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File type Google Slides, KEY, PPTX
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Date of Creation April 22 2022
Color yellow
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SWOT Urban Fashion PresentationDescription

SWOT Urban Fashion Presentation: 50 Slides PPTX, KEY, Google Slides.

  • PPTX
  • KEY
  • Google slide
  • 50 slides.
  • 5 color schemes.

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Modern yellow SWOT presentation.

A cool example of using modern design to provide analysis.

SWOT analysis is presented in the form of honeycombs.

A simple version of the presentation of your analysis - each item has its own column with a description.

A box with a description of each of the elements of the SWOT analysis.

Such a colorful and stylish version of SWOT analysis is presented through infographics.

Stylish and informative infographics for SWOT analysis.

An interesting version of SWOT analysis for modern presentations.

SWOT analysis is presented in the form of a sight with a description of each element.

Illustrative infographic for SWOT analysis with steps and description of each element.

Four circles for SWOT analysis in yellow.

Cool hands in black and yellow for SWOT analysis.

SWOT analysis in the format of a simple large table.

This option uses thematic icons of the template and its corporate color.

A square in two colors - yellow and black - to describe SWOT analysis.

SWOT analysis in the form of a diamond.

Each element of SWOT analysis resembles a label.

Inverted square for SWOT analysis with creative solutions and ideas.

Four columns of SWOT analysis and each is highlighted in yellow when the queue reaches it.

A colorful example of swot analysis for interesting projects with creative ideas.

Interactive example for SWOT analysis with many simple icons.

Such a simple but understandable infographic for SWOT analysis.

Classic infographics in the form of a table.

Here, color schemes are more important than the content of the table.

A gentle example of swot analysis with a leaf.

Four simple columns with icons to describe each swot analysis element.

A simple and classic infographic example for swot.

Thanks slide in yellow.

SWOT template includes own font and icon.

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