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Effective business management and project development begin with a basic algorithm for studying the situation, which is called SWOT analysis. It is a set of marketing and other studies of the strengths and weaknesses of an enterprise or a specific object. Thus, this type of presentation requires powerful infographics and memorable design. After all, your goal is to tell the audience about the company's way successes and plans for the future.

Here you can find the best SWOT PowerPoint templates for your presentation. They all contain huge and powerful infographics, modern icons, eye-catching diagrams, etc. Choose the one you like the most and create your strong SWOT presentation.


How do you create a SWOT analysis in PowerPoint?

Just pick one of the templates, add your data, and voila!

Does PowerPoint have a SWOT analysis template?

To find this template in PowerPoint, go to Add-Ins and select Lucidchart within the Insert tab. Then choose the SWOT analysis diagram and paste it into PowerPoint. Or use a ready-made template that you can download here.

Is there a SWOT template in Word?

MS Word can be used to create SWOT diagrams.

Is there a SWOT analysis template in Google Slides?

Yes, there are also some cool templates for SWOT presentations in Google Slides, too.