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🏞 45+ Best Zoom Virtual Background In 2021: Images And Video. Make Your Video Conferences Fun

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Zoom Virtual Background. Quarantine and self-isolation suck, but it is the only way to save the world and literally stay alive, so there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. For now, the only thing you can do is to adapt to the current situation and wait until the quarantine ends.

Certainly, this adaptation not only includes figuring out the ways how to entertain yourself at home but also rearranging your work because now you have to work from home. Luckily, thanks to modern technologies, working from home, in most cases, is not that different from working in the office, which means that the adaptation process should not be painful for you.

As you might have already been working from home for a while, you definitely know what Zoom is. For those of you who have no clue of what I am talking about, Zoom is a software similar to Skype, which allows you to have video conferences with multiple users. Thus, many office workers, teachers, as well as simple people all over the world use this very software in order to work or just keep in touch with each other.

It goes without saying that video chats are not even close to the actual human interactions, yet there are some ways that might help you make this experience at least a little bit more fun. Well, one of the most popular ways to do that is to use some fun best zoom backgrounds, so let us figure out where to find them as well as how to install zoom background to your app.

Zoom Background.

It goes without saying that video chats are not even close to the actual human interactions, yet there are some ways that might help you make this experience at least a little bit more fun. Well, one of the most popular ways to do that is to use some fun Zoom backgrounds, so let us figure out where to find them as well as how to install those.

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—Eden Cheng, Founder WeInvoice

It is a relevant topic because the social commentary is important for users to know that while there are some calls that may warrant the use of a fun virtual background, there are other times when you should avoid using it completely, especially in business settings.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic set in, many video meetings were often held in office rooms where the backgrounds were simple and basic by nature. Today, with many of us working from home, many are now using virtual backgrounds, and for good reason. For one, it helps to facilitate private and comfortable video calls as many employees would either want to keep their privacy intact or maintain a professional look during calls. Moreover, these backgrounds are useful in that they help to make video calls even more engaging and creative, by giving users an opportunity to show off their personalities. And while it is important to be professional during online business calls, there still remains a value in using a virtual background to bring a bit of levity to a meeting or to help encourage conversation more naturally. Plus, depending on how good you are at using the app in question, users can even show off their skills and creativity!

However, the problem of using these backgrounds often comes as a result of not being fully acquainted with how to use these apps during calls. This is because as you use a virtual video background, there is always the likelihood of a mishap. For instance, you may end up picking the wrong image, end up with degraded video quality, or worse the app could freeze and crash, canceling your call entirely. And while this may not sound like a big deal, it can be especially awkward and embarrassing, if you are on a formal call with your coworkers, potential clients, or even bosses and you can’t seem to find a fix to the problem. In short, users must be able to weigh the risk and reward of these backgrounds and judge for themselves the nature of the call to see whether or not the other callers will mind using it or not. However, depending on the severity of most business calls, I believe, it’s always best to leave the real picture, better safe than sorry.

6 Best Backgrounds

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10)Product NamePrice
Cool Zoom Video Backgrounds Bundle
1200+ Artistic Backgrounds & Textures
Tiffany & Rose Gold Hexagon Backgrounds
50 Vintage Overlays & Backgrounds
Autumn Backgrounds: 50 Autumn Texturest
3600+ Bright Backgrounds and Textures Bundle- $39
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Founder, Stand With Main StreetSite

During a Zoom Meeting, you can use the Virtual Background function to show a picture or video as your background. To enable Zoom to recognize the difference between you and your background, you’ll need a physical green screen and uniform illumination. Using a virtual background relieves the strain of revealing any areas of the house that you haven’t tidied, styled, or don’t want to exhibit for any reason. This is a terrific alternative for anyone with children or a small space, as well as any creatives who like chaos over order.

– Charles McMillan, Founder Stand With Main StreetSite

Premium Zoom Background

Here in 2021, the quarantine continues (unfortunately), as well as the popularity of home offices. If you want to trend up among your colleagues, you are encouraged to check out some of the premium variants of outstanding Zoom virtual backgrounds.

Cool Zoom Video Backgrounds Bundle

Make your online conference experience as cozy and fresh as possible. This background is made like a forest tunnel.

Price: 25$-56$
There gather the best Zoom virtual backgrounds. Find your next virtual background among these creative options.

Zoom effect forest image by Guillem Verges

Make your online conference experience as cozy and fresh as possible. This background is made like a forest tunnel.

Price: available within Shutterstock premium subscription
This simple and relaxing atmosphere of the summer forest will bring a drop of a natural peace of mind into your business conference. It is always important to remember the beauty of mother nature, especially when we are locked down in our homes with gadgets in our hands.

Roof Terrace Zoom Background

The background is about life in a big city. If you are missing lights, then this is for you.

Price: available within HelloBackgrounds subscription (from $14)
Beautiful skyline peeking out from the roof terrace will have an enchanting effect on your colleagues and will help you to hide all the mess happening in your apartment. Cleaning was never so easy 😉

The Shard Building London Zoom Virtual Background

Urban background. We see only the tops of the houses, which makes it possible to turn on the fantasy.

Price: available within HelloBackgrounds subscription (from $14)
Take a virtual trip to London thanks to this cool urban background depicting the sun reflecting in thousands of windows of The Shard Building.

Relaxed Workspace

A vibrant coworking space, in which you have always dreamed of visiting, but never succeeded.

Price: available within HelloBackgrounds subscription (from $14)
The combination of orange walls and green-yellow armchairs in this interior creates a nice atmosphere for your creative working process. In addition, bright colors will cheer you up even if it is raining outside.

Atrium Lobby

Indoor garden in a large business center.

Price: available within HelloBackgrounds subscription (from $14)
This image featuring the view of a modern interior and upper floors on the background will add a sense of space to your Zoom conference. So don’t worry if your room isn’t as spacious as you wish.

Scenic Cafe

Terrace overlooking the river.

Price: available within HelloBackgrounds subscription (from $14)
This chic and pleasant view will perfectly balance the intense working atmosphere. This terrace image with round tables, wicker chairs, and mountain lake view will truly help your eyes and mind relax a little bit no matter the busyness of the day.

Peaceful Working Space

The background is in the style of a cozy and spacious home with views.

Price: available within HelloBackgrounds subscription (from $14)
Show your clients a calmness and peace of mind with the help of this unique and very peaceful background. Very spacious office with comfortable padded orange chairs and contrasting white desk that looks extremely minimalistic and stylish.

View of the planet Earth from the surface of the Moon

Moon. Everyone pays and pre-booked a flight to the moon, and you can do it much cheaper.

Price: $79.99
This very cool 3D animated video will amaze your colleagues and clients at the time of your Zoom call. The space topic is very popular this year, and it still catches the eye of anyone.

White Paint Wall Texture Zoom Background

White Paint Wall Texture Zoom Background.

Price: available with monthly standard AdobeStock subscription ($29.99)
This abstract, conceptual background is the most minimalistic one you have ever seen. Use it if you want nothing to distract your viewers or business partners from the essence of your call.

Harry Potter Zoom Backgrounds

Perhaps, everyone has been involved into this fantastic wizarding world as a child. So why not have some fun when working from your home office, and imagine yourself traveling into this magical world.

Glenfinnan Railway Viaduct

Train style from the Harry Potter movie.

Price: available with monthly standard AdobeStock subscription ($29.99)
The famous railroad through the mountains and the train from the Harry Potter movie in the background will totally surprise the people you talk to on the video conference.

Hogwarts Express Replica Train

Hogwarts Express Replica Train.

Price: available with monthly standard AdobeStock subscription ($29.99)
Another beautiful high-quality Hogwarts zoom background for Harry Potter fans.

The undercroft at Glasgow University lit up

One of the magical halls of Hogwarts.

Price: available with monthly standard AdobeStock subscription ($29.99)
The Gothic walls of this old university immediately transfer you into the mysterious atmosphere of Hogwarts.

Sorting Hat Virtual Background

Corridor for the Gryffindors.

Taste the experience of being sorted to Gryffindor in just a few clicks thanks to this harry potter zoom background 🙂 Secret: you can also edit and customize it as you wish.

Hedwig Harry Potter Zoom Background

Harry Potter's white owl.

Just look at this awesome portrait of a white owl. It looks extremely natural and powerful. Don’t hesitate to use it for your next virtual Zoom meeting.

Diagon Alley Awesome Background

Market street with magical things.

What a beautiful place from a famous Harry Potter story. It will look amazing and bring a piece of magic to your boring working process.

Fun Zoom Background 2021

To tell the truth, having a good sense of humor is a rarity. Yet, it is so helpful nowadays. So don’t be afraid to show your fun personality by choosing funny zoom backgrounds from the list below. And use the next video conference as the reason make your colleague’s mood better.

Favorite Furry Friend Meercats

Favorite Furry Friend Meercats.

Price: $1
These cute little meerkats won’t let your colleagues get bored during the next online chat with you.

Conference Call Bingo

Conference Call Bingo.

One of the best funny backgrounds for zoom you may use on a Friday night online party with your dear colleagues who love to have fun at the office while you are on a coffee or lunch break.

Let the Good Times Roll Zoom

Beautiful background in pastel colors: pink base and mint colored toilet paper.

Who said the jokes about toilet paper are forgotten! They’re still funny, as well as in these fun zoom backgrounds at the time of your virtual conference.

Matrix Background Zoom

Matrix Background Zoom.

Are you the hero who came to save your co-workers from the boredom of long-lasting conversation? You can easily play the role of Neo with this cool Matrix background. It is free to customize and edit.

Breaking News Zoom

Breaking News Zoom .

Be creative and amaze everyone who joins your video call. Tell everyone the breaking news about your company.

Van Gogh The Bedroom Background

Background as a work of art in the form of a painting by Van Gogh.

Express your love to the art and everything sophisticated using this beautiful background.

CyberPunk 2077 Zoom

CyberPunk 2077 Zoom.

The popularity of this video game is huge nowadays. If you are one who loves it too, feel free to download and use this great background.

Hallway from the Shining

Hallway from the Shining.

Bring a piece of the mysterious Stephen King story to your creative working life.

The Simpsons Sofa

The room is absolutely identical to the Simpsons room..

Everyone knows this famous sofa in the middle of this cartoonish living room. Show your unique personality and amaze your co-workers with this fun background.

Cricket and Tea

Green open fields where cricket is played.

For those who can’t imagine ones’ life without a cup of tea every now and then, we picked this pastoral yet very modern virtual background.

MasterBundles Background

A white background with colorful bubbles will brighten up your hangout.

White background with geometric shapes like mountains.

Hall of an elite hotel.

Living room in vintage style.

Vertical white background with triangles.

Vertical version of the background of an elite hotel.

Vertical white background with bubbles.

Background in a vertical format of a vintage living room.

Boldest Zoom Images Backgrounds You Cannot Miss

If you are reading this, then I assume that you decided to give a fancy background a shot. Well, in this case, here are some zoom background images you definitely don’t want to miss. So fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Background by Rune Enstad

Background in the form of a spacious bright kitchen.

Price: free
If your apartment or house is always messy, it’s totally okay because you can always use this background image that will make it seem like you actually live in a tidy nice house.

Background by Annie Spratt

Luxurious room with expensive paintings on the walls.

Price: free
Another lovely freebie for those of you who don’t want to clean the house every time their boss calls.

Background by Jose Losada

A minimalistic room with lots of plants.

Price: free
If you want to feel like you are in a cozy high-tech office, then this very option is a perfect way to go for you. So give it a try.

Background by Christoph Luig

The background is like a terrace in an expensive hotel in some warm country.

Price: free
A fancy option for those of you who work from home but still want to feel fancy.

Meme Backgrounds from

Kanye West's meme.

Price: free
Well, a truly bold option for those of you who are not afraid to be funny.

Funny Backgrounds from

The gray-haired man. with lots of toilet paper.

Price: free
One more bold option for the real bosses.

Digital Code Number Abstract Background, Represent Coding Technology and Programming Languages

Digital Code Number Abstract Background, Represent Coding Technology and Programming Languages.

Price: available within Shutterstock premium subscription
A dope premium option for all the coders out there, so do not hesitate and take a look at this one.

Saudi Arabia Map Hologram Effect, KSA Digital Global Map, Riyadh Zoom Out

Saudi Arabia Map Hologram Effect, KSA Digital Global Map, Riyadh Zoom Out.

Price: available within Shutterstock premium subscription
Another cool option that will be a perfect choice for those of you who want to hide their messy apartment with something lovely.

Abstract Circular Geometric Background. Circular Geometric Centric Motion pattern. Starburst Dynamic Lines or Rays

Abstract Circular Geometric Background.

Price: available within Shutterstock premium subscription
The one background that will bring you closer to the stars. So why don’t you try it? It’s worth a shot.

Big Sun and Sea Sunset Background. Nature Composition

A beautiful sunset going into the sea.

Price: available within Shutterstock premium subscription
A beautiful premium option for those of you who would like to be closer to nature.

Rustic Wood Background Texture

Wooden background.

Price: $6
A minimalist option for those of you who appreciate the simplicity.

Interior background by Pozitivo

Laconic white interior.

Price: $3
Another fancy interior option for those of you who are too lazy to clean up their apartment.

Marble Background by Suzy-Lou

Marble background.

Price: $6
A sophisticated background that will no doubt mesmerize you, so go ahead and give it a try.

Pink Peonies Background by Farique

Pink Peonies Background.

Price: $5
A colorful floral option for everybody who wants to add some spring vibes.

Real tropical leaves backgrounds by Bakani

Real tropical leaves background.

Price: $8
A collection of tropical backgrounds that will simply hypnotize you with its elaborate beauty.

Best Zoom Background for Interview, Work, and Meetings

If still professional zoom backgrounds options are simply not fun enough for you, then you are definitely going to be interested in some dynamic ones. Well, here are some fancy, mesmerizing, gorgeous, and simply cool video office zoom background that I’ve managed to find for you.

Virtual Background Videos and Images for Zoom

Virtual Background Videos and Images for Zoom.

Price: $99
A huge bundle that contains 189 unique images and 90 video backgrounds is something, which is no doubt worth your attention. Well, go ahead and check it out, you will not regret that.

Outer Space Video Zoom Virtual Background

Outer Space.

Price: available within Canva subscription
My personal favorite from the best virtual backgrounds. A mesmerizing live background that will simply take your breath away, so go ahead and try it, it’s definitely worth a shot.

Under Water Video Zoom Virtual Background

Under Water Background.

Price: available within Canva subscription
A lovely dynamic option that will make your video chats much more exciting and fun.

Swirling Stars and Space Video Zoom Virtual Background

Swirling Stars Background.

Price: available within Canva subscription
One more hypnotizing dynamic background that will literally make you stare at it for hours, so follow the link above and just get it.

Waterfall Zoom Video Virtual Background

Waterfall Background.

Price: available within Canva subscription
Last, but definitely not least, a background that features a stunning waterfall will be a perfect choice for all the nature admirers out there. Well, go ahead and take a good hard look with one of the best zoom virtual backgrounds.

How to Install a Background in Zoom

So before we get into picking up some background options that I’ve found for you, let’s find out how to install those backgrounds. In fact, it is super easy and you should not have any trouble with that. So here are some simple steps you would have to follow:

  • Open your browser and log in to your Zoom account.
  • Find Room Management section, click on it, and head to the Zoom Rooms.
  • Go to the Account Settings, find Background image for Zoom Rooms option, and click on the Upload New Image button.
  • Select the image from your computer and click on Open.
  • Wait until the uploading process ends.

Well, that’s pretty much it, you did it. Congratulations! All jokes aside, installing a background is not difficult at all and it will take less than a minute of your precious time, so why don’t you give it a shot?

Zoom Background2.

Top 5 tips for the best Zoom Virtual Background results

As you’ve already figured out, one of Zoom’s cool features is the ability to set a virtual background for online meetings. But to make your zoom background work at its best and look good during the conference, we prepared top-5 tips that will help you to make the best out of your virtual background.

To get the best effect from the virtual background, Zoom recommends using a single-color background, preferably green.

The higher the quality of the cameras is, the better your cool zoom background looks.

Using high-quality lighting and color will also help to improve video conference background.

Do not wear clothes of the same color as the virtual background.

To make your zoom background look awesome, choose a background image with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a minimum resolution of 1280×720 pixels.

Add some fun to calls with filters and stickers

Zoom has new features that allow you to ” spice up” your work video meetings by giving you more freedom to customize your own appearance. This includes a number of filters, color and lighting settings, including sepia, black and white, and even pink color. Besides, there a variety of fun masks, stickers, and filters, such as animal and comic, are also available.

Touch up your appearance and adjust for low light

With detailed control of retouching intensity and lighting adjustments, you can set up the perfect image even in dim light. Change the brightness and use the Face Smoothing feature to look flawless in your videos!

Zoom filters, reactions, improved lighting, and noise-reducing capabilities will truly help to make your meetings more vivid and lively!

Final Thoughts

Zoom is a pretty useful tool that will help you communicate with your co-workers during quarantine as well as keep in touch with your distant relatives and friends. So if you haven’t been using this app before, go ahead and download it, you will never regret it. Well, in order to make your Zoom sessions fun and exciting get some fancy backgrounds that will hide the mess in your apartment and make the experience of using Zoom much better.

Have you ever used Zoom and have you already tested virtual backgrounds? Feel free to share your experience with our friendly community in the comment section down below.

Some Awesome Video About Zoom Background

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds – How to Use & Create Your Own!

Zoom backgrounds can give you a sharper look during your video meetings. In this video, Scott Friesen shows you how to create your own virtual background with branding. Look great in your next Zoom meeting and no longer worry about what’s going on behind you!

How to Make a Professional Zoom Background

I’ve been seeing terrible zoom backgrounds all over the place and it’s time to turn them into professional zoom backgrounds that you’re proud to show off! In today’s video, I’ll go over the five essential things you need to look at when setting up your zoom background.


💻 Can you blur the background in Zoom?

Good news! You can blur the background in Zoom. You just need to open the Settings, then select Background & Filters from the sidebar at left, and finally select Blur under Virtual Backgrounds section.

💻 Why does your Zoom background look blurry?

Perhaps, it happened because the image you had chosen for a background is too small. Try to use an image of 1280×720 px or 1920×1080 px.

💻 What is the best color to wear on Zoom?

Colors often influence our mood, so to get the best result out of the meeting, try to wear clothes of bright and solid colors. For example, blue, green, orange, yellow, black will look awesome with white or grey solid zoom background. However, if you have a multicolor background, try to wear complementary colors that look good with the main color of your best zoom background 🙂

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