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Created by DesignStudio
File type Google Slides, KEY, PPTX
File size 20Mb
Date of Creation November 15 2019
Color black
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  • Powerpoint.
  • Keynote.
  • Google Slides.

Free Star Wars Font is included.

Contains Examples of styles for graphs, charts and tables, icons & maps
File type PPTX, Google slides, KEY
File size 20 MB
Widescreen Format 16:9
Number of slides 50
Commercial License included

Star Wars Powerpoint Templates

Download star wars powerpoint template to create an eye-catching presentation for your business, no matter if it’s about financial services or IT. This PowerPoint templates star wars is suitable for any project as it includes a whole pack of multipurpose slides that are easy to customize.


  • 50 unique slides
  • Dark style
  • Star wars icons
  • Portfolio design
  • Contact page
  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Mockups
  • Pricing
  • Our team

Star Wars Presentation Template

🏆 Bundle Created by DesignStudio

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HUGE StarWars Presentations Bundle cover image.

HUGE StarWars Presentations Bundle


Star Wars Powerpoint Slides Previews

Person working on Star Wars PowerPoint presentation.

Girl is watching a slide with Captain Phasma picture with the Stormtroopers.

Slide view of Star Wars PowerPoint presentation with space object and thematic icons.

Person working with the slide with the image of Artoo-Detoo.

Slide view of the presentation on a monoblock with thematic infographics with Star Wars icons.

Star Wars Google Slide Templates

Tis bundle includes Google slides version too. Please, make a copy of Google Slide file before editing slides.Customize them and deliver creative and professional presentations to impress your audience.

Google slide template includes all 50 slides and graphic elements.
Custom fonts unfortunately are not supported by Google slides

Star Wars Keynote Templates

Moreover in download files you’ll find keynote template too. Just download them and use for your needs: all slides, fonts and graphic elements are included!

The main Star Wars PowerPoint presentation slide with a large dark Darth Vader image in the middle.

Pages list on the starry sky background with intergalactic object, icon and text on the left.

Slide on starry background with text box in white frame in the middle, and thematic round icons.

Slide with spacecraft in the middle, text boxes along the sides, and 3 round icons in white frame.

Slide with pink planet, and stones around it on the left and icons with contacts on the right.

Slide with icons indicating contacts and time on the left, and large planet image with space stones.

Slide with price tables in white contour, and centre table standing out among others.

Price tables on a cosmic background are separated by white lines.

Slide with 2 transparent blocks with prices, and gray blue block in the middle.

Black and gray country map on starry background with marks on it, and text box at the top.

3 gray and blue maps with country captions under each, and text above the maps.

Gray, white and gray-blue maps on the right, and small text block on the left.

2 gray-blue maps on the left, and scale and text block of each country on the right.

Slide with country map on the left and another on the right, text boxes are placed under each map.

Slide with the spaceship image in the middle, and two text blocks on the sides.

Space object image on a laptop on the left, and a text block on the right.

On the right is tablet with spaceship image, and on the left are 2 text blocks.

R2-D2 image in the middle, and thematic icons with text boxes on the sides.

Slide with Yoda image in the middle, text block on the left, and the slide name on the right.

Slide with three percentage rings in grey, blue and white.

Slide with percentage rings, and triangle infographics with Darth Vader and Stormtrooper icons.

Infographics with colorful puzzles and icons in each puzzle.

Slide with 6 round icons and text, and two contour images of Darth Vader and Stormtrooper.

Tree-shaped infographics with Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Captain Phasma and Princess Leia icons.

Infographics in the form of connected circles, and under each text block.

6 white and blue spheres, each of which is marked with icons and explained in text boxes.

4 rounded strip with Star Wars icons at the ends, with a small text block at the top.

On the left is semicircle with white contour icons and on the right is 4 text boxes for comments.

Pie chart in white, gray and blue with title for each piece, and text block on the left.

Unusual 3D diagram throughout the slide on a cosmic background.

Slide with 4 bar graphs in different colors.

Bar chart in white, grey, and blue with countries names next to each bar.

Slide with a cosmic background and planet image, a large colored line chart in the middle.

Large spacecraft surface image at the top, and wide text block at the bottom.

Large spacecraft and Darth Vader's lightsaber images, and wide text block at the bottom right.

Slide with 4 space object images, lightsaber and R2-D2, and between them is a text box.

In the middle is a huge image of Star Wars AT-AT, spacecraft, and 2 text blocks on the sides.

Slide with Stormtrooper images, spacecraft, and all-terrain AT-AT.

Slide with text box on the right, and 3 images of space objects and the Stormtrooper from Star Wars.

Large image of Stormtrooper on the left, and a text block with a scale on the right.

4 square images of Star Wars heroes, and a scale with percentage advantage each.

There are 4 round photos at the top and under each is text block.

Star Wars all-terrain AT-AT in the middle, with 3 space icons and text blocks next to it.

Stormtroopers photo on the right, icons and text blocks on the left.

Slide is divided into 6 blocks by white lines, 3 of which are textual, and the other 3 with icons.

Slide with 4 icons in white frame on starry sky background, and under each text block.

Slide consists of 4 transparent and blue blocks with icons and text in each block.

Round Darth Vader image with lightsaber on the left, and 3 icons with text blocks on the right.

Spaceship image from Star Wars on the right, and 3 text boxes in square white box with text on top.

20 thematic icons that are used in Star Wars PowerPoint presentation.

Star Wars Powerpoint Templates FAQ

What is the difference between a PowerPoint templates and a themes?

Templates can contain layouts, theme colors, theme fonts, theme effects, background styles, and even content. Essentially, templates tell PowerPoint how to layout various kinds of information on each slide, while the themes tell PowerPoint how to make that information look

What are the benefits of a ready-made PowerPoint template?

It is a high quality behind the reasonable price. Moreover, buying in bulk at MasterBundles is more beneficial. Apart from the template, you also get utilities that enrich the functionality of the website. It especially comes in handy when you do not have much experience in coding and SEO. Overall, you have full control over the design process, enjoy Drag-n-Drop editing with no coding skills required, and a wide choice for your inspiration.

How to buy a PowerPoint template at MasterBundle?

It is as easy as 1-2-3. You just need to choose the product you are interested in along with a plan (personal, commercial, or extended commercial), and click the ‘Buy Now’ button. Then you provide accurate and complete your personal and credit information and the payment is completed, you are getting the product package to work with.

What is the format of the files included in the package?

The package of Star Wars Powerpoint templates includes Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides, so PPTX, KEY, PDF, Google Slides files types accordingly. The file size is 20MB.

Will Star Wars Powerpoint templates fit some particular projects?

Absolutely not. This is a great solution for a presentation in any business, no matter if it is about financial services or IT. Star Wars Powerpoint templates are suitable for any project as it includes a whole pack of multipurpose slides that are easy to customize.

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