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A retro, old fashion presentation can get tough to achieve, the rustic design isn't a common style people use. The designers at MasterBundles know what it takes to create a nostalgic retro PowerPoint template with the tools that they have got at hand. When designing a template they consider all the details that you might be prone to forget, starting with the copper rustic colors and ending with dated images.

If you want to make a presentation about an old black-and-white movie, or a retro fashion trend we get the fact that the new modern presentation templates just don't do it for you.

There are too much-modernized elements that will mix with the old fashion feel and as result, your presentation will look tacky. To find the perfect retro design and many other PowerPoint templates visit MasterBundles.


What is a retro PowerPoint design?

A retro PowerPoint template is inspired by the lifestyle and fashion of the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s.

What are the elements of a retro design?

The main elements of a retro design are circles and shapes, two-toned color schemes, typographic elements, blending styles, image cropping, etc.

Where can I find retro templates for free?

For free PowerPoint templates search MasterBundles, Canva, CreativeMarket, or other digital marketplaces.

What color schemes should I use when designing a retro presentation?

As you might have noticed retro PowerPoint templates come mostly come in beige, and copper colors, these can also be muted yellows, blues, greens, and deco-style pastels. It's important that you avoid bright colors as they won't match the retro theme.