Best Science PPT Template 2021. 50 Scientific Powerpoint Slides And Google Slides & Keynote

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Scientific PPT Templates

Stunning scientific PPT template is waiting for you here! Choose the layouts that best fit your content. Add, delete or re-order slide pages based on your needs. This PowerPoint template collection is perfect for any science topic.

File typePPTX, KEY, PDF, Google Slides
File size82.7MB
Number of slides50
Contains Icons, maps, playful design, graphs, charts and tables
Widescreen Format16:9

Features of this educational scientific presentation:

  • Fully editable. Easy to change colors, text and photos
  • 50 different slides with tips to improve your presentation.
  • Playful design with a science presentation theme
  • Feature-rich Scientific PPT Template with examples of styles for graphs, charts and tables
  • Icons & maps for your scientific presentation
  • Use as a Google Slides, Keynote or PowerPoint template. Also export to PDF, JPG, etc.
  • 16:9 screen layout

Service slide view with laboratory images on a monoblock.

Presentation slide with pencil form infographics on a notebook screen.

Laptop screen with science PowerPoint presentation.

Man is watching a science presentation, namely a slide with the Devices.

Working table with computer where science PowerPoint presentation is displayed.

Girl sits at the computer and makes the presentation using the scientific PowerPoint template.

Science Google Slides Template

This science Google Slides template includes 50 slides. You’ll receive a google docs link – please make a copy before editing. These templates can be used for education, recreation, scientific work, or when discussing scientific breakthroughs in an academic or research environment.

By the way, do not hesitate to download our Free Science Google Slides Template

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Scientific Keynote

This scientific presentation is fully updated to keynote presentation format!

The main slide with a turquoise background and a researcher working with a microscope.

Slide with pages list on the left, and planet photo in turquoise frame on the right.

Slide with text on turquoise background with gradient, laboratory supplies image with icons.

On the left is image of researchers working in laboratory, and on the right are text boxes.

At the top is image of test tubes with liquids, and at the bottom are icons with text blocks.

Scientists image on the left, and text box on the background of molecular structure on the right.

Slide with round icons on the laboratory image background, and text boxes under each.

Slide with 4 round icons on the right, one of them on the microscope background.

Slide is mostly turquoise, with round colored icons on the left and text boxes on the right.

Slide with 3 images of lab work, and under each multi-colored blocks with text and icons.

The top slide with a 3D world map image and icons, and turquoise bottom with a text block.

4 round team members' photos in turquoise and aquamarine color frame, and text under them.

Photo on the left, links to social networks and skills scale, and icons on turquoise background.

Viral cells image, and the person working in the lab on the left and text on the right.

Slide with image of lab assistant working with plant petals, and text box on green background.

Slide with large microscope and lab technician images, and text block on the right.

Slide with flasks, molecular bonds, and a text block in the right corner.

Thematic scientific photos from the lab, and text block in the left corner.

Slide with dark image on top, and turquoise text block on the left, and 3 icons on the right.

Pie chart in the scientific presentation colors, and 4 text blocks with icons around them.

Horizontal bar chart in green and turquoise colors with country names.

Pie chart in green, white, and grey with percentages and a text block below each.

Vertical bar graph in the color scheme of the Science PowerPoint template.

3D chart in gray, green and dark turquoise colors.

Half-ring 3D chart from the parts of which directed arrows to the text blocks.

Infographics of 4 rounded stripes of grey, blue, turquoise and dark violet with icons at the ends.

Coloured rounded stripes with arrows on one side and icons at the ends of the other.

Flower-shaped infographics with icons in petals, and text blocks near each of the petals.

3D pyramid with colorful levels and with icons in the center and text blocks on the right.

Volume blocks which are connected to the text blocks and icons by arrows.

Puzzle-shaped infographics with icons, and text blocks are marked with icons on the left.

3D pencil shaped infographics with coloured stripes and icons.

Slide with male and female figures and text blocks with icons for comparison.

Tree-shaped infographics with round text blocks on the branches.

Handy with pie chart on turquoise background on the right, and percentage circles on the left.

Human brain image in the middle of the slide, with text icons on the sides.

3 icons with text above and below them, and tablet image on round turquoise background.

Monoblock with image of scanned person in the middle, and icons with titles on the sides.

Slide with comparison of 2 countries maps in turquoise and dark sea colours.

Slide with 2 colour country maps, and percentage scales with text.

3 countries maps in grey, turquoise and dark colours with icons in each map.

USA card in grey and turquoise with marked round icons.

Price slide with 3 blocks of turquoise, grey, and dark sea color with large bold price inscription.

3 price tables in turquoise and dark sea colours on white background.

Price tables on white background in dark green frame with large bold turquoise numbers.

On the right is glass building image and on the left are icons with contact details in list form.

Building image on the left and icons with contact information on the right.

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Best Science PPT Template 2021. 50 Scientific Powerpoint Slides And Google Slides & Keynote. Collage Image.

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Well done! Very stylish slides with quality images. Another plus for me was the ability to export to PDF. Many thanks for your professionalism!

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