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Even if you are good at math, keeping track of finance is much more than some good math skills. It takes a really organized, accountable person to keep track of all checks, investments, and currencies, or quality finance PowerPoint templates. You might be thinking what's so hard in keeping track of your money, but consider if it's a large company with many transactions going thru every day, that's a much tougher task.

You can also really benefit from templates if you need to keep track of crypto, currencies, taxes, finance charts, or need to deliver annual finance reports. Our designers created some of the most professional templates, with clean designs that won't distract from the numbers.

It's a great idea to get ahold of one pre-designed template, if you opt to create one yourself there is a great chance that the numbers will get confused, which isn't an option for important finances.


How do you present financials in PowerPoint?

When presenting finances it's important to keep one statistic per slide, and use bars, graphs, and charts rather than countless numbers, our finance PowerPoint templates at MasterBundles are supplied with all these elements.

What are the tools needed to present a financial statement?

To present a financial statement in a PowerPoint you'll need a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flows.

What makes a clear, effective PowerPoint presentation?

For a presentation to be effective you need to avoid paragraphs, quotations, and even complete sentences, most templates have dedicated areas where to include text, which are concise, and it's not recommended to go out of the lines.

Where can I get a finance template?

A finance PowerPoint template can be found at MasterBundles, EnvatoMarket, Canva, CreativeMarket, and other marketplaces.