers Templates INSTANT DOWNLOAD Canva Template, Web Banner, Photo Banner, Linked In Template – SBB008

Collage with pink and white rectangles with signs.

button for more details.

Here is a solution that would allow complete customization to allow one to achieve a particular purpose. It comes in a PDF format; you can also customize the colors, style, size, and available content.

Price: $5.6

Beautiful young woman with facial mask on her face

Girl with cream on face, towel on the head.

button for more details.

This is an excellent tool for cosmetologist, medical practitioner, clinic owners’, spas, or beauty supply stores. It comes in a JPG format and allows you to work with different image sizes.

Price: Free ( After you sign up)

Business Management

Risk Management Concept

Hand touching round button with sign Risk management.

button for more details.

This offer is great for business and technology management professions. It comes in RGB colors and can be changed based on the goals of your application.

Price: $9.99

Business man trader investor analyst checking trading data

Trader from the back sitting with phone and notebook.

button for more details.

This is the perfect product if you are in analytics, business, finance, credit, or trading. It is easy to utilize and can be customized based on inidvidual preferences

Price: Depends on your subscription plan.


Kids draw and make crafts

Two kids are drawing with pencils.

button for more details.

High quality, RGB colors, different sizes are available if you opt for this product. All customization options are also open to the customer.

Price: $9.99

Construction & Maintenance

Construction management

Architectural plan of building laying on the table.

button for more details.

This is the perfect solution for engineers, builders, managers, etc. By using this background you can upgrade your page and create a professional design.

Price: Free

Low angle of tall building in Manhattan

View of the sky against the background of skyscrapers from below.

button for more details.

If you are looking for a product to design your LinkedIn page, then this set could be your solution! It is a high-quality image in bright colors–it is multipurpose.

Price: $9.99

Customer Service & Retail

Digital wardrobe on a transparent screen

Digital transparent wardrobe with transparent keyboard.

button for more details.

Here is a good quality LinkedIn banner which is available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Original resolution. It is also available in JPG format.

Price: Free

Customer Service Operator

Several people at a table in a call center.

button for more details.

Your sales, customer care, support services — these are the topics which suit this picture. If you are a part of these fields of business, you may use this fully customizable product.

Price: Depends on your subscription plan.


Element5 Digital

The apple lies on the books on the table.

button for more details.

Here is a high-quality image that is suitable as a background for schools, kindergartens, and teacher profiles.The item is fully customizable and easy to use.

Price: Free


Crop architect opening blueprint

An engineer unfolds a building plan on a table.

button for more details.

This set of LinkedIn cover photos are well suited for engineers and construction workers. The product is completely adjustable and the picture quality will not be lost.

Price: Free

Abstract digital background with technology circuit board texture. Electronic motherboard illustration. Communication and engineering concept

Blue background with tracks from an electronic circuit board.

button for more details.

This abstract LinkedIn background is perfect for technicians, developers, engineers, assemblers and related professions. Due to the high-quality of this image, it will certainly stand out on the page.

Price: Free

Food Service

Restaurant LinkedIn Banners

Collage with plate with food.

button for more details.

Here is a great solution for restaurateurs, sous-chefs, cooks, pastry makers and owners within the realm of cooking. This item comes in PSD format, so you can edit it using Photoshop.

Price: $7

Beautiful presentation of food in the restaurant

Plate with chopped vegetables.

button for more details.

This is an appealing and vibrant LinkedIn banner that you may edit to suit your needs. The image is high-quality, and is appropriately sized for this social network banner.

Price: Free

Government & Public Sector

Governmental System Citizen Service Concept. Public Sector Government People Business Concept With icons

Drawn man and woman on the background of the monitor.

button for more details.

If you work in the public sector, you may choose this eye-catching solution. It is entirely ready for changes and is easy to work with.

Price: Free (After you sign up)

Stack of hands. Unity and teamwork concept

Many hands folded together as a team concept.

button for more details.

This is a premium background image designed for security guards, immigration inspectors, military officials, or law enforcement officers. All colors are RGB.

Price: $9.99

Healthcare & Wellness

Medicine and health care concept

The doctor sits at the table and talk with the patient.

button for more details.

Here is a perfect LinkedIn background photo that is available in high resolution and suitable for professions within the healthcare field. The product is easy to edit.

Price: Depends on your subscription plan.


A waiter serving a glass of cocktail with a mountain view in the background

Waiter's hand with a glass on a tray.

button for more details.

This product is available in sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Original. You also have the freedom to edit the image using different programs.

Price: Free

Hotel reception cartoon background

Drawing reception in the hotel.

button for more details.

This professional LinkedIn background image is available in EPS format. It primarily caters to receptionists, waiter profiles or any profession related to customer service.

Price: Free

Human Resources

Human resources connected

A man touches an imaginary network of people.

button for more details.

This set of images are suitable choices for a LinkedIn banner as you may fully edit the picture. Also, it is already in the perfect size for your background.

Price: Free

HR expert

A man in a suit touches an imaginary network of people.

button for more details.

If your profession involves working in human resources, then this background image is a great solution. The product is easy to use and fully customizable.

Price: Free

Information Technology

LinkedIn Banner & Cover 38

Inscriptions on the background of the hands on the keyboard.

button for more details.

This item can be customized on the page itself. You can change colors, images, fonts, and component sizes. The great part is: you do not need to have any coding skills for customization.

Price: Depends on your subscription plan.


Law and Legal concept

Two people shake hands on the background of a table.

button for more details.

This picture is great for lawyers, attorneys, and judges. It is of top quality and easy to customize.

Price: Depends on your subscription plan.

Business and lawyers discussing contract papers with brass scale on desk in office. Law, legal services, advice, justice and law concept picture with film grain effect

Scales of justice on the background of people in suits.

button for more details.

This is a JPG product banner for legal professions. Whether you are a police officer, lawyer, in the military, or minister, you may benefit from this offer. It is also fully customizable.

Price: Depends on your subscription plan.

Marketing, Advertising, & PR

LinkedIn Banner template for your personal profile

Face in a circle on a blue rectangle background.

button for more details.

Here is one of the best LinkedIn banner images available in 2 PNG files. You also get detailed instructions on how to set up the product and add it to your profile.

Price: $3.46

Linkedin Social Media Marketing Backgrou

Purple background with Linkedin logo.

button for more details.

This offer is suitable for PR agencies, marketers, and SMM specialists. The vector image is easily adjustable for different purposes using Photoshop.

Price: $0.30


People volunteering and donating money

Symbol of people volunteers on a blue background.

button for more details.

This is a beautiful vector image that comes in EPS format. It can be customized in multiple ways, especially suitable for volunteer activities and donation services.

Price: Free

Transportation & Logistics

Linked abstract white human.Headline background

Blue background with white hexagons.

button for more details.

If your work is related to logistics and transportation, then this set is for you. It is available in JPG format and in different file sizes.

Price: Depends on your subscription plan.


Highway near the train station.

button for more details.

This is a completely free web solution for the LinkedIn banner. Once you download it, you may start editing the product in any convenient program.

Price: Free

The Ideal LinkedIn Background Photo Size

To make your cover page appear the way you want, you should pay close attention to the size criteria.

The recommended size for a LinkedIn background banner is 1584 x 396 pixels. By keeping this size in mind, one may expect to have clear and high-resolution images. Blurry pixel variants could potentially harm your profile visual. Keep the aspect ratio at 4:1 for images larger or smaller than recommended, with a file size of up to 8 MB. LinkedIn recommends choosing a larger file size if the image gets blurry. However, if that still does not solve the problem, try reducing the background picture using online tools before uploading it to the platform.

In terms of formats, LinkedIn accepts JPG, GIF, and PNG.

Keep in mind that the image may look different depending on your web browser and the device you use.

The key to not missing anything important is to check the background photo on as many devices as possible after you have uploaded it to your profile.

How to change your background photo

The introduction section in your LinkedIn profile contains all the relevant information about your status in different spheres. When someone visits your profile, this section is the first thing they view. For diversification purposes, you may choose to add an extraordinary background following these steps:

  • Click on the “I” icon at the top of the LinkedIn home page, next to the notification icon.
  • Select the “View Profile” option.
  • Click the “Edit” button. It will provide you with a pop-up window where you need to select the “Edit” option–this is the pencil icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Once you have clicked the “Edit” button, you will be able to select the image you want to set as your LinkedIn background. Browse through the files and folders on the computer and select the picture you want to use for the profile.
  • To save the changes to your LinkedIn profile, click “Apply” and then “Save”.

Why Spend Time on a LinkedIn Background Photo?

You may be wondering why would you want to change your LinkedIn background, to begin with? You may have already noticed that standard backgrounds are unconventional and unappealing. But a few aspects that will completely change the way you feel about LinkedIn social networking backgrounds.

  1. Build your Personal Brand.

    A banner image allows you to better demonstrate your personality. By choosing the most appropriate image for your business you can build a powerful personal brand. You may also form and promote a personal brand to build a stronger connection between you, your business, and your activities.

  2. Increase Profile Views

    Along with your LinkedIn profile photos, the background is the first thing people see when they visit your profile. This is your chance to make a great first impression. More often, the majority of pages are browsed and ignored, because users see a plain picture that does not appeal to them. Adding LinkedIn banner images will allow you to stand out and present yourself more professionally.

  3. Show that you are Engaged

    Since a majority of users do not change the default LinkedIn background image, you could utilize that to your advantage. You can get more attention from visitors simply by adding different content and demonstrating that you are engaged. You can also show potential employers and employees that you are pay attention to detail and use all the necessary tools available to get the job done, while also keeping up with the latest social media trends.

  4. Summary

    The social network LinkedIn is gaining more popularity by the day and allows one to showcase their skills, previous work experience, and interests. In turn, this enables you to show your best side to prospective employers. After all, other people will use this information to get to know you better. But you have to remember that the first thing that catches people’s eye is the background image. If you select a stand out background picture that fits your personality, profile, and line of business, it will certainly make you look better on LinkedIn. Therefore, we are sure that by using products from our collection you may stand out from your competitors and present yourself in the best possible way.

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    Is a cover photo important to stand out on a LinkedIn profile?

    Yes, because it is the first thing users notice when they enter your page. A unique picture would grab their attention and make them choose your service, product, or request.

    For LinkedIn profile pictures, what background color or items will make me appear the most professional?

    It depends. For example, if you are a children’s animator, make sure your LinkedIn background pictures are eye-catching and have elements related to kids. If you are a doctor, then you would use more neutral colors, such as white and blue.

    What is the best background color that stands out for a brown-skinned person on their LinkedIn profile photo?

    What is the best background color that stands out for a brown-skinned person on their LinkedIn profile photo?

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