35+ Best LGBT PowerPoint Templates for 2023

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Lately, LGBT PowerPoint templates have been very popular. And with the expansion of gender and sex equality, it only intensifies.

The rainbow flag is the most popular background in the slides below and in many products in general. It represents all the colors of the rainbow. Bright and eye-catching, it shouts the message that all are equal and have the right to love and be loved by anyone else.

Some of these PowerPoint templates display same-sex families or Pride parade themes. The main message is respect and tolerance for every human being. Despite our differences, we belong to one species and should all have an equal set of rights.

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Best Paid LGBT PowerPoint Templates

Let’s start with our premium collection of rainbow PowerPoint templates. They are great for expressing your emotions via beautiful and colorful slides. Plus, you get quality products that are easy to edit in a few clicks to suit your desires.

LGBT Marketing Campaign

LGBT marketing campaign.

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The LGBT community gains greater social significance over time, so if youโ€™re working on a marketing campaign presentation for an event celebrating that love is love, try this product.

LGBT+ Motivational Cards

LGBT+ motivational cards.

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Love knows no gender, and thatโ€™s a fact. This motto is just one of many that you will find in this theme. This LGBTQ PowerPoint template looks just great for your demonstration.

PowerPoint Template Diversity

PowerPoint template with lgbt diversity.

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Take a look at another cool and quite interesting LGBT infographic template. Apply this offering to develop a slideshow using a variety of tables and charts.

I Have Two Moms Presentation PPT

I have two moms.

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Itโ€™s always a good time to tell your mom how much you love her, and on Motherโ€™s Day all the more so. This wonderful same sex marriage PPT is designed for families with two mothers and is done in a fun style with cartoon illustrations and an attractive cream-colored background.

LGBT PowerPoint Presentation Template

LGBT powerpoint presentation template.

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Check out and appreciate this beautiful rainbow PowerPoint theme. This product contains a huge number of slides with different infographics, tables, and interesting schemes that you can use in your presentation.

PowerPoint Template with Gay Pride Hands Painted

PowerPoint template with gay pride hands painted.

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Want to find a flexible and interesting LGBT rainbow PowerPoint background? Then this is a must-have product to check out! This wonderful theme, with a backdrop of folded palms, symbolizes unity and courage of choice.

Diversity PowerPoint Template

Diversity powerpoint template.

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A great example for an LGBTQ PPT template thatโ€™s perfect for introductory purposes. A variety of slides with diagrams and charts will not only let the listener in on the subject, but also allow them to understand and hear the presenter much easier.

PowerPoint Template With Pride Flag

Powerpoint template with gay flag.

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Another pretty good quality rainbow PPT template that you can use for your presentations. This item includes charts, infographics and, of course, the background with the rainbow flag.

LGBT Slide PowerPoint Template Designs

LGBT Slide PowerPoint Template Designs.

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Looking for a simple, yet high-quality LGBTQ template? Then this copy with charts and graphs will be perfect for your purposes.

LGBT PowerPoint Template

LGBT PowerPoint Template.

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This vibrant rainbow flag PowerPoint LGBT template will be the best solution for developing demonstrations. Put minimal effort, save time and delight your audience. With a set of layouts, flexibility in settings and essential elements to operate, this theme leads your projects to the highest point.

Impressive LGBT PPT Template Diagram

Impressive LGBT PPT Template Diagram.

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If your main goal is to provide your audience with facts that relate to the LGBT community, then be sure to try this template. The diagrams and infographics make it easy to get the message across.

Gender Powerpoint Template

Gender Powerpoint Template.

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Learning new concepts is easier with visual resources. This web solution is great for explaining complex terms and basic concepts of the LGBTQ community. Talk about equal rights, gender and identity, sexual orientation, and other important principles now.

Love Is Love

House with colors PowerPoint template.

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This theme features a design with rainbow colors and lots of fun elements! You will also find some symbols related to gender equality to represent the diversity of life and love! Itโ€™s safe to say that this is a very cool pride PowerPoint template.

Best Free LGBT PowerPoint Templates

And now welcome to the best free LGBT PowerPoint templates. They are also worth your attention, because they are perfectly editable and have the required set of slides to convey the necessary message correctly and beautifully. Congratulate your relatives with an unusual approach, talk about equal rights and spread the word of freedom in everything with our web solutions.

LGBT Marketing Plan

LGBT marketing plan.

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Are you developing a marketing plan for your company, which, by the way, is LGBT-friendly? You care about the community and your employees! Define your goals, strategies, and planning with this colorful template!

LGBT PowerPoint Template

Colorful LGBT powerpoint template.

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This LGBT theme comes with eye-catching layouts and plenty of features. Activists and human rights activists as well as other individuals and organizations can easily use it.

LGBT+ Social Media

LGBT+ social media.

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Do you want to use diversity PowerPoint templates free of charge? Then choose this solution. Emphasizing diversity in sexuality, gender, and diverse personalities is a beautiful process! Enjoy the colors of the rainbow and prepare your LGBT+ social media strategy with this colorful presentation!

Rainbow Background

Rainbow background.

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Take a look at this stunning rainbow PowerPoint template. Itโ€™s as colorful as a rainbow, and its versatility makes it suitable for any theme. Youโ€™re going to love this one.

Equality and Fundamental Rights

Equality and fundamental rights.

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If you need a colorful and high-quality LGBT presentation, then try these free cultural diversity PowerPoint templates. This template is fully editable and full of illustrations representing a wide variety of people, allowing you to position yourself in favor of diversity for all.

LGTB+ Pride Month Celebration

LGTB+ Pride Month Celebration.

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June is a month of love, strength, rebirth and happiness. Have you guessed it? Of course, it’s a pride month PowerPoint template! So if youโ€™re looking for a cool pride presentation template, then this product is just perfect for you.

LGBT Pride PowerPoint Template

LGBT Pride PowerPoint Template.

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Take advantage of these free diversity PowerPoint templates, if you look for simple but spectacular gay and lesbian theme. Itโ€™s just what you need if you want to quickly make a presentation with nothing extra to clutter it.

LGBT+ Infographics PPT Template

LGBT+ Infographics PPT Template.

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If you are preparing a presentation in which you need to talk about different sexual orientations, which countries approve same-sex marriage, or any other LGBT topic, then this free LGBT Google Slides theme will be your best ally.

How to Make Your LGBT PowerPoint Template User-Friendly?

User friendliness is an aspect that every demonstration maker strives for. It increases viewability and draws more audiences to your ideas and thoughts. Create your presentations quickly using simple but sometimes overlooked secrets!

Choose the best LGBT PowerPoint templates

Ready-made products make life easier and speed up everything. Save time and enjoy eye-catching products from our collection. Pay attention to the availability of features, number of slides and flexibility of work. Experiment with colors, add bright accents and don’t be afraid to produce spectacular projects.

Put quality of materials first

Look for good quality images and videos. Choose free platforms or buy bundles with ready-made kits for different purposes. Quality is also about data. It should definitely be verified, especially if you create a demo for non-personal use.

Less text, more meaning

Take all the extra details out of the slide. When you introduce material, the audience is listening to you. They only want to see clear pictures, diagrams, and accents that point them in the right direction. If there’s just plain text on the slide, it’s going to be a constant distraction. Don’t make people read it all, delight them with a nice and stylish design.

Highlight the main information with color

There should be no more than two visual accents on the slide. For example, a headline and a line on a graphic, or a big number. Help your audience get to the most essential info, the main idea they need to remember.

Give preference to infographics

Tables, charts and graphs make it easier to convey messages. You can lay out everything beautifully and most importantly thoroughly. Experiment with embedded diagrams, change them, add custom elements, and be creative.

We hope that our cultural diversity PowerPoint templates selection and 5 secrets of a successful sex marriage PPT will make your task easier. Show everyone about equal rights, talk about freedom of choice everywhere and use awesome solutions for projects! And waitโ€ฆ Are you looking for a cozy place to sell your presentation templates? Upload them to MasterBundles! More details are here.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best LGBT PowerPoint Templates

How do you make a rainbow theme in PowerPoint?

You can do this in a few minutes. First, open your presentation and select the desired slide type. Then right-click and go to Background Format. Click Gradient Fill and proceed with the settings. Work with the Gradient Stops and choose the rainbow colors. This feature creates neat and smooth transitions. You can also adjust transparency and saturation here. After settings, select Apply To All. And now each of your slides will have a rainbow background.

How to get free PPT themes?

The Internet is full of free web solutions, but MasterBundles offers them at an affordable price, and some are even available in bundles. Benefit from stylish and free LGBT PowerPoint template sets now!

Where can I find nice PPT templates?

Our marketplace has enough incredibly stylish and quality products that are a pleasure to deal with. Flip through collections, use a filter to narrow down your search and create demonstrations saving time, effort and money.

What is pride template?

Pride is a manifestation of solidarity with the LGBT community, united by a sense of dignity. The idea behind Pride is that LGBT people should have the courage to show their self-worth and not be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. To convey the Pride and equality spirit, it’s a good idea to apply the Pride Month PowerPoint template and Pride PowerPoint template.

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