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50 Slides Newspaper Templates Powerpoint 2021 + Bonus: Google Slides Newspaper Template

File type PPTX, KEY, Google Slides
File size 121.3 Mb
Date of Creation April 28 2020
Author DesignStudio
Category Templates / Presentations / Powerpoint Templates
Price $25
Rating: 5 (15 votes)
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Check this stunning newspaper template powerpoint un retro style! This bundle includes powerpoint, keynote and google slides variants and is a cool example of newspaper templates powerpoint for sure!

Characteristics Value
File type PPTX, KEY, PDF, Google Slides
File size 121.3 MB
Number of slides 50
Contains Icons, maps, playful design, graphs, charts and tables
Widescreen Format 16:9

Formats of newspaper powerpoint template:
– Powerpoint | PPTX
– Google slides
– Keynotes | Key

Features of this newspaper template powerpoint:

  • 16:9 screen layout
  • Fully editable
  • Easy to change colors, text and photos
  • 50 different slides
  • Playful design with a Newspaper Templates Powerpoint
  • Examples of styles for graphs, charts and tables
  • Icons & maps for your newspaper presentation
  • Use as a Google Slides, Keynote or PowerPoint template

Main page view of the slide in the newspaper style page with bold headings.

Slide page on monoblock with black and white photos of protesters.

The girl sits at the computer and works on the presentation with the newspaper PowerPoint template.

Stylish newspaper presentation template page with the headlines and catchy image.

Two women are watching the Newspaper PowerPoint presentation.

Google Slides Newspaper Template

In addition you’ll receive this stylish newspaper powerpoint template in Google slides format! Just open it in you Google docs and edit as you wish ( don’t forget to make a copy of a template before editing)

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Free Newspaper Powerpoint Templates

We’ve prepared for you a free newspaper google slides template! Check it now – 5 Free Newspaper Google Slides 2021

Newspaper keynote Templates

This bundle includes 50 slides of newspaper keynote template.

Newspaper Powerpoint Slide previews

Main newspaper template slide with a bold title, and typical newspaper text blocks.

Slides list on grey background with the effect of squeezed paper.

Black and white slide with man looking at pictures on the right, and bold title on the left.

Slide with faded image of the mountains in the middle, and text block under it.

On the left is large building image, on the right is photo of talking girls and text box under it.

Title with capital letters, text with icons, and gray photo of people walking along the road.

Slide with large text box on the left, and 4 text blocks on the right with black thematic icons.

Black and white street photo on the left and text box, with bold title and icons on the right.

Wide text box in the slide middle, and at the bottom 4 icons with text and title under each.

4 black icons in black outline, newspaper-style text blocks under each.

Black and white man's photo on the right with the text box at the bottom and 6 icons on the left.

4 black and white team members photos with description of each member on a black background.

3 team members' photos with links to their social networks, with stylish captions in black frame.

Slide with team member's photo on the right, and text block and skill bar on the left.

Images of city, man taking photos, and man with cup in hands on the right, and text on the left.

Slide with 2 horizontal city pictures, room pictures on the right and text blocks on the top.

Slide with large black and white images of crowded street, mountains, girl, and man near the wall.

Wooden building on the left, and staircases on the right, with text and 3 icons in the middle.

Picture of man in the field, and under it is bold headline with capital letters, and text block.

Man walking down the street on the right, text box on the left, title in black frame in the middle.

Text box on the right, and bar graph with black and gray bars on the left.

3 pie charts with percentages, and under each text block.

Black and gray pie chart attached by lines to 4 text blocks around.

On the left is a chart, and on the right is a text block with 3 scales and percentages.

Black and gray pie chart with the arrows, and 4 text blocks around it.

Black and gray simple Venn diagram on the right and text boxes with description on the left.

Text block on the right, and black gray case-shaped infographics with newspaper icons on the left.

Original infographics with bold black and gray points that form pencil, text blocks at the bottom.

Flower-shaped infographics with icons on the left, and text boxes with the same icons on the right.

Black and gray pyramid on the right, and white text boxes on a black background at the bottom.

4 text blocks along the slide, and black gray gear-shaped infographics in the middle.

Lamp-shaped infographics, and 5 text boxes with a bold title on the sides.

Slide with brain-shaped infographics and icons in it, icons in black frame on the right.

Infographics in the form of human head with icons in each block, and 2 text blocks on the sides.

Slide with comparison of male and female and near their figures is text with icons.

4 text blocks with black icons, and picture of an empty city street in the middle.

Slide with newspaper background, photo of sitting guy, and 2 circles with percentages and icons.

4 small icons in black frame, under which text box, and on the right is high-rise image on tablet.

6 icons with text boxes on the right, and laptop with room image on the left.

Large image of built-up city in the middle, and text boxes with checkmarks on the sides.

Black gray USA map, and black icons on the sides with text blocks.

Gray map of Europe with black marks, and text blocks explaining these marks on the left.

Black grey maps of the USA and Europe with icons on each.

Canada, USA, and Europe maps with marks on each, and the text boxes under each.

Gray maps with black marks, and male and female icons.

Slide with 3 price blocks separated by thin lines, and text boxes next to each.

3 gray and black blocks on the squeezed paper background with text and price.

3 text blocks within a black frame in the middle of the slide.

City image on the right, and contact details with icons on the left.

Horizontal city street image, and under it there are 3 icons with contacts.

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50 Slides Newspaper Templates Powerpoint 2021. Pinterest.

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50 Slides Newspaper Templates Powerpoint 2021 + Bonus: Google Slides Newspaper Template. Collage Image.

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Kostas Finger
Kostas Finger
1 year ago

Recently bought this template, and it is very well done. Thanks to its creator. And besides 50 templates is really cool, because you can present as much information as possible in convenient way.

1 year ago

Wonderful template! I have everything to create a quality and impressive presentation. Quick installation, work, and result!

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