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Date of Creation August 1 2021
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Startup Powerpoint Presentation Description

Startup Powerpoint Presentation Template. This presentation was created to highlight a new project or entrepreneur plan. The images, slides, colors, and font were specially created to cover any topic and be able to display it professionally with a well-designed template.

Some features:

  • PPT and PPTX Files.
  • Slide Master Based.
  • More than 180 theme colors variations.
  • Widescreen 16-9.
  • Introduction Slide.
  • Our Mission Slide.
  • Our Vision Slide.
  • List Slide.
  • Company Description Slide.
  • Our Services Slides.
  • Marketing Structure Slide.
  • Business Prospects Slide.
  • Monthly Sales Prospects Slide.
  • Our Partners Slide.
  • Business Model Slide.
  • Financial Plan.
  • SWOT Slides.
  • Team Slide.
  • Month Activities Slide.
  • Schedule Table.
  • Result Table.
  • Gallery Slides.
  • Devices Slides.
  • Maps Slides.
  • Calendar 2020.
  • Icons Slides.
  • Maps Slides.
  • Fully Editable (Shapes, Graphics, Colors, Font, Sizes, Scales, Vectors, Icons).

Startup | Powerpoint Presentation Previews

Cover for Startup Powerpoint Presentation Template.

Startup Powerpoint Presentation Template slides.

Startup Powerpoint Presentation Template Slide Preview.

Startup Powerpoint Presentation Template by MasterBundles Pinterest Collage Image.

Startup Powerpoint Presentation Template by MasterBundles Pinterest Collage Image.

Startup Powerpoint Presentation Template by MasterBundles Pinterest Collage Image.

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Startup Powerpoint Presentation Template by MasterBundles Pinterest Collage Image.

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