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There are many people that think vintage resembles old, but they have probably never seen a graceful vintage design. Let's all agree that a techy modern design won't be the ideal fit for a vintage clothing brand or a presentation about a historic figure. That's why we have created some ageless vintage PowerPoint templates for you.

With the new technologies and elements in place, it can get tough to create a vintage presentation without the help of a professional. It is very hard to find an old-looking element to include in your PowerPoint. Still, these professionals have their own secret archives with all the elements you’ll need to create an antique feel and even more elements for any other PowerPoint template you wish to purchase. So to keep things short, quick, and effortless there is no point in creating a presentation when you have so many options to buy from.


What elements should I include in a vintage presentation?

For a presentation to be vintage, you'll need to create mockups and scenes for your slides or use vintage-style fonts, and old photographs as elements or backgrounds. The designers at MasterBundles have included some of their best mockups in vintage PowerPoint templates.

Where can I find PowerPoint presentation templates for free?

For free PowerPoint templates, visit MasterBundles, EnvatoMarket, Canva, and CreativeMarket.

Does a vintage presentation mean an old one?

No, this is absolutely a mistaken meaning. A vintage presentation is an aged one with antique, old-day genre styles, it doesn't mean that the presentation has old elements and bad graphics, don't get this mistaken.

How can I make my vintage presentation look good?

Even though your vintage presentation might include many patterns, remember that text should always be blank background, for the best look choose the light text on a dark background. All of the vintage presentation nuances are brought to you by MasterBundles and the wide variety of vintage PowerPoint presentations.